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Hospitality Human Resources Management

by: Jane Bartoletti

Hospitality Human Resources Management HFT 2220

Jane Bartoletti
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.67

Jeffrey Weinland

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About this Document

Jeffrey Weinland
Class Notes
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This 53 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jane Bartoletti on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HFT 2220 at University of Central Florida taught by Jeffrey Weinland in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see /class/227580/hft-2220-university-of-central-florida in Hotel Restaurant & Institution Mgmt at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Human Resources Chapter 2 The Legal Environment of H uman Resources Management Employment Law The body of laws administrative rulings and preeedents whieh addresses the legal rights of workers a their employers The Government s Role In the Management of HR Roles of Federal State amp Local Govt Unemplo m nt compensation A bene t paid to an employee w o 39nvolunrarily loses hisher employment withoutjust eause Iiuman Resources Human Resources Rol Management of H R W m pensat39 paid to an employee w o suffers a worlerelated injury or illness The Government s e n the Ga n39shmen c ur eor me od of debt collection in which a portio o a s 39 com is pai directly to one or more of V redi A Ma nager s ReVIew f S gnif cant Employment Leg Is I atlon Clayton ct of 191 o Labor un39 n organization that acts on behalf of Its embers to negotiate with anagement about the age s a other terms 1 Conditions oft Interstate Commerce Commercial trading or the transportation ofpersons or property between or among states Manager s Review of Slgnif cant Employment eg slatlon NorriseLaGuardia Act of 1932 Wagner Act of 1935 Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 Iiuman Resources Human Resources A Manager s Rev39ew of S cant Employment 5 I at I o n The Civil Rights Act of 1964 0 Title VII The specific section of the Civil Rights Act of 1 964 that outlaws discrimination in employment in any business on the basis of race color eligion s natio l origin A Manager s ReVIew S gnif cant Employment Leglslatlon The Civil Rights Act of 1964 enforci ciVil Rights Act of l 964 A Manager s Review of Elgnif cant Employment 99 slation The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ual Harassment advances requests for sexual fav other ver al or physical conduct of sexual nature Unwelcome sexual ors and a 63 Action 7 A Federally mandated requirement that employers who meet certain criteria must actively seek to fairly employ recognized classes of orkers Iiuman Resources Human Resources Manager s Re 39 cant Emp n The Civil Rights Act of 1964 v39ew of onment pauonal quali cation Bona de oeeu 39 c Job requ BFOQ A spec protected c lass A Manager s ReVIew S gnif cant Employment Leglslatlon The Civil Rights Act of 1964 r treatment e claim th ame situation one employee was treated differently than other employees m the same situation The c1 at m aim that an aw on o known as Verse impac Manager s Review of 39 cant Employment n Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 e Older X orkers Bene t Protection Act of 1 990 The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 Iiuman Resources Human Resources Manager s Review of Q flcant Employment eglslatlon The W0 er Adjustment etrainin Notification Act of 1989 Plant Closing Actquot e Franchisor The business entity that has sold or granted a franchise argager s Review of Slgniflcgnt Employment Leglslatlon ricans with Disabilities Act of 1990 easonable Accommodati 39 modification 13 a disability to participate in the application process or perform the Job s essential function The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 The International Environment fo M Hosp al Le al N g E ati o n a I C o m pa n I e Expatriate Manager a emzen of one eonntry who s a wornng manager n another eonntry Speerai Internanonai HR Conserns eeeraea vaeaaen tune Quairty enema A gammy or aaairnea numbers or ernpieyees Em ieyee and manage merit attitudes toward gender equality appropriate dress worle etliic religious tolerance and the rights of minorities Iiuman Resources Human Resources The S ecial Role of the HOSpI allty Unit Manager Unit Manager The individual wi e final nrsite decisionrmaking authority at an individual hospitality operation The S ecial Role of the Hosp allty Unit Manager Ways to keep uprtordate on constantly changin g national state and local legislation ead hospitality ndustryjouxnals and publications Franchisors updates Stay involved in hospitality trade o ations hambers of c mmer o cc busincss trade associations and policc firc and building of cials Iiuman Resources Human Resources Chapter 4 Employee Recruitment and Selection Em Io ee Recruitment an Se ectlon Two important tasks in hospitality industry 5 Em Io ee Recruitment an Se ectlon Factors Affecting Recruiting Efforts Legal Constraints 0 Economic Constraints 0 Industry Constraints Iiuman Resources Human Resources Em Io ee Recruitment an Se ectlon Factors Affecting Recruiting Efforts c Organizational Constraints c Position Constraints Em Io ee Recru tment an Se ectlon Factors Affecting Recruiting Efforts Unemployment rate A government statistic that measures the percentage of work rs who are not employed but who are seeking work The unemployment rate is defined as the number of persons in a Communlty or other designated area excsaressed as a Percentage of the define area39s entire abor force r areer a hospitality organization Iiuman Resources Human Resources The Search for Qual fied Employees Internal Search A promotione fromewithin approach ut Zed when seeking qua ed job appl cants romote from within An organizational ph osophy that whenever practc I an organization w s higher level job vacancies wth its current lowerelevel employees The Search for Qual ed Employees Advantages of Internal Recruitment Can be initiated very qu Improves the probability a good selection Less costly than initiating external or outsourced searches Ckly of maklng The Search or Qual ied Employees Advantages of Internal Recruitment Results in reduced training time and less training costs o Looked upon favorably by the EEOC Iiuman Resources Human Resources The Search for Qual fied Employees Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment must also be fllled With a new staff member The Search for Qual ed Employees Employee referral A recommendat39on about a applicant that rovided current employee potential by a Nepotism Favori ism in ployment based upon kinship The Search or Qual ied Employees External search An approach to seeking job applicants which se ates who are not currently employed by the organization Iiuman Resources Human Resources The Search for Quallfled Employees Strategies for external recruiting Advertlsements B rid Ad A Job advertlsement that does not ldentlfy the advertlslng organization Also known as a bllnde box ad Internet Advertlserrl ents The Search for Quallfled Employees Strategies for external recruiting Publlc employment assistance agencies y resources glven to those who are Jobless but who are actlvely seeklng work The Search for Quallfled Employees strategies for external recrui ing Prlvate employment asslstance agencles Educatlonal Instltutlons Unsolicited applications Iiuman Resources Human Resources The Search for Qual fied Employees Outsourced Search A search for job candidates that is performed by a profess onal company specia ng in employee searches Executive Search A private employment agency that spec zes in identifying cand dates for management positions Factors Affecting Selection Efforts Major selection activ es App ca on At WI I employment an yment relationsh p in which pany can at any me Factors Affecting Selection Efforts Major selection actiVities Testing Skllls tests Psychological tests Drug screening tests Iiuman Resources Human Resources Factors Affecting rts Selection Effo Major selection activities Factors Affecting Selection Efforts Major selection activ es 0 References Defamation False Statements that damaged reputatlon Factors Affecting Selection Efforts Neg hirlng Failure on the part 0 e reasonable care in the selection of employees N t retention Retaining an e after the employer b c war I yee39s e o n ernp o ty for a job thereby to act on that knowledge Iiuman Resources Human Resources Factors Affecting Select on Efforts Job Offers Employment Agreement The terms of the employment relatlonshlp between an employer and em h nghts and obllgatlons of each party to the agreement Offerletter A proposal by an employer to a prospectlye employee that specmes the terms of employment A legally valld acceptance of the offer wlll create a blndlng employment contract Iiuman Resources Human Resources Chapter 11 Role of Human Resources in Strategic Planning and Organizational Change Factors Influencing Organlzatlonal Change Organiza onal change 7 he which an organization y from what it is currently doing towards some desirable future status Factors Influencing Organlzatlonal Change External Factors that In uence Change Demographic Legislat c petition issues Cori r ef rences lobal issue Nic e marketin he Ethical c erris actlvlt or frerin eeiriye products a Ecmmy v as to subes m s Emplayee lms ora rnar in effcrts to attract large numbers or is subesegment to the operation Iiuman Resources Human Resources Factors Influencing Organizational Change Strategi plan devel longerange es 7 A general method or oped in efforts to attain a goal actic e A specific action step used to help attain a shortetenrn objective Reelstance to Organ zat onal Change m e cisionemalcing approach i h c up members suggest alternative potential causes andor solutions to problems for group consideration Cost e e t ana sis e The process of evaluating alternative products and services based upon cost and quality differences between each Resistance to Organizational Change good employees may resist change Reasons or the re ncems about the change rCon i etween or anizational level r The organization itself r l he anizati 11 s cultur rUnfamiliarity with change details Iiuman Resources Human Resources A Continuum of Change Gradual change 7 Organizationa1 change that is e and narrowly focused on a speci c t nagernent function and that a1 impact on the hospitality e marketing ere A Continuum of Change Intermediate Change Examples of inteemediate change s r c tinuou eu 313 Want and need and than eeneietenuy delivemi e dultts e Vie h an mi g ex gets Perfor Stan ares E Po er h 3 of slagating neeeeee authority to 313E members that euewe them to iene 1 ma is e e e by eneeere Hig er quality decisionemaking Desire t r n mganxzatxan s primary bus 5 A Continuum of Change mi rg nimtional change that is rnplex nd bro dly r u d n which ts the entire hospitality organization as e in it o eration c irnpac creates a significant diffe enc Examples of dynamic change Iiuman Resources Human Resources A Continuum of Change Condoehotel e A lodging property which offers transient guests rooms that b er o roorns into the pro erty s re and o then receive a ortion of their room s rental revenues Role of HR in Change To help an organization confront and bene t from change an rm manager must ha 7 B People slcxll Planning for Change o Gradual anticipated change o Gradual unanticipated change o Dynamic anticipated change o Unanticipated dynamic change Proactive vs Reactive Leadership Approaches Iiuman Resources Human Resources H Ma a ers an Strategic lannlng ategic pl nning e A systema 39 ethod of developing long t V 5 ss O ne en n plans bj tive y antjexpatjng an adapting to expeeted eha es HR Marja ers and Strategic lann n General steps in planning process proce 4 Det o 5 Establlsh strategl Iiuman Resources HR Mana ers and Strategic lannlng General steps in planning process 6 Identlfy lnt b t 7 slgn 139 sp slbllltles and tlme llnes s Communlcate the pl n 9 Monltor pla take correctlve actlon lo ele ate succes ul plan 1 1 Repeat the planning process ull39ng la plan a as plans for each year are unplanented as Human Resources H R Marja ers and Strategic lannlng Top 10 issues confronting the lodging industry according to the ISHC Labor and skills shortages Escalating construction cost Keeping up With technology changing demographics impact travel trends The impact of profits as higher expenses are countered by the need to increase wages HR Marja ers and Strategic lann ng Top 10 issues confronting the lodging industry according to the Ich Cons fusion about brands vel restrictions on travel Gr w markets th of new Availability of capital IIIII H 3 0 U H a K N Iiuman Resources Human Resources Chapter 1 2 Critical Issues in Human Resource Management Unionization in the Hospitality Industry called cellectxve b U nionizqtion in the H ospltallty Ind ustry Discuss reasons for union affiliation Grievance process a A process to resolve Complaints tlnat is spelled out in union contracts Union shop a The requirement tlnat non urnor workers mustJom tlne union and pay applicable dues to it IJuman Resources Human Resources Unionization in the Hosp ta t Industry A Br efH stem The Naticna Labor Relaticne Act 1 935 The TarteHartiey Act 1 Wagna Act Several unr Wae identi ed and cmected 947 amended the a labor practxces U nionizatlon in the Hospita ty Industry Umen steward e A men me department e week mt Grievance a An anegatmathat a week requirement ct acticn taken by management is in Vlalatlan of the pphcabie won t contrac Seniority n The status of empicyeee based upcn the length of enapicyment With an orgamzatxo Union zatlon in the Hosp a ty Industry The Unionization Process Authenzetm ear represent thena in employer negctiaticne National La d NLRB n An crgammtxm Wi teepcneibihty tc ccnduct morn representatxon electicne bur Relations 3 Iiuman Resources Human Resources The oI ve Bargainlng Process Collective bargaining e The process o negotiating and administering written agreements between union and management officials The Cpl ective Ba rgal n rug Process Con ict resolution tactics when the union and ent cannot agree rbltrstlon veinntary e An a an in which both t te an ctezxi t a1 siasmtetestesi tlriixd part3 re Mediation e A nonrbixid ng stenetnted ateeess in which a tlriixd part3 assists the management axid nnien nesetaatets te reaen an agreement The Col ective Bargainlng Process Unrair labor practices 7 An action by either e hospitality organization or uni io1ates app1icab1e rovisions on tliat v of me Nat39onal Labor Relations Act Examp1es of unfair 1abor practices by hospita1ity organizations Examp1es of unfair 1abor practices ne1 conducted by union person Iiuman Resources Human Resources A Multi Generatlonal Workforce Traditionalists 7 Persons thh bmmdates between approxxmately 1 92271 945 Baby boomerse Persons thh bxrtladates between approxxmately 1 94571 964 Generation x ePersons thh bxrthdates between approxxmately 1 9657 97s Generation Y ePersons thh bxrthdates between approxxmately 1 97971 994 Downsizing a nd Outsourcing Myths of downsizing Prof1tab111ty 1s always Improved after dovvnslzlng Downslzlng does not impact the quahty s est 6 ere are no eg t1 e effects on st members who remain after dovvnslzng Stressrrelated disorders are most 11kely for texmnnated employees Downsizing and Outsourcing Altemahves to downslzlng Careful revxew of a1t ways to reduce costs andor to mcrea e rave ues Successon planninge The process of cansxderxng orgamatxon s future needs for ke the y and other staff and deve1opmg p1ans to se1ect I W 3 E m n m 5 U 5 E g 3 3 gas I 3 5 a n e The reductxon m an crgamzatxm s workforce because of vo1untary or mvaltmtary emp1oyee separatxon Iiuman Resources Human Resources Iiuman Downs 2 ng and Outsourcing Outplacementassistanee 7 The preeess of helpmg employees te seeure new employment teta numb umber of labor heurs 111 a wer Survivor downsizing 7 An employee net tennxnzteds and erg amzatxon a a completed whe ls whe ranaxns Wx q the DownsIZIng and Outsourcing 7 A transfer of aspen 31b1le for rsermees that have been er ployees te an externa1 sermee p Off7shuring 7 The transfer ofjobs from an orgamzatxon 11 ene eeuntry te an orgamzatxon anethe untry ere business strategies 7 The hxghest prxorny actxvxtxes that are reqmree te aeeemphsh an orgamzatxm s mxssxon Downs39z39ng and Outsourcing e clause 7 A provxsxon m a eentraet that rrmts ene party te terrmnat the a greern ent ere specxfxe ur 1 events eee Re Proposal 7 eeeurnent developed by a ospxtalx y mganxzatxo that requests pnee quotatxons for and su s 19x15 and ether 1nfo non ab ut th ovxsx of product andor ervx es from supphers deemed elxgxble RIP te supply them often abbrevxated Resources Human Resources Downs 2 ng and Outsourcing Sa ba esroxley Act 7 The federal go ern t s p lic com ac ounti g reform and investor protection t con 39 merous provisions focused on improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures to investors a ICMA A NN SucceSSIon Planning ActIVIties Steps that can be use1 for succession planning Identxfy priority positions far succession planning Update organizational planning tools Determine number or position incumbents eded Identxfy internal staff andor recruit external ment requlxem ents ff Help staff plan career development programs Success on Planning Act39v39ties Career e A sequence of professional e eriencespositions in which one participates during a an of employment with an organization or industry Iiuman Resources Human Resources Caree Ad Career Development Programs r development program 7 A 131an strategy in wmch ene 1dentxfxes careergaals and men plans edueenen and tralmng actxvxtxes sxgned to att vantages Helping e reduee absenteenm n and turnover Assnsnng Wm Preduetnvnty mereeses e m about thequot egg Procedmes for caxeex development Iiuman Resources Human Resources Chapter 6 Planning Tralnlng Programs Introduction to Tralnlng es heoessar to requlred for a bos oh Costeeffective e A t more than It costs to provlde t ormanceebased tra Ing A te atlo wa of or a Zlng tralhlhg e forts to help ralhees learn the tas o sldered essehtlal for effectlve on b or ahoe r g e The process of developlng a taff member39s knowledge skllls and attltud erforrn tasks errn that Indlcates that somethlhg such as tralhlhg s worth h s Job Introduction to Train39ng Corn etente A desorlbtloh that rhea the s aff member has been approbrla tralned and s able to ooh achlevement of deslred re Task 7 A sbeomo and observable wo actlv y that us one component of a oosltloh and that has a deflhlte begun and end Competencx skllls and ab It Job performaho 7 Standards of knowled es requlred for success e hs tely trlbute to the sults rk nlng 31 Iiuman Resources Human Resources Introduction to Tra n ng Feedback 7 Response prov ded to a question or largersscale inquiry such as a customer survey Att ude e Posltlve or negatlve feeling iefs and values about something th s be at influence a person to act in Certaln ways Morale e The total of one39s feelings about hisher employer work envlronment peers and other aspects of the employment Introduction to Tralnlng Bene ts of Training Reduce operating costs More satisfied g ests Reduced work st ess Increased job advancement ppo unities Improved staff relationships More profes rial staff Introduction to Bene ts Train39ng ofTraining ewer operating problems Lower turnover rates Turnover rate 7 The number of employees who leave an organization n ge of e organization Increased morale Iiuman Resources Human Resources Introduction to Tralnlng Bene ts of Training Higher levels of work quality Easier to recruit new staff Emplo e of Choice An organization With a reputation of offerlng a deslrable place to Work and Wlth recruiting efforts made easier because of thl s Increased profits Introduction to I ralnlng Obstacles to Trainin e to dellver the training 5 to be aw lnanclal resources ent tralners39 knowledgeSKINS quality resources for trai o lnsuffici Lack of Of hing n ener ncern to many trainers that e availaple for use if CompanyTSDeCIfIC resources are not availaple Introduction to Trainlng Obstacles to Training Schedullng conflicts Turnover Insufficient lead time between ones hire date and the time when heshe must be on the Job Hire date 7 The effectlve date that a new starr member begins work arm body syndrome 7 The selection error that Invowes hiring the first person who applies for a pos ion vacancy Difficulty in maintaining training consistenc rai Iiuman Resources Human Resources Introduction to Tralnlng Training Myths ona development pro a educational anoor training r successively n an 9 n Ibl Itlon I org n t r I e ry Ther 5 Imefortralnlng 4 Tralnlng M Applicatlon 5 Tralnlng Should Consider th Tra P Expe 6 Training Should 7 BaSIc Tralnlng Principles ocus On Real ust Emphasize e neee39 Life and rofesslonal neneee e Informal Variety of Tralnlng Methods IIIII 3t RNHHW A AAAA b MNJO 8 BaSIc Trainlng Principles Tra R Ire T To Learn Tralners Require T e To ain Ironrn B osltlve Trainees Should Be Treated e d Encouragement and Positive Feedback Iiuman Resources Human Resources Bas c Tra hing Princ ples 15 Trainees should Not Compete Against Each Other 16 Teach The Correct Way To Perform A Task 17 Tr I ask I 18 Train Each Task Uslng A SteprByr Ste Pla 21 Learning should Be Paced 22 Learning Speed Varies For Trainees is tttttttt Important characteristics ofa trainer Focus on the Trainer to train attitude essary knowledge Have the desire Have the proper ss amp ab ysk ut Ze effective communication mmunicate with each 0 h Focus on the Trainer Important characteristics ofa trainer Know how to train Have patience Exh humor Have time to train respect for the siastic Celebrate the trainees success Value diversity I m D D I Iiuman Resources Human Resources Iiuman Use a Formal Train ng Process Ste e De ne Training Needs Tactics to Identify Training Needs Observ tlon of work performance 0 F Ilure to eet ormance standards 0 Analysis na data 0 PerformanceSkills assessments E Itl t I s Use a Formal Trainlng Process Step 2 Conduct a P0 on Arnalxs Position analysis ocess that ent Use a Formal Train39ng Process tee Conduct a Position Arnalxsxs Components of on Analysis Process 3951 a position Step 7 One element In a task Openee ded questlon e A question that allows the respondent to elaborate on hisher response Resources Human Resources Use a Formal Train ng Process Step 2 Conduct a Position Arnalxsxs Components of Pos o nalysis Process b Develop Task Breakdowns n e A description of how k list should be Task breakdow one task in a tas performed Use a Formal Trainlng Process Step 2 Conduct a P0 on Anale Components of Position Analysis Process Consider Performance Standards Performance standards e Measurable quaiity andor quantity indicators that ten when a staff member working co eetly Q eteristies co s equi e or a product or s rVi e a meet the appropriate standardlts a product or ttairis rieeessar quaiity standards when rViee is suitable for its intended sseritiai ty e The e ritiy r Use a Formal Train39ng Process Stge 2 Conduct a Position Arnalxsxs Components of Pos on Analysis Process d Writea Position Description Pos on escrip oneA human resources tool that summarizes a position and lists the primary tasks that must be performed as part of it Iiuman Resources Human Resources Use a Formal Training Process Ste 2 3 De ne Training Objectives Purposes of tral g objectives To hel the trainer connect the purpose of the training program with its content c To help evaluate training Use a Formal Training Process Ste 2 4 Develog Tra ng Plans A description of the ence of aining I n structure overview an the entire training program Iiuman Use a Formal Training Process Ste 2 5 Develog Training Lessons Training lesson The information to be presented in a sin session of the training plan Eac conta ns one or mor objec ves d ind and methodologyies required to enable trainees to master the content Resources Human Resources Use a Formal Tralnlng Process Ste 2 6 Develog a Tra ng Handbook 39ng a ardcopy or nic manual fl e that contains the tram ng plan and aesocia n g or o Use a Formal Tralnlng Process Stee 7 Pregare Tra nees Ways to rrlotlvate tralneee to bene t from c c Embhaslze the Importance of tralnlng Explaln that tralnlng wlll be dlrectly related to the tralnees work Stress that the tralnlng wlll be enjoyable and worthwhlle Tell the tralnees how they wlll be evaluated 25 Iiuman Resources Hum an Resources Chapter 1 3 Human Resources Planning for Global Expans39on Hospitality and Tourism Is a Global Industry Stages of Global Exgansxon Market expansion to foreign countries Omt Ventures MAWNH 9 m o H 3 U Q 9 N l m m N E u Transnationa1 organization Hospitality and Tourism Is a Global Industry Mode of Entry 7 The p hospitality organization begins a busi 39 another eountry roeess by whieh a V iness Subsidiaries e A foreign eornpany operated by a dornestie hospitality organization with majority rnore th 50 ownership by another parent n Hum an Resources Hum an Resources Hospitality and Tourism Is a Global Industry 7 A foreign branch partially owned by the domestic organization and partially owned by an entity in the host foreign country Ownership could be a company several companies one or more individuals andor the government Hospitality and Tourism Is a Global Industry Multinational Organization 7 A hospitality organizat o with operating units in many d regions of the world Transnational Organizatio ations t hroughout the w y deecentralized decisi akmg is less aligned with its country of origin and which may have Weak ties to any specific country C ultural Factors I m pact I nternatlonal Operations Culture e A set or ieamed hehers vaiues and behaViors that innuehee the way or he shared by the members or a soeiety nizational ur e A s understandings share rn bers organization that are relevant and distinctive that are passed on to new gro p rn b nd that ence organizational decisio e Soci oecultural eRelating to social and cultural rnatters Hum an Resources Hum an Resources Cultural Dimensions Impact Hospitality Operations Country cluster 7 The notion that some countries ean be ou ed together based u e39 opulatron s characteristics Cultural nteuigenee e The proeess by 39 and i wlneh one leams a out a culture 39 e eulture Cultural Dimensions Impact Hospitality Operations Hofstede s ve cultural dimensions Past present and future orientation Cultural Dimensions Impact Hospitality Operations Generally accepted in the Us that are not ImiVersal Pay for performance s best 0 Formal objectives should drive Hum an Resources Hum an Resources Focus on International Assignm ts Concerns for a manager interested in an expat position 0 The political envxxomnent 0 Economic concerns Matinee rta a ma rata at whieh ttia mane ar aria aauatry is axatiarisaa ttradad rar that ar another tam aamia aaaaitiaa that emits antes aharsaa rar araauats aria sa teas unto itura shark 7 Th arid ari inability ta a that is di er e realms of disorientation djust ta a auiturai arimrarimarit arit tram arias awn Focus on International Ass gnments Important skills for international hospitality managers Cultural sensitiVity Understanding of Inter ersonals 1115 intemati nal business an gerial fleXibility Interes Adaptive leaderShlp Intematlonal etiquette International motivation St s a agemen Intercultural com etence Functional skills Ability to work With Techmcal sknlls limited resources Focus on International Assignments tu a1 adaptability a The en which a person can be comfortable in a different culture Hum an Resources Hum an Resources Focus on International ASSIgnme ts ncerns that may arise when an expatriate returns from a global assi eat 0 ock Emotiona1 siological reradjustments that u m n tiona assignment 0 No recognition for global assignment Mana G in Em lo loba g p yees During ASSIgnments Use Locals or Expatriates Advantages and disadvantages of eash Hum an Resources Human Iiuman Resources Chapter 3 Human Resources Management Policies and Procedures HR Procedu Pol ic i es amp res ActIVItIes Policy and Procedure Development HR policies course of action selected 0 A from alternatives and designed t guide future decisiorkrnakirig HR Policies amp Procedures Activities Policy and Procedure Development HR procedures The methods or steps to effectively develop and apply policies Resources Human Resources Iiuman R Po 5 amp Procedures ActIVItles Areas orPolicy and Procedure Development starring the Organization Developing starr Maintaining staff HR Po Icies amp Procedures Activ es Staf ng the Organlza on Recruitment and Selection of Employees o Identify the specific skills knowledge and ab 6 as needed Saut ed items inclu R Po cies amp Procedures ActiVItles St a ting the Organiz ation o Provl Ing ugh disc urage un plieants information to qua med job Resources Human Resources R Po s amp Procedures ActIVIt IeS Staf ng the Orga 39 a 39on HR Po Icies amp Procedures Act v starring the Organiz ation Maintaining staff es Areas of Policy and Procedure Development HR Po cies amp Procedures ActIVI Develo 39 taff New Staff Orlentatlon Training for Current Staff Regardless 0 ho act cedures Lure d pro req ual y provides Iiuman Resources Human Resources H R Policies Procedures ActIVI Ies Areas orPolicy and Procedure Development starring the Organiz ation rr Maintaining staff HR Policies amp Procedures ActIVItIes Motivating Staff WO factor H R Policies amp Procedur Popular theorles of employee m tivat39on 0 Needs hierarchy Abraham Mas OW Th and Theory Y Douglas MCGrerr eory x MotivationHygiene Theory Frederick Herzberg h o o ation and eory ViCtor vroom Iiuman Resources Human Resources R Po 5 amp Procedures ActIVItIes Areas orPolicy and Procedure Development starring the Organization Developing starr Maintaining starr HR Po Icies amp Procedures Activ Mamtanung staff I m 5 E 3 m m D m m A ll n m i a i l m concerns legal issues finanClal matters and heal n maintenance Keep employees informed about important workrrelated Issues Identlfy opportunlties for employees to have ent neir volces heard by managem m Steps in HR Policy and Procedure Development 1 Identify the HR issue to be addressed 2 Consider ones implementation e facto rs affec 3 Consider offeslte factors affecting implementation Iiuman Resources Human Resources teps in H Po cy and Procedure Development 4 Draft policy and procedures and submit for legal review 5 Develop related ocumentation and record keeping requiremen s ommu icate final Zed I cy and procedures to affected partles Review for Legal Compliance 3 dress code a legal revlew will help a nager ensure that ress cod requireme vi la nts do ot s 0 Religious discrimination laws Applying Advanced Technology to HR P ies and Procedures Information Disserninatjon Hard Cop The common term for a document hat has been printed on paper Fi A record of lnforrnatlon s ng e employee39s e p out the emp o p I erfo Iiuman Resources Human Resources Applying Advanced Technology to HR Po cies and Procedures Information Diss ernination Employee Handbook permanent reference gulde f r employers and employees th t Contalns formatlon about a company Its goals and Its current employment pollCleS and procedures Employee Manual Same as employee handbook Applying Advanced Technology to Po cies and Procedures Information Diss ernination N nologically advanced methods of information disseminat o Esmall Wlth Esmall attachment Webslte postlng 0 CD Toll free number telephone VOICe recordlng o Electronlc News Postlng Blog Applying Advanced Technology to HR Po cies and Procedures Information Storage l fo I st 9 equlpmenl and documents that make p a com any39s rec d tent erron Iiuman Resources Human Resources Applylng Advanced Technology to HR Pol cIes and Procedures Information Storage Areas in which data storage is of significant concern Employment Appllcatlon 5 Resume e evalu anon s Hiuiuuu Ploymentrrelated correspor den 22 Applylng Advanced Technology to HR Polches and Procedures Information Storage Components of recordskeeplng systems rs A central computer system that stores documents an information for input and retrleval Apply ng Advanced Technology to HR Pol c and Procedures Information Storage Components of recordskeeplng systems High Speed Image Printing Iiuman Resources Human Resources Documentation and Record Keeplng Selected recordkeeping requ enforeed by the United States go irernents Vemm ent 0 Employee Name address Soclal Securlty numoer gender date of birth 0 Position loo category 0 ADDII tlons resumes recrultment notICeS loo r ers employment tests Dat of hire 0 lsQ form Documentation and Record Keeplng Selected recordkeeping requirerrnents enforced by the United States govemment 0 Work permitsag ertmcates for minors 0 Dates and reasons for promotion demotion layoff rehlre and termination rmance evaluations 0 Training opportunities agreements Iiuman Documentation and Record Keep ng RFI n official EEOC Request for Informationquot An soc requirement that the 39 requested ies the p sers personnel f e s the f other individuals nd ny other information deemed relevant by the EEOC Resources Human Resources Documentation and Record Keeplng m e39s work situation so I e oye intolerab e a reasonable pe son would feel compelled to quit Also known as constructive wrongful discharge Iiuman Resources Glossary Human Resources Management in the Hospitality Industry TE RM 401 K retirement Plan 360 appraisal performance appraisal method A Absolute standard performance appraisal method ADampD insurance Adaptation to organization Agency shop Appraisal employee Arbitration compulsory Arbitration voluntary At Will employment Attitude Attrition DEFINITION A retirement plan that allows employees in private companies to make contributions of pretax dollars to a company pool that is then invested for them in stocks bonds or money markets A method of performance appraisal that utilizes input from supervisors peers subordinates and even guests and others to provide an comprehensive evaluation of a staff member s performance Measuring an employee s performance against an established standard Short for Accidental Death and Disabilityquot a form of life and income replacement insurance The process by which new employees learn the values of and what it s like to work for a hospitality organization during initial onjob experiences A security arrangement in a labor agreement which requires employees to pay union dues and fees even if they do not join the union An objective and comprehensive rating or evaluation of employees An action in which an arbitrator is appointed by the government to make a binding decision upon the parties negotiating the contract An action in which both parties organization and union personnel submit a dispute to an external disinterested third party for binding or nonbinding resolution after the presentation of evidence and related discussion an employment relationship in which either party can at any time terminate the relationship with no liability Positive or negative feelings beliefs and values about something that influence a person to act in certain ways The reduction in an organization s workforce because of voluntary or involuntary employee separation


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