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U.S. History 1877

by: Bernita Kautzer

U.S. History 1877 AMH 2020

Bernita Kautzer
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.86

James Clark

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About this Document

James Clark
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bernita Kautzer on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMH 2020 at University of Central Florida taught by James Clark in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/227597/amh-2020-university-of-central-florida in History at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
AMH study guide Final is essay right down everything you know popp quizzes are easy just pay attention AMH 2020 March 19 2013 WWII We cut off supplies to Japan They suffer and get angry yet still call peace as they plan Pearl Harbor We break their code about an attack but do not know speci cs Germany attacks US ships They have an alliance with Italy and Japan This is the Axis Nations A message is sent to the Paci c warning them of a possible attack Nothing happens but they decide to send another message They cannot due to technical dif culties so they send a telegram The telegram arrives late after the attack has begun General of Hickum Field at Pearl Harbor is worried the Hawaiians are going to sabotage them He decides to arrange the plans in a daisy formation to keep the Hawaiians out On December 6 at 8am on a Sunday morning the attack hits as a surprise 175 planes 2 thousand Americans and subs are all destroyed Other islands are hit as well The Axis Nations were formed as a defensive treaty if one was attacked they d defend each other Hitler declares was on the US We concentrate re on the atomic bomb after Einstein from Germany warns Roosevelt about their research on missiles jets and bombs Soldiers left in battleships were left to die while we focused on ghting From 45 no automobiles or other things were created since materials were used in war The government in icts wage and price freezes which causes in a on which leads to a distraction from the war Men and women were drafted 0 Women replaced men in the workforce at home The populations doubled Rationing began U boats were off the coast of Florida Oil came from Texas around to the Gulf Coast AMH 2020 o In Germans shot the oil tanks and Roosevelt orders patrol boats off of Florida Roosevelt began income tax withholding from our paychecks Nazi Americans appeared in Madison Garden for a riot The Pro Nazi movement began to identify targets soon being the Japanese Americans 100 thousand spies were captured and put in camps in Arizona deserts In the Congress gave reparation to these families 25k each African Americans found jobs that were unavailable before in the Midwest industrial cities however riots from whites began In June Hitler attacks Russia Russia retreats and 20 million die The Germans are so far from home and their supplies during the harsh winter The US attacks Italy which is a failure is leading the Soviet and worries we are playing them D Day we invade France Hitler positions soldiers along coast to quickly move to place of attack which ends up being Normandy Hitler is asleep possibly drugged and does not call an order Fortunately their ght is not as strong Stalin proposes he takes Berlin and Roosevelt agrees This results in the surrounding countries to be turned into communist This elongates the war Germany surrenders Russia kills US captures One nal Battle of the Bulge around Christmas in 1944 the Germans try to push back the Americans placing a hole or bulge in the army We cannot use planes in the bad weather but Germany quickly runs out of supplies and surrenders on May 8 This surprise attack was meant to lengthen the war in hopes they would soon create the atom bomb or other weapons Japan believes we will negotiate a truce of territory swap But we ght to the death We abandon Philippine soldiers They retreat to Bataan and surrender The Japanese forced them to a camp and kill many The Japanese still do not know we have broken their code and continue using it We gain knowledge of their rst attack on Coral Sea near Australia This is the rst all sea battle we cannot see each other s ships We send planes to bomb the other s This is the rst American victory in the Paci c only 5 months after Pearl Harbor AMH 2020 The Japanese now move to Hawaii and we defeat them in 1942 We work on the Manhattan Project developing the atomic bomb Few know about this even the workers It is developed in and Roosevelt soon dies and has to decide on it use 31 r a w a does not even known of this A practice shot is done in New Mexico many die of radiation Russia is no longer an ally We drop the bomb on Hiroshima and two days later on Nagasaki In war crimes end as well as execution one being of J apan s prime minister Germany is split in half to Russia and other nations Nazi s go on trial but are release by Atomic diplomacy is the thought to scare others because we have the bomb however Russian spies steal the plans and this does not work At home WWII has changed society and women are resistant The divorce rates highly increase causing the Dear John act to pass It states you cannot get a divorce without the soldiers consent Colleges are built in the 60s to handle the baby boom In 6 the government pays bene ts to those of the war in 1812 GI Bill of Rights give the set bene ts to allow veterans into college Wage and price controls create a situations where citizens made a decent amount of money but were not allowed to spend it 0 Once the war is over spending is out of control and the Government attempts to keep the control in affect however the people nd a way around it the Black market Truman soon loses control but the economy surprisingly remains strong 52 20 club was created to give soldiers 20 for 52 weeks The Berlin Airlift consists of Berlin having needs and they were own in resulting in Russia backing off Europe s economy affects us Communism nds a chance to grow The Marshall Plan gives millions of dollars to recreate the market and stop communism Russia becomes our enemy The Truman Doctrine says we will be the police of the world to protect all from communism This remains in effect for 40 years as our foreign policy AMH 2020 o The Fall of China occurs due to the corrupt dictator although the US government liked im The fall to communism is in They are now Red China Democrats lose power in after being blamed for China s downfall by the Republicans This eventually leads to war in Korea and Vietnam 0 Korea splits in two Communist and a democracy O The ruler of the North believed he was loved by all and chose to attack the South The US and V 1 from the United Nation counterattack to push him back O Controversy spreads whether McArthur meant to ght so close to the China border China soon invades O America is blamed as communism spreads Anti communism rages A iquot llf liJ l39l i l j 39pl mrau i mfg


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