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Intermediate Financial Accounting I

by: Jaylon Lebsack

Intermediate Financial Accounting I ACG 3131

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > Accounting > ACG 3131 > Intermediate Financial Accounting I
Jaylon Lebsack
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaylon Lebsack on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ACG 3131 at University of Central Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 275 views. For similar materials see /class/227576/acg-3131-university-of-central-florida in Accounting at University of Central Florida.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORlDA Kenneth G Dixon School of Accounting Intermediate Accounting I Fall 2011 ACG 3131 sections 0003 and 0004 Instructor V Scott Smith MBA Office BA 466 Phone 4078231459 office Office Hours TuesThurs 300 7 400 Email Scott Smith busucfedu or Wed 1000 7 1200 through Webcourses or by appointment Tutoring Lab BA 241 Tutoring Hours TBA Class Hours Section 3 Tuesday and Thursday 1030 7 1145 am BA2 room 208 Section 4 Tuesday and Thursday 130 7 245 pm BAl room 122 Key Web Sites Homework Section 3 39 J wilevnlns 39 39 39 quot 786 Section 4 39 J wilevnlns 39 39 39 7lt4 Exams must be taken in CBA testing lab httpswebcoursesbusucfedu Class Notes and f quot httpweh hlls m39f 39 f 39 msil Prerequisites ACG 2021 and ACG 2071 with a grade of C or better Objectives Students will gain a high level of understanding regarding specific financial accounting concepts principles and practices used in the accounting profession Special emphasis will be on 1 increasing your technical knowledge of accounting measurement and disclosure 2 developing a better understanding of how managements accounting choices affect financial statements and 3 developing a better understanding of how creditors and investors interpret financial statement information in view of those reporting choices Materials Required KiesoWeygandtWarfield Intermediate Accounting 14e with access to WileyPLUS Online Accounting Package Note you may purchase access to WileyPLUS either in a package sold with the textbook or separately at the WileyPLUS website listed above Additionally the textbook and WileyPLUS are also used forACG 3141 Method of Instruction Class sessions will include lectures problem solving and class discussion There may be some class time devoted to group and individual class work Students should be active participants in the classroom Students are encouraged to ask questions and seek clarification of issues when necessary Attendance and Participation Attendance is critical to the success of the student in the class Preparation for the class should include reading the textbook chapter reviewing notes and power point slides and completing the assigned prelecture problems in WileyPLUS If missing a class students are responsible for information covered as well as any changes in assignments I will NOT reteach what was covered in a missed class 7 I only teach a class once andI expect you to be here This class has a great deal of content and moves at a fast pace It is critical that you keep up with the material every day so that you do not fall behind Class Website httpwebbusucfedufacultyvssmith I will post on this website power points slides class handouts solutions to problems completed in class and other information related to the class You should access this website on a continual basis to review and print out information to follow during the class lectures and for studying of the class material Course Evaluation Grades will be based as follows Homework 100 pts Grading Scale A At least 90 of total available Exam 1 100 pts B At least 88 but less than 90 Exam 2 100 pts B At least 80 but less than 88 Exam 3 100 pts C At least 78 but less than 80 Exam 4 100 pts C At least 70 but less than 78 TOTAL 500 pts D At least 60 but less than 70 F Less than 60 Homework The completion and comprehension of homework problems is critical to your success in this course The role of homework is to assist you in the learning process and help identify areas where you need additional assistance Homework will be completed using WileyPLUS There are some problems and exercises that are due prior to the lecture of that chapter s material and other problems and exercises that are due after the lecture Both the prelecture and postlecture assignments are a required component of your homework grade You must complete each assignment by the due date in order to have the chance to receive full credit for that assignment If you do not complete the assignment by the due date you do have the option to complete an assignment after the due date with a penalty of 50 deducted from your earned score There are also other selfstudy exercises and problems listed on the syllabus that are recommended but are not a required component of your grade Solutions to the self study problems will be posted on the class website periodically throughout the semester There are a total of 11 chapters assigned in WileyPLUS with each chapter having both a prelecture and postlecture assignment Your overall percentage score for each chapter pre and post lecture assignments combined will be multiplied by 10 pts to determine the homework points you will earn for that chapter Hypothetical Student Example Points Earned by Student Total Points Available Chapter 3 Prelecture assignment 31 points 40 points Chapter 3 Post lecture assignment 173 points 200 points Total Chapter 3 204 points 240 points Chapter 3 HW percentage 20424 85 Student Points Earned toward final grade 85 x 10 pts 85 points Note It will be possible to earn up to 10 bonus grade points on the Homework portion of your grade since you can earn a total possible points of 110 11 chapters x 10 pts which will be counted against a total of 100 points in the denominator portion of your overall grade percentage calculation Exams Tests will be given in the College of Business Testing Lab located in BAH Room 104 The lab is a exible testing environment that allows you to take the test in the testing lab anytime during a scheduled time range for that particular test The schedule for each exam is listed on the class schedule You will access the exams through Webcourses You will be allowed a fixed time to complete each test Please keep track of your time while taking the exam because you will not be allowed any additional time once the minutes have expired You may bring a nonggaphing calculator with you to each exam A calculator is the only aid allowed to be brought to an exam The lab will provide scratch paper Please note that each student will be required to present a valid UCFStudentID in order to enter the lab Cheating Use of any item in the testing lab other than those listed above is not allowed and will constitute cheating Accessing any internet resource including class notes is also considered cheating In addition providing information to other students regarding test questions and answers prior to the end of the testing date is not allowed and is also considered cheating Makeup Exams If you must miss an exam please obtain an excuse ahead of time from the instructor Excuses will only be granted for extremely important circumstances If you have a sudden illness that prohibits you from taking an exam you must have a valid note from your doctor or the school clinic as proof If you are very ill and take the exam do not expect the instructor to make an adjustment to your grade or let you take a makeup if you do poorly You are better off to see a doctor or go to the clinic and get an excuse from taking the exam at the regular time Students are responsible for keeping track of the testing period and showing up at the right time If an exam must be missed and the absence is excused by the instructor ahead of time then you will be given a makeup test YOU MIST PROVIDE WRITTEN PROOF TO BE EXCUSED FROM TAKING AN EXAM DURING THE NORMAL CLASS TESTING PERIOD Tutoring Services The accounting tutoring lab is located in BA 241 Tutoring hours will be announced in class and posted on the class website sometime early in the semester Academic Honesty Policy All students are expected to conduct themselves according to the academic behavior standards published in the UCF student handbook When a violation of the academic behavior standards becomes known the instructor will take appropriate measures which may include loss of credit for an assignment removal of the student from the course with a grade of F or recommendation to the Dean of students that appropriate disciplinary action be taken Important Dates Thursday October 27 Last day to withdraw Thursday November 24 Thanksgiving Holiday 823 825 830 91 96 8 913 914 916 920 922 27 929 104 105 107 1011 13 1018 20 1025 27 111 1127115 118 1110 15 1117 22 1124 1129 121 125 127 ACG 3131 Tentative Class Schedule Fall 2011 Chapter Topic Introduction syllabus 1 Financial Accounting and Accounting Standards 2 Conceptual Framework for Financial Accounting 3 The Accounting Information System 4 Income Statement and Related Information Exam 1 Chapters 1 2 3 taken in Testing Lab BA II room 104 Wednesday thru Friday 4 Income Statement and Related Information continued 5 Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows 6 Accounting and the Time Value of Money Exam 2 Chapters 4 5 6 taken in Testing Lab BA II room 104 Wednesday thru Friday 7 Cash and Receivables 8 Valuation of Inventories A CostBasis Approach 9 Inventories Additional Valuation Issues 10 Acquisition and Disposition of Property Plant and Equipment Exam 3 Chapters 7 8 9 taken in Testing Lab BA II room 104 Wednesday thru Saturday 10 Acquisition and Disposition of Property Plant and Equipment continued 11 Depreciation Impairments and Depletion 12 Intangible Assets Thanksgiving Day Holiday 13 CurrentLiabilities and Contingencies Exam 4 Chapters 10 11 12 13 taken in Testing Lab BA II room 104 1VIonday thru Wednesday Note There will be no class held during periods afscheduled exams Homework Due Dates 39 39 in WilevPI USl Chapter PreLecture Assignments PostLecture Assignments Chapter 3 90611 1000 am 91111 1 1 00 pm Chapter 4 91311 1000 am 92511 1100 pm Chapter 5 92211 1000 am 100211 11 00 pm Chapter 6 92911 1000 am 100911 11 00 pm Chapter7 101111 1000am 101611 1100 pm Chapter 8 101811 1000 am 102311 1100 pm Chapter 9 102511 1000 am 103011 11 00 pm Chapter10 110111 1000am 111311 1100pm Chapter 11 111011 1000am 112011 1100pm Chapter 12 111711 1000am 112711 1100pm Chapter 13 112911 1000 am 120411 1100 pm Please note there are a couple of chapters where the Prelecture assignment for one chapter is actually due prior to a Post lecture assignment from a previous chapter Exam Dates taken in Testing Lab BA IIa room 1041 Test Start Date End Date Exam 1 Wednesday 09141 1 Friday 09161 1 Exam 2 Wednesday 10051 1 Friday 10071 1 Exam 3 Wednesday 110211 Saturday 110511 Exam 4 Monday 12 05 1 1 Wednesday 12 07 1 1 Testing Lab Hours for Fall 2011 Monday 7 Thursday 700 a m to midnight Friday 700am to 930pm Saturday 930 a m to 830 p m Sunday closed Important testing lab notes Students are not permitted backpacks books laptops etc in the Testing Lab Students may store their personal belongings in the payfor use storage lockers that are located in BAH 105 The Testing Lab and the College of Business are not responsible for lost or stolen items Students should be advised that the Testing Lab will not remain open after closing hours for the amount of time remaining on their exam For example if a student starts a two hour long exam on Thursday evening at I I 00 pm then he or she must leave at midnight which is the scheduled lab closing time to allow for computer updates and labfacility maintenance To protect and safeguard the integrity of exams that are administered in the Testing Lab the possession of a cell phone a programmable calculator or other such recordplayback device such as an iPod by any student at a testing computerstation is a violation of the Testing Lab Policy Students who are found to be in possession of such devices may be required to leave the lab immediately even ifthey have not completed their exam A notice ofsuch action will be sent to allfaculty who had exams available at the date and time of the incident for appropriate action For complete information regarding the testing lab policies and procedures you go to the following website httpwww bus ch edutestin glab Disclaimer Changes in the topics covered assigned problems and dates may be made at any time during the semester Any changes will be announced in class If you miss class you are still responsible for the changes on on in WileyPlus the new book


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