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Chemistry Fundamentals I

by: Ellen Braun

Chemistry Fundamentals I CHM 2045

Marketplace > University of Central Florida > Chemistry > CHM 2045 > Chemistry Fundamentals I
Ellen Braun
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.89

Mohammed Daoudi

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About this Document

Mohammed Daoudi
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellen Braun on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 2045 at University of Central Florida taught by Mohammed Daoudi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 411 views. For similar materials see /class/227645/chm-2045-university-of-central-florida in Chemistry at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
CHM 2045C Final Exam Review Name Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1 An 56Fe2 particle contains A 54 protons 56 neutrons and 52 electrons B 28 protons 28 neutrons and 26 electrons C 58 protons 58 neutrons and 56 electrons D 26 protons 30 neutrons and 24 electrons 2 How much energy is evolved during the reaction of 487 g of Al according to the reaction below Assume that there is excess Fe203 Fe203s 2 Als 1 Al203s 2 Fes AHOan 852 k A 415 k B 207 k C 769 k D 241 k 3 When stopcock A of the openend manometer shown below is opened which drawing best represents the result A drawing 1 B drawing 2 C drawing 3 D drawing 4 4 A block of wood has dimensions of 12 m X 50 cm X 70 cm and has a mass of30 kg What is the density of the wood A 0071 grnL B 1400 grnL C 14 gmL D 071 gmL 1 5 Use the given average bond dissociation energies D to estimate 1 H for the reaction of methane CH4g with fluorine according to the equation CH4g 2 F2g 1 CF4g 2 H2g Bond D kImol C1 F 450 C1 H 410 F1 F 158 H1 H 436 A 318 k B 318 k C 716 k D 716 k 6 Atoms of which element indicated by letter on the periodic table are expected to have the largest atomic radius AABBCCDD 7 The central atom in 7 A CF4 B SF4 C XeF4 D KrF2 8 Which of the following statements are TRUE A An orbital is the path that an electron follows during its movement in an atom i does not violate the octet rule B The angular momentum quantum number 1 describes the the size and energy associated with an orbital C The principal quantum number 11 describes the shape of an orbital D The magnetic quantum number ml describes the orientation of the orbital 9 The volume of 350 mL of gas at 25 C is decreased to 125 mL at constant pressure What is the final temperature of the gas A 89 C B 561 C C 70 C D 167 C 2 10 Consider the molecule below Determine the hybridization at each of the 2 labeled carbons A C1 sp2 C2 sp3 B C1 sp3d C2 sp3d2 C C1 sp2 C2 sp3d D C1 sp3 C2 sp3d 11 Calculate the wavelength in nm of a the red light emitted by a neon sign with a frequency of 474 X 1014 Hz A 704 nm B 158 nm C 633 nm D 466 nm 12 Write out the orbital diagram that represents the ground state of As How many unpaired electrons are there A4B1C3D0 13 If NO and NH3 are allowed to effuse through a porous membrane under identical conditions the rate of effusion for NH3 will be 77 times that of NO A 13 B 075 C 18 D 057 14 Molecular Orbital theory correctly predicts paramagnetism of oxygen gas 02 This is because A there are more electrons in the bonding orbitals than in the antibonding orbitals B the 01 0 bond distance is relatively short C the energy of the 1 2p MOs is higher than that of the 1 2p MO D there are two unpaired electrons in the MO electron configuration of O2 15 A 100L ask containing He 200 mole of Ar and 300 mole of Ne has a total pressure of 245 atm at 25 C How many moles of He are in the ask A 119 mol B 114 mol C 500 mol D 100 mol 16 There are 7 7 paired and 7 phosphorus atom A43B42C03D23 3 17 Using the table of average bond energies below the l H for the reaction is Bond Cl C CC HI CI CH D kImol 839 348 299 240 413 A 160 B 160 C 217 D 63 18 What is the name of the following binary compound N20 A nitrogen oxide B nitrogen l oxide C dinitrogen monoxide D nitrogen dioxide unpaired electrons in the Lewis symbol for a k 19 When elements combine to form compounds A their properties do not change B their properties are an average of all elements in the compound C their properties change completely D their properties are completely random 20 Which is not true for an endothermic reaction A The products have a lower enthalpy than the reactants B The temperature of the surroundings decreases C The enthalpy change for the reaction is positive D Heat flows from the surroundings into the system 21 The greatest deviation of a real gas from the Ideal Gas Law is expected at A low T and low P B high T and low P C high T and high P D low T and high P 22 Calculate the atomic mass of element quotXquot if it has 2 naturally occurring isotopes with the following masses and natural abundances X45 448776 amu 3288 X47 469443 amu 6712 A 4634 amu B 4591 amu C 4627 amu D 4499 amu 4 23 When 150 g of zinc metal reacts with excess HCl how many liters of H2 gas are produced at STP A 0458 L B 0229 L C 103 L D 514 L 24 Oxidation cannot occur without 7 A reduction B air C acid D oxygen 25 Identify the spectator ions in the following molecular equation KBraq AgNO3aq l AgBrs KNO3aq A K amp NO3 B Ag amp Br C Ag amp NO3 D K amp Br 26 Place the following types of electromagnetic radiation in order of increasing wavelength ultraviolet light gamma rays radio waves A gamma rays lt ultraviolet light lt radio waves B radio waves lt ultraviolet light lt gamma rays C gamma rays lt radio waves lt ultraviolet light D ultraviolet light lt gamma rays lt radio waves 27 An quotemptyquot aerosol can at 25 C still contains gas at 100 atmosphere pressure If an quotemptyquot can is thrown into a 475 C fire what is the final pressure in the heated can A 190 atm B 526 X 102 atm C 0398 atm D 251 atm 28 Accuracy refers to 7 A how close a measured number is to infinity B how close a measured number is to other measured numbers C how close a measured number is to the true value D how close a measured number is to zero 29 Using the VSEPR model the molecular geometry of the central atom in NC13 is 7 A bent B tetrahedral C trigonal planar D trigonal pyramidal 30 An unknown gas effuses 173 times faster than krypton What is the molar mass of the gas A 251 gmol B 484 gmol C 280 gmol D 110 gmol 31 What volume mL of a concentrated solution of sodium hydroxide 600 M must be diluted to 2000 mL to make a 0880 M solution of sodium hydroxide A 264 B 500 C 293 D 176 5 32 Vinegar is an aqueous solution of acetic acid CH3COOH A 500 mL sample of a particular vinegar requires 2690 mL of 0175 M NaOH for its titration What is the molarity of acetic acid in the vinegar A 104 B 0471 C 0942 D 0520 33 What is the formal charge on nitrogen in the figure below A 1 B 0C 2 D 1 34 Predict the charge that an ion formed from sulfur would have A 3 B 2 C 4 D 1 35 A gaseous hydrocarbon weighing 0290 g occupies a volume of 125 mL at 25 OC and 760 mmHg What is the molar mass of this compound A 105 gmol B 431 gmol C 568 gmol D 113 gmol 36 What volume will 0780 moles of He occupy at STP A 700 L B 156 L C 175 L D 224 L 37 Write a balanced equation to show the reaction of gaseous ethane with gaseous oxygen to form carbon monoxide gas and water vapor A2CH3 g50 g l 2CO g3H2O gB2C2H6 g502 gl 4CO g6H2O g C C2H6 g 5 0 g l 2 CO g 3 H2O g D 2 C2H6 g 7 02 g l 4 CO2 g 6 H2O g 38 Which of the following is a compound A oxygen B water C salad dressing D heat 39 A fuel cell is essentially a battery which uses the following reaction to produce electricity 2H2 02 l 2H20 What is happening at the cathode of such a fuel cell A Oxygen is being reduced B Nothing at all is happening there C Oxygen is being oxidized D Hydrogen is being oxidized 40 Give the ground state electron configuration for Pb A Xe6s25d106p2 B Xe6s26p2 C Xe6s25f146d106p2 D Xe6s24f145d106p2 6 41 Choose the valence orbital diagram that represents the ground state of Sr2l A B C D 42 The measured P of a van der Waals gas compared to an ideal gas is A higher because the molecules occupy space B higher because of the intermolecular forces C lower because the gases expand D lower because of the intermolecular forces 43 Use the molecular orbital diagram shown to determine which of the following are paramagnetic A F22l B Ne22l C O22l D O22l 44 Which of the following have the same number of valence electrons A N As Bi B K As Br C B Si As D He Ne F 7 45 The net ionic equation for the reaction between aqueous sulfuric acid and aqueous sodium hydroxide is A H aq HSO4 aq 2Na aq 2OH aq l 2H2O l 2Na aq 8042 aq B 2H aq 8042 aq 2Na aq 2OH aq l 2H2O l 2Na aq 8042 aq C H aq OH aq l H20 1 D H aq HSO4 aq 2OH aq l 2H2O l 8042 aq 46 Read the water level with the correct number of significant figures A 5 mL B 54 mL C 542 mL D 5420 mL 47 Which reaction below represents the electron af nity of Li A Lig el l Lil g B Lig el l Lil g C Lig l Lil g el D Lil g el l Lig 48 Determine the empirical formula for a compound that contains C H and 0 It contains 5214 C and 3473 0 by mass A CHO B C2H6O C CH3O D C4H1302 49 Which of the following is a nonmetal A Sn B Se C Cs D Sc 8 50 The titration of 250 mL of an unknown concentration H2SO4 solution requires 836 mL of 012 M LiOH solution What is the concentration of the H2SO4 solution in M A 040 M B 010 M C 020 M D 025 M E 036 M 51 Find l Hfor BaCO3 s l BaO s C02 3 given 2 Ba 5 02 g l 2 BaO s l H 11070 k Ba 5 C02 3 12 02 g l BaCO3 g l H 8225 k A 2690 k B 19295 k C 2845 k D 13760 k 52 If the temperature is 178 F what is the temperature in degrees celsius A 811 C B 67 C C 378 C D 451 C 53 Calculate the wavelength of a baseball m 155 g moving at 325 ms A 357 X 1032 m B 760 X 1036 m C 268 X 1034 m D 132 X 1034 m 54 A system absorbs a given quantity of heat and does a given quantity of work Which of the following choices correctly indicates the signs for q and w AqwBqwCqwDqw0 55 Which of the following laws concerning gases is misstated A At fixed pressure the volume of a gas is directly proportional to its temperature in Kelvin B At fixed temperature and pressure the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to the number of moles of that gas C In a mixture of gases the total pressure of the gases equals the sum of the individual pressures of each gas D The average translational kinetic energy of the molecules of a gas is directly proportional to the temperature in Kelvin 56 Which of the following is not true for gases A individual particles in constant random motion B strong intermolecular forces of attraction C easily compressed D flow easily 57 A steel bottle contains argon gas at STP What is the final pressure if the temperature is changed to 115 C A 0768 atm B 130 atm C 0704 atm D 142 atm 58 Give the ground state electron configuration for the ion of Ba A Kr5s24d105p66s26p2 B Kr5s24d105p66s2 C Kr5s24d105p6 D Kr5s24d105p66s1 9 59 Determine the oxidation state of P in PO33 A 0 B 6 C 3 D 2 60 What is the mass number of an isotope of lead that has 127 neutrons A 252 B 126 C 82 D 209 61 Which name is incorrect A Ca3N2 calcium nitride B Li2O dilithium oxide C FeCl3 iron Ill chloride D HBr hydrogen bromide 62 If 40 moles of hydrogen gas and 11 moles of nitrogen gas are brought together to react according to the following equation which will be the limiting reactant 3 H2 N2 1 2 NH3 A H2 B NH3 C N2 D There is no limiting reactant in this reaction 63 Which of the following is a precipitation reaction A NaClaq Lilaq l Nalaq LiClaq B 2 Lilaq Hg2NO32aq l Hg2l2s 2 LiNO3aq C HClaq KOHaq l KClaq H20l D Zns 2 AgNO3aq l 2 Ags ZnNO32aq 64 A 0200 M K2SO4 solution is produced by 7 A dissolving 202 g of K2804 in water and diluting to 2500 mL then diluting 250 mL of this solution to a total volume of 5000 mL B dissolving 436 g of K2804 in water and diluting to a total volume of 2500 mL C diluting 200 mL of 500 M K2804 solution to 5000 mL D dilution of 100 mL of 250 M K2803 to 100 L 65 A 750 L steel tank at 200 C contains acetylene gas C2H2 at a pressure of 139 atm Assuming ideal behavior how many grams of acetylene are in the tank A 433 g B 113 g C 1650 g D 601 g 66 The molar volume of a gas at STP is i L A 224 B 147 C 100 D 6236 10 67 The 1 bond in ethylene H2Cl CH2 results from the overlap off A sp2 hybrid orbitals B sp3 hybrid orbitals C s atomic orbitals D p atomic orbitals 68 Which of the following is amolecular compound A ZnS B Srl2 C P4010 D LiOH 69 Use the bond energies provided to estimate AHOrxn for the reaction below C2H4g H2g l C2H6g 0 7 Bond Bond Energy kImol CC 347 CH 414 CC 61 1 Cl C 837 HH 436 A 128 k B 166 k C 102 k D 700 k 70 Calculate the mass percent composition of lithium in Li3PO4 A 5527 B 1798 C 2675 D 3072 In the diagram below helium atoms are represented by unshaded spheres neon atoms by gray spheres and argon atoms by black spheres 71 If the total pressure in the container is 900 mm Hg what is the partial pressure of helium A 90 mm Hg B 450 mm Hg C 270 mm Hg D 180 mm Hg 72 When the equation shown below is balanced what is the value of the coefficient of H20 C2H2 H2O gt C2H4O A 1B5C3D4E2 73 What is the volume of 300 g of argon gas at 157 C and 250 kPa pressure A 387 L B 393 L C 1070 L D 106 L 11 74 The structure of aspirin is given below Which set of hybrid orbitals best describes the OC bond labeled quotaquot quotbquot in aspirin A sp2sp2 B sp3sp3 C spsp2 D sp3sp2 75 Which of the following types of electromagnetic radiation has the smallest frequency A orange B yellow C blue D purple 76 Which of the following is TRUE if AEsys 95 A The system is gaining 95 I while the surroundings are losing 95 I B The system is losing 95 I while the surroundings are gaining 95 I C Both the system and the surroundings are gaining 95 I D Both the system and the surroundings are losing 95 I 77 A basketball is inflated to a pressure of 190 atm in a240 C garage What is the pressure of the basketball outside where the temperature is 100 C A 208 atm B 200 atm C 180 atm D 174 atm 78 Each of the following sets of quantum numbers is supposed to specify an orbital Which of the following sets of quantum numbers contains an error An4l2ml0Bn3l3ml2Cn 1l0ml0Dn3l0ml0 79 The greater the electronegatiVity difference between two bonded atoms the A greater the bond order B greater the ionic character of the bond C more unstable the bond D greater the covalent character of the bond 80 A basketball is inflated to a pressure of 150 atm in a200 C garage What is the pressure of the basketball outside where the temperature is 500 C A 164 atm B 142 atm C 158 atm D 137 atm 12 81 What group of elements does the shaded area in the following periodic table indicate A gases B metals C nonmetals D semimetals 82 What is the density of fluorine gas at STP A 170 gL B 155 gL C 0590 gL D 0848 gL 83 Which of the following processes is endothermic A A hot cup of coffee system cools on a countertop B The combustion of propane C The vaporization of rubbing alcohol D The freezing of water 84 Which of the following molecules would be polar A BC13 B CCl4 C 802 D C02 85 What is the total number of 1 bonds in the following structure A 1B2C3D4E5 86 A basketball is inflated to a pressure of 150 atm in a200 C garage What is the pressure of the basketball outside where the temperature is 500 C A 164 atm B 158 atm C 142 atm D 137 atm 13 87 Which one of the following gases will have the highest rate of effusion A N204 B N02 C N03 D N20 88 The electron configuration of the 82 ion is 7 A Ne3s23p2 B Ne3s23p6 C Ar3s23p2 D Ar3s23p 89 How many mg does a 433 kg sample contain A 433 X 107 mg B 433 X 108 mg C 433 X 106 mg D 433 X 103 mg 90 Consider the orbital diagram shown below Which if any of the principles that determine the most stable electron configuration does this configuration Violate A Periodicity Principle B Hund39s rule C Uncertainty Principle D Principle 91 What is the ratio of the diffusion rates of C12 and 02 Rate Cl2 02 A 069 B 067 C 045 D 047 92 Calculate the amount of heat in k necessary to raise the temperature of 478 g benzene by 57 K The specific heat capacity of benzene is 105 g C A 286 k B 385 k C 161 k D 259 k 93 The formal charge on sulfur in SO42 is 4 where the Lewis structure of the ion is A 0 B 4 C 2 D 2 14 94 Which of the following orbital diagrams is allowed 95 How many l bonds and how many l bonds are present in the carbonic acid molecule H2C03 A 5l 1l B 6 0l C All 2l D 3l 3l 96 What is the geometry around the central atom in the following molecular model of BrF3 A trigonal bipyramidal B seesaw C Tshaped D linear 97 What is the geometry around the central atom in the following molecular model of BC13 A linear B bent C trigonal planar D trigonal pyramidal 15 98 When two atomic orbitals A0 are combined to form molecular orbitals MO which of the following descriptions of the energy of the resulting molecular orbital is most accurate A One MO is higher and one MO is lower than the AO B The MOs are the same energy as the AO C The MOs are of higher energy than the AO D The MOs are of lower energy than the A0 99 Which is the best Lewis structure for C012 Formal charges are not shown A B C D 100 Determine the electron geometry eg molecular geometry mg and polarity of SOS A eg trigonal bipyramidal mgtrigonal planar polar B egtrigonal pyramidal mgbent nonpolar C egtetrahedral mgtetrahedral nonpolar D egtrigonal planar mgtrigonal planar nonpolar


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