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U.S. History 1492

by: Bernita Kautzer

U.S. History 1492 AMH 2010

Bernita Kautzer
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.86

Alicia Duffy

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About this Document

Alicia Duffy
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bernita Kautzer on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMH 2010 at University of Central Florida taught by Alicia Duffy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/227596/amh-2010-university-of-central-florida in History at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
AMHZOlO Quiz 7 Please complete and print out Due at the Final Exam 1 What did President Jackson consider to be the most important piece of legislation of his career 2 What doctrine was used at the South Carolina Convention of 1832 Why 3 What doctrine was used at the South Carolina Convention of 1860 Why 4 President Jackson considered winning the election of 1832 to be mandate for change What did he want to change Hovrwill this affect his successor 5 What was memorable about the presidential election of 1840 What did President Tyler hope would become his legacy 6 What will prompt migration to the Oregon territory in the mid nineteenth century 7 What was Mr Polk s War What was his political party Why willheixxeivesomenonunalsupportfrmmtheopposingpplitical party 8 Why did President Polk NOT want Zachary Taylor to be the general to finish the Mexican War 9 What was the Wilmot Proviso Who argued against the Wilmot Proviso and on what grounds 10 What compromise did Lewis Cass propose Why was it acceptable to both the North and South ll Which two politicians proposed compromises in 1850 Whose was finally passed 12 Who were Yeoman farmers Why did they support the institution of slavery 13 Explain the argument of Southern states who claimed they were enslaved to Northern states 14 Who was Nat Turner 15 Wh 7didStephenAJ Douglas propose the Kansas Nebraska Act 16 What were the terms of the Supreme Court s majority opinion in the Dred Soot case 17 What was the political philosophy of the Know Nothing party mthe Free Soil party 18 HOW was Kansas settled and organized 19 What was the impact of the Freepcrt Doctrine 20 Who won the election of 1860 HOW Natlve Amerlcans l Paleo Indians 12000 bc 9000 bc 0 They hunted large game animals 0 9000 bc the animals went extinct 0 They used a clovis point spear tip to hunt 2 Archaic Indians 9000 be 1000 be 4 million people Five sub groups 1 Paci c coast culture Most diverse a Over 500 different tribes that spoke 90 languages Great Basin Culture a Gatherers and nomadic tribes Great Plains Culture a Hunted Bison b Invented the bow and a1r0w in 500 ad Southwestern Culture a Gatherers first then became farmers afterwards b Best tribe at irrigation techniques Eastern woodlands tribe a Everything east of Mississippi b Deer was the major food source c 3 sections within this tribe 1 Algonquian From Virginia to Maine Permanent Fishers 2 Iroquis Lived in the Hilly regions Agricultural Matriarchal 7 Lineage goes to the mother Created the League of ve nations which was a Confederacy 1 In the confederacy were the Mohawk Seneca Ononabaga Oneida Cayuga tribes 3 Muskogean Worshipped the sun Permanent Fisherman Vikings 1 Eric The Red Thorvaldsson Kicked out of Norway went to Iceland then Greenland Had two sons a Leif Ericsson b Thorvald Ericsson Thorvald was killed later by native Americans c The traveled and founded Vinland land of meadows


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