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U.S. History 1877

by: Bernita Kautzer

U.S. History 1877 AMH 2020

Bernita Kautzer
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.86

Jose Garcia

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About this Document

Jose Garcia
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bernita Kautzer on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AMH 2020 at University of Central Florida taught by Jose Garcia in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/227598/amh-2020-university-of-central-florida in History at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
AMH 2020 Focus Group Analysis Topics Meet the Press Debate 25 pts This student assignment requires each focus study group to participate in a debate and discussion on an assigned textbook Debating the Past togic l Summarize your group s historical viewpoint or thesis 2 Argue for your position using speci c historical evidence from readings or outside sources MLA source summary for instructor 3 Defend your position against the opposing focus group s viewpoint AMH 2020 Chapters 21 24 25 26 29 30 This student assignment has each focus study group give a group presentation for the entire class on their specific ub section chapter topic for a class discussion and a summary overview for the instructor Evaluation For full credit each student must assist their team in answering questions and be Qresent in class during the discussion Each worth 25 Hts The primary objectives are as follows V Identify the key historical themes or central ideas of the specific topic 2 Identify the key individuals organizations events laws policies court cases etc that in uence your specific topic and its central ideas and What is the most significant impact ie political economic social or cultural of the topic for the period under review and 3 V AMH 2020 Chapters 18 19 20 22 US Historv AMH 2020 Unit Exam II Studv Guide Chapter 20 through Chapter 25 General Themes Progressive Movement Reformers who were they Issues or Public Debates End Results Political Goal Economic Goal Social Goal Approaches and solutions Impulses amp Varieties World War I Neutrality Issues amp its Compatibility Neutrality Economic policies British vs German neutrality violations of shipping British in uences amp USGerman issues Why Neutral in 1914 But War in 1917 Key reasons Why US declares war WWI Impacts Key Terms Events Individuals Progressive Era Muckrakers Lincoln Steffens Ida Tarbell Upton Sinclair Social Gospel Settlement House Movement Jane Addams amp Hull House New Woman Socioeconomic Origins Club Women Impact City Manager Plan Commission Plan Secret Ballot Direct Primary Initiative Recall Referendum Limit campaign contributions 17111 Amendment Robert La F ollete Wisconsin Idea Booker T Washington WEB Du Bois Eugenics Dillingham Report Louis Brandeis Curse of Bigness Good Trusts amp Bad Trusts Woman s Suffrage Movement Elizabeth Cady Stanton Susan B Anthony Carrie Chapman Catt Two Distinct approaches ERA amp Alice Paul National Progressivism Roosevelt Presidency Roosevelt s Vision of Federal Power TR Square Deal 3 C s TR Legacy Taft Presidency Election of 1912 TR New Nationalism Woodrow Wilson New Freedom Triple Wall of Privilege UnderwoodSimmons Tariff Federal Reserve Act amp system Federal Trade Commission Act Clayton AntiTrust Act US Foreign Policy Twin Themes TR Big Stick Racial amp Economic Basis of Diplomacy USJapan relations Yellow Peril amp White Peril Roosevelt Corollary Taft Dollar Diplomacy Wilson s Moral Diplomacy World War 1 European Systems amp Balance of Power Total War Trench Warfare Why Stalemate Submarine Warfare Wall Street Bankers amp Munitions Makers Sussex Pledge Zimmerman Telegram Espionage Act Sedition Act Schenck vs United States Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson s New World Order Allied Opposition amp Wilson Big Four Paris Peace Conference Treaty League of Nations amp Senate Rati cation Battle Henry Cabot Lodge Reservationists Irreconcilables Article X Roaring 20 s Myth amp Reality Modernism amp Fundamentalism New Economic Order New Culture Radio amp Movies Welfare Capitalism The American Plan Growing Mass Consumption Social Impact of Automobile Changing Women Mass Entertainment Charles Lindbergh Disenchanted Harlem Renaissance amp Jazz New Negro Flappers Speakeasies Marcus Garvey Universal Negro Improvement Association Nativism KKK New Klan National Origins Act Prohibition Wets amp Drys Gangsters Scopes Monkey Trial Andrew Mellon Trickle Down Effect Great Depression Causes of Great Depression Progress of the Depression Global Depression Belief in Personal Responsibility New Deal FDR historical views amp Eleanor Roosevelt 3 R s Relief Recovery Reform lst Stage 19331935 Launching New Deal 2quotd Stage 19351936 New Deal in Transition Social Security Act Roosevelt amp Supreme Court Idea of the Broker State FDR s Balance Sheet New Deal Impacts amp Key end results Road to World War II Independent Intemationalism US Isolationism Neutrality Acts Quarantine Speech Adolf Hitler Munich Conference Failure of Appeasement Nye Committee Ludlow Amendment HitlerStalin Pact Atlantic Charter Public Opinion Cash amp Carry Destroyer for Bases Deal LendLease Agreement Convoys FDR s Steps to War


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