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Criminal Justice System

by: Imelda Jacobs

Criminal Justice System CCJ 3024

Imelda Jacobs
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.75

Gail Humiston

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About this Document

Gail Humiston
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Imelda Jacobs on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CCJ 3024 at University of Central Florida taught by Gail Humiston in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see /class/227617/ccj-3024-university-of-central-florida in Criminal Justice at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM CCJ 3024 REVIEW FOR EXAM 1 Review the Key Terms at the end of each chapter Chapter 1 7 Criminal Justice An Overview 908999 1 D l W D O39 List de ne and illustrate the major punishment philosophies and their goals Distinguish the two forms of deterrence Explain the original purpose of US prisons Explain the two punishment philosophies of just deserts Discuss the importance and impact of discretion in criminal justice systems List and describe brie y the major components of criminal justice systems Know what happens after a crime has been reported De ne and explain the difference between civil law and criminal law and know which is the basis of the criminal justice system Analyze the inquisitory and the adversary systems Explain what is meant by constitutional limits on criminal law List and describe Constitutional Amendments 4 5 6 8 and 14 Explain and distinguish the concepts of due process and equal protection List and analyze the sources of criminal law De ne and explain the following statutory law jurisdiction procedural laws substantive laws case law common law and administrative law Know where and when common law was developed De ne crime explain how crimes are classi ed and list and discuss the meaning of the general ve elements of a crime De ne the following Latin terms mala in se mala prohibita and mens rea Explain criminal defenses Explain the pros and cons of including sexual behavior child pornography and substance abuse within the reach of criminal law Analyze the issues and know the following cases Bowers v H ariwick and Lawrence v Texas Consider the legal issues involved in legislation encompassing a fetus as a person Chapter 2 7 Crime Offenders and Victims l 2 3 4 V39 List describe and evaluate the major sources of crime and victimization data Compare the reporting rates and clearance rates of violent crimes and property crimes List the reasons why it is important to collect crime data De ne felonies and misdemeanors as well as violent and property crimes in criminal justice systems List and explain the reasons that crime data may not be accurate Discuss reasons for delayed reporting and the nonreporting of crime by victims 7 List and de ne the eight serious crimes as categorized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation 8 Know that theft of items from within cars is not included in the crime category motor vehicle theft 9 Know which serious crime was added to the UCR index in 1979 10 Be familiar with UCR Part II offenses 11 Analyze and summarize recent crime data noting changes in the rates of violent and property crimes 12 Define serious crimes and know which are more frequently reported 13 Know the differences between robbery burglary and larcenytheft 14 Know that in 2005 most of the persons arrested were adults arrested for drug violations 15 Know the NIBRS view on crime and be familiar with the elements of a crime the FBI refers to in the NIBRS 16 Know gender violent crime victimization trends from 19732004 17 Know the murder trend of men by intimates reported by the B S between 1976 and 2000 18 Know why domestic crimes are not always reported 19 Define victim precipitation 20 Define mandatory arrest in domestic violence cases 21 Explain the meaning of hate crime and analyze the Us Supreme Court decision regarding cross burning 22 Discuss the demographic characteristics of offenders 23 Define victimology and describe and criticize the sources of victimization data 24 List the major variables used to analyze victimization data and explain the meaning of each 25 Know the benefits of selfreported data 26 Discuss ways in which criminal justice systems have attempted to respond to the needs of victims and evaluate each 27 Know that arrests in violation of constitutional rights violate citizens sense of justice Note When you are asked to analyze it means that you should be able to Define the terms Compare and Contrast and give Examples


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