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U.S. History 1877

by: Bernita Kautzer

U.S. History 1877 AMH 2020

Bernita Kautzer
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.86

Lindsey McNellis

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About this Document

Lindsey McNellis
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bernita Kautzer on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMH 2020 at University of Central Florida taught by Lindsey McNellis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/227595/amh-2020-university-of-central-florida in History at University of Central Florida.


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Date Created: 10/22/15
o 0 o o o 00 o o o o 00 o 00 In the time after 1945 Americans were worried about what was to come in the future because so much had happened in the recent past This concern did not stop Americans from creating new trends that little did they know would last well into the future James Dean gt Starred in the movie quotRebel without a cause gt Portrayed young kids not being quotnormalquot kids for that time period not listening to their parents getting into trouble getting into fights with peers on purpose etc gt Provided young kids at the time with a new outlet and a new way to act and deal with their surroundings Rock n Roll gt At the time rock n roll combined blues country jazz and even gospel music gt To some it was known as quotDevil s Musicquot This was due to the fact that it was regularly provocative and inappropriate for the time period gt Most of the music had hidden meanings related to sex drugs alcohol and sometimes even violence V Elvis Presley was a front runner in this rock n roll counterculture I Every portion of his music videos had hidden meanings to it from his lyrics to the actual setting of the video to the individuals that were involved in the video I Presley often got a great deal of flack for his music at the time Beat Generation gt Post WWII writers who took pride in their spontaneity and creativeness gt The concentrated their pieces on drugs sex different kinds of sexuality religion the rejection of materialism like normal things such as money time goals etc and their different forms of expression that they exhibited Beatniks gt Connected to communism gt Individuals against materialism mainstream American values and norms and militarization gt Sex and drugs were experiments with a great deal during this time gt Portrayed certain aspects of the Beat Generation itself the superficial aspects gt Violent film images cartoon misrepresentations of reallife people of the time and other forms of expression based off Jack Kerouac s autobiographical fiction novels Sexual Expression gt Hugh Hefner created playboy around this time I It was both highly liked and hated I Some people believed what Hefner was doing and creating was morally wrong I Others believed that what he was doing was acceptable and was destined to come along gt Alfred Kinsey founded the institute for Sex Research at Indiana University Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex Gender and Reproduction I He created Kinsey Reports books on the sexual behaviors of males and females I Provided the foundational basis for the field today know as sexology The Birth Control Pill gt Came about in 1957 o 00 o V Very popular for women at the time gt Women that used the pill were seen as tramps who just slept around but didn t want to get pregnant gt There were plenty of people that did not like the birth control pill because they thought it was just an escape from reality I With this women are able to mess around as much as they want with whomever they want and not have to worry about getting pregnant gt It was good for preventing unwanted pregnancies but shed an unfavorable light in women The Rise of Feminism gt Movements that attempted to defend and establish rights for women in all the same areas that men were at the time political social economic and equal opportunities for women gt Before these movements women were very unhappy because they were being treated so poorly V Betty Friedan is one person to recognize during this era I She wrote the book The Feminine Mystique which provided the lives ofdifferent housewives around the United States and how they are affected by the unfair treatment of women at the time All of these counterculture aspects have carried on into the years today and some might say have gotten worse and more controversial The pill has become extremely popular for women and today there are more than a dozen types of pills andor methods of birth control for women Sex in general has become a normal thing in our everyday lives showing up in commercials advertising ideas music videos etc0 In regards to feminism we have come a long way Women are for the most part looked as though they are on the same level as men We have the same jobs sometimes even higher positions and getting higher wages have the same political standings and are presented with the same opportunities Movements such as the Beatniks and the Beat Generations re still alive today There are still a great deal of followers that come along with this movement as well Rock n Roll continues to be a popular genre of music today There is also not as much controversy that comes with it and it is more accepted by the general public The movies today are sometimes even worse than those that were popular back that Le Rebel without a Cause There is much more violence and negative lessons being taught to today s youth This negativity has also carried into television programs The Civil Rights movements and the fights for equality among everyone in the United States had a major impact on the present and the future gt African Americans had a very difficult time during the 19405 I Segregation and discrimination was in every aspect of life in the United States at the time school grocery stores shopping stores water fountains busses etc I Little Rock Nine a group of nine African American students were sent to go to a high school in Arkansas an all white high school There were many protestors that met them at the entrance of the school and the students inside were no different The National Guard at first refused giving the students entrance to the school but the president the next day allowed them to enter The Arkansas school eventually closed down gt The Civil Rights Act of 1957 gave all Americans the right to vote endured voting rights o 00 o o o o o o gt The Civil Rights Act of 1960 provided a federal oversight in every election held in the United States gt SitIns began in 1960 as well I People would sit at public places of business and prevent the business from operating at its full capacity not allowing customers to be served taking up space in the establishment etc gt Rosa Parks was an important individual at the time She is most known for sitting in the quotwhite section on the bus and refusing to move from her seat As a result she was arrested gt Emmett Till was brutally murdered during this time which did not help matters he was beaten to death for whistling at a white woman gt Martin Luther Kinng was a reverend who recited speeches and lead movements to end the discrimination and segregation in America at the time All of these events and actions paved the way for how we live our lives today Without all those people trying to make a difference and trying to get every American on the same level life as we know it would have been completely different Many people would not have the simple rights of voting ownership public schooling and so much more if it were not for certain people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther Kinng The Vietnam War also created a great deal of controversy at the time The major issue was whether or not the United States should have intervened in the conflict itself It is said that the US entered the Vietnam War in order to stop the spread of Communism which was a major concern for the United States at the time V V The fact that if Vietnam were to be taken over it could help Communism take over the nations of the world and become more powerful that the US was a major concern for the United States This is another reason as to why the US wanted to enter the war At the time the United States did not know a great deal about Vietnam and how the people there lived The nations curiosity also intrigues them to intervene in the conflict The Truman Doctrine enforced the notion of entering It states that the US would support Greece and Turkey with military and economic aid to prevent the Soviet Union from becoming a V V dominant force Overall the Vietnam Conflict had a lasting effect on the United States political policies To this day as a nation we are not very fond of Communism and the changes it would bring to the nation We have our allies and our quotenemiesquot and try to stay cordial with everyone Even today there are always certain events in which war is quotnecessaryquot for a problem to be solved Also the events and fights that have happened in the past are not easily forgotten and are always in the back of people s minds that a great deal of harm was once cause by certain nations I believe the aspect that has had the greatest impact were the events of the counterculture I believe those events and movements were so impactful and memorable that that s why they are still around today I think they had such a lasting affect that to continue to be very controversial issues to this day means that they were and still are very important events in history So many people are influenced by these countercultural movements that it is hard to say that they were not impactful


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