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Chemistry Fundamentals II

by: Ellen Braun

Chemistry Fundamentals II CHM 2046

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > Chemistry > CHM 2046 > Chemistry Fundamentals II
Ellen Braun
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.89

Mohammed Daoudi

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About this Document

Mohammed Daoudi
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellen Braun on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 2046 at University of Central Florida taught by Mohammed Daoudi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/227643/chm-2046-university-of-central-florida in Chemistry at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
gt1 CHM 2046 Practice Exam 3 All of the following species can behave as Lewis acids EXCEPT I A13 a b 303 c C02 d F39 e A1OH3 All of the following compounds are acids containing chlorine Which compound is the weakest acid a HClOz b HClO c HClO4 d HCl e HC103 Boric acid has a pK value of 914 What is the value of Kb for sodium benzoate a 486 b 486 c 72 x 103910 d 14 x 10395 e 11 x10394 The KSp of CaSO4 is 49 x 10395 at 25 C What is the concentration of Ca2 in a saturated solution of CaSO4 a 70 x 10393 M b 24 x 10399 M c 37 x 10392 M d 25 x 10395 M e 49 x 10395 M Which of the following combinations would be best to buffer an aqueous solution at a pH of 20 sueow NH and NH3 K 57 x 103910 HZPOA39 and HPOf39 K2 62 x 10398 HNo2 and N02 K 45 x 10quot H3PO4 and HZPO439 K1 75 x 10393 CH3COZH and CH3COO39 K 18 x 10395 Assuming equal initial concentrations of the given species which of the following is the strongest acid in an aqueous solution a papa hydrogen phosphate ion K 36 x 103913 hydrogen sul te ion K 62 x 10398 formic acid K 18 x 10394 benzoic acid K 63 x 10395 nitrous acid K 45 x 10394 The K of hypochlorous acid HClO is 35 x 108 What ClO39HClO ratio is necessary to make a buffer with a pH of 771 a 056 b 025 c 18 d 39 e 20 x 10 8 a Each cme fulluwmg mxtures can pruduce an effectbuffer sulunuu EXCEPT HClO and NaclO a b Nazi110 and NazFOo NaHCOz and N CO d NHC1 3 HF and b 3D 4ZE a 1213 e EIZ 1U vulumeufUSUL7K quH439S x1U a BM b 955 c 925 d 945 e 895 11 Thefulluwmgamunscanbeseparatedbyprenpxtanuuasslversalts CLBLLCrO gnsaaaeama mumeypmw Cum uund 1 1mm AngrO llxm AgBr 54mm Ag xsxmquot a AgZCrOgtAgClgtAgBrgtAgI b 1 gtAngrO aAgBr gtAgl c a e 12 M 7 a b c d Kfmmhog e Kfmmufuozf 13 n c n Mamet a z XmZM b tzxm M lsxlu M a 24x1n M e zaxlu M 19 20 Which of the following is never a BronstedLowry acid in an aqueous solution hydrogen uoride HF g hydrogen chloride HCl g dihydrogen sul de HZSg ammonium chloride NH4Cls magnesium oxide MgOs lt7 sue0 Avolume of 250 mL of 0100 M HCOZHaq is titrated with 0100 M NaOHaq What is the pH after the addition of 125 mL of NaOH Kit for HCOZH 18 x 104 a 4 252 700 474 1026 nun057 Which of the following chemical equations corresponds to the acid ionization constant Kn for formic acid HCOZH HCOZHaq OH39aq SHCOZ39aq HZOl HCOZ39aq HZO1 SHCOZHaq OH39aq HCOZHaq H30aq SHCOZH2aq H200 HCOZ39aq H3Oaq SHCOZH aq HZO1 HCOZHaq HZOl SHCOZ39aq H3Oaq lt7 sun0 A solution is prepared by diluting 016 mol HN03 with water to a volume of 15 L What is the pH of this solution a 183 097 080 080 224 nun057 An aqueous solution contains 0010 M Br39 and 0010 MI39 If Ag is added until AgBrs just begins to precipitate what are the concentrations of Ag and I39 KSp of AgBr 54 x 1039 KS of AgI 85 gtlt 1039 a Agl 85 x 103915 M I39 64 x 101 M b Ag 54 x 103911 M I39 10 x 10392 M 0 Agl 85 x 103915 M 139 16 x 10396 M d Agl 85 x 103915 M I39 10 x 10392 M 6 Agl 54 x 103911 M 139 16 x 10396 M Of the following list of molecules and ions which can behave as Lewis bases BH3 NH3 Cl39 A13 a 3 an 39 b Cl39 and Al c Al and N113 d Cl39 and BH3 e BH3 only What is the pH of an aqueous solution containing 050 M C03239 and 020 MHCOg39 Kb of C03239 21 x 10394 1201 368 1032 1072 328 g nun057 2 22 2 LN 24 25 26 2 l 2 00 The concentration of Ca2 in an aqueous solution is 22 x 10393 M What concentration of C03239 is required to begin precipitating CaCO3 The KS of CaCO3 is 34 x 109 a 15 x 10 M b 75 x 103912 M c 27 x 10392 M d 58 x 10395 M e 70 x 10394 M Which one of the following conditions is always met at the equivalence point of the titration of a monoprotic weak base with a strong acid a The moles of acid added from the buret equals the initial moles of weak base The molarity of the acid equals the initial molarity of the weak base The volume of acid added from the buret equals the volume of base titrated The pH of the solution is equal to 700 The percent ionization of the acid equals the percent ionization of the base 999w At 15 C the water ionization constant Kw is 45 x 1039 What is the H30 concentration in neutral water at this temperature a 67 x 10398 M b 45 x 103915 M c 15 x 10397 M d 20 x 103929 M e 22 M A 500 mL sample of vinegar is titrated with 0774 MNaOHaq Ifthe titration requires 416 mL of NaOHaq what is the concentration of acetic acid in the vinegar a 0644 M b 00921 M c 0967 M d 0429 M e 0930 M What is the pH of an aqueous solution of 030 MHF and 015 MF39 K1 ofHF 72 x 104 a 183 b 344 c 1086 d 284 e 314 An aqueous solution with a pH of 300 is diluted from 20 L to 40 L What is the pH of the diluted solution a b 150 c 300 d 600 e 330 Which salt produces a pHneutral aqueous solution at 25 C a FeC13 b NaNOz c KBr d NH4Cl e KF The solubility of SrSO4 in water is 0107 g in 10 L at 25 C What is the value ostp for SrSO4 21 21 x 1039 b 11 x 10392 29 C 58 x 10394 d 34 x 10397 e 12 x 10393 What is the molar solubility of AgZCrO4 in 00050 M KZCrO4 at 25 C The value of Ks for AgZCrO4 is 54 x 103912 at 25 C a 66 x 10395 molL b 22 x 10395 molL c 11 x 10394 molL d 33 x 10395 molL e 16 x 10395 molL Which is NOT an amphiprotic species in water a CH3COZ39 b HPOf39 c HCO3 d HCIO4 e HZPO4 A 250 mL sample of 00200 M NH3aq is titrated with 00100 M HClaq What is the pH at the equivalence point Kb ofNH3 18 x 105 a 548 b 825 c 346 d 572 e 1054 Which salt forms a 010 M aqueous solution with the highest pH a FeC13 b NaNO3 c CaClO42 d NH4Cl e NaF In the following reaction HCOs39GIQ t H200 5 COsz39WI t H30aq HCO339 is an acid and H20 is its conjugate base H3O is an acid and HCO339 is its conjugate base H20 is an acid and C03239 is its conjugate base HCO3 is an acid and C03239 is its conjugate base e H30 is an acid and C03239 is its conjugate base 90 57 The conjugate acid of HSO439 is OH39 a b 804239 c H30 d H2804 e H20 Which one of the following conditions is always true for a titration of a weak acid with a strong base A colored indicator with a 13K1 less than 7 should be used If a colored indicator is used it must change color rapidly in the weak acid s buffer region The equivalence point occurs at a pH greater than 7 The equivalence point occurs at a pH equal to 7 Equal volumes of weak acid and strong base are required to reach the equivalence point EDP057


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