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by: Isaac Hauck


Isaac Hauck
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.7

Ladislau Boloni

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About this Document

Ladislau Boloni
Class Notes
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This 29 page Class Notes was uploaded by Isaac Hauck on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EEL 6897 at University of Central Florida taught by Ladislau Boloni in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/227658/eel-6897-university-of-central-florida in Electrical Engineering at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Multiprocessor Graphic Render39ng Kerey Howard EEL 6897 Lecture Outline 0 Real time Rendering Introduction 0 GraphicsAPl 0 Pipeline 0 Multiprocessing 0 Parallel Processing 0 Threading O OpenGL with Java Real time Rendering Introduction I Realtime 9 Interactive a Range from 30Hz to 72Hz 0 Rendering I Displaying Computer Graphics U Typically threedimensional 0 Examples 0 Games 0 Halflife 2 O Blizzard World of Warcraft 0 Microsoft Flight SimulatorX 0 Simulators 0 Flight Safety FAA flight simulation 0 Lockheed Martin DoD AirGroundSea simulators 7 7 U o mg 1 I 1 4 7quot 9 iilugtration Haifiife 2 6532 Screen Capture Illustration Halflife 2 Screen Capture Graphics API 0 OpenGL 9 Open Graphics Library a httpwwwopengorg Iv Native Multi 08 support I2 Hardware Accelerated 9 GLSL Shader Language 0 Direct 3D I Part of the Microsoft Direct XAPI package Iv httpwwwmicrosoftcomdirectx U V ndows support only DirectX 10 only on Vista 12 Hardware Accelerated o HLSL Shader Language Pipeline I Render Pipeline 0 Slowest Stage determines Rendering Speed fps 0 Application Stage 9 Input Control I Collision Detection 9 Geometry Stage 0 Model amp View Transform 0 Lighting 0 Projection O Clipping 0 Screen Mapping 0 Rasterizer Stage I Assign Colors to all pixels 0 AntiAliasing Zbufferand other filtering Illustration Graphics Pipeline Input Assembler aShader Evaluation Shaderu Rasterizer Pixel Shader l Output Merger iimngmi cm Nvia iia 869 Q Processors execute computing hreads Alternative opera ng mode speci cally for computing z W39 HM 1WWW2w mu HIM iE mm mugam rugm mumi Munn m G863 numb pun through vldo momory CUDA Thread Com uting Illustration ATI 2900 gender HickEnd i z Illustration Multiple Processor Utilization Pipeline Stage 1 Pipeline Stage 2 Pipeline Stage 3 CPU 1 M CPU 2 CPU 3 arallelized Parallellzed I Process CPU 3 Multiprocessing 0 Temporal Parallelism 0 Requires Multiple Processing Cores I No Hyperthreading 0 Focus Application Stage 0 APP is the Control 0 Advantages 0 Implementation Stages are already divided 0 Throughput is increased 0 Higher Frame rate I Disadvantages G Latency Increases I Synchronization Penalty Illustration SGI Multiprocessing Models H 5m m rows Procsss Waxarse wwwvcmomw P0 PFMPAPPCULLDRAW p P0 wupgcmomw m we w Upgcmgomw m P2 m wupacumomw w my Framez sun Frame 0 Frame FrameA Illustration Threading approaches J v Wm V a v wng W Ax A AA AA AsiaQM a f I 4 I ls z39 7 hi 39 7ZJ1gt Illustration Threading approaches Parallel Processing 0 More complex algorithms 0 Must allow for synchronization 0 Typically Lower Latency 0 Computes work packagesquot in parallel 0 Application Focused Optimization Make it Run FIRST Know the Architecture Find the Bottleneck the slow stage Optimize for Performance I Reduce latency U Increase Frame Rate 0 Optimize for Quality 0 Make use of stall time Illustration Balancing the pipeline balance Illustration Opiimizaiion Optimize Geometry Stage OpenGL Java Implementation I Can Java be used for Graphics Rendering 0 Can Java be used for RealTime Games OpenGL Java Implementation 0 Java is too slow for games programming 0 Java has memory leaks 0 Java is too highlevel 0 Java application installation is a nightmare 0 Java isn39t supported on games consoles 0 No one uses Java to write 39real39 games 0 Sun Microsystems isn39t interested in supporting Java gaming 0 Almost all of these are substantially wrong OpenGL Java Implementation 0 JOGL a Java binding for OpenGL 0 JOAL a binding for OpenAL a 3D audio library 0 Jlnput a game devices API OpenG L JOGL 0 Advantages of Java based OpenGL I GLUT use a singlethreaded model for event processing a javaawtJOGL libraries will spawn multiple threads to handle events 0 Disadvantage a You need to manage your threads to avoid DL 0 httpsjogldevjavanet OpenG L JOGL Demos If a recent Java is installed 0 httpsjog demosdevjavanet Future Work I Multidirectional Bus Speed 0 Enhanced MultiCore applications I CPU Based 0 GPU Based 0 GPU Shaders and Cube maps Illustration ATI Crossfire CrossFire Rendering Modes Alternate Fram ering r v supem e E 2 Super AA References 0 AkenineMoller T REALTIME Rendering A K Peters Ltd2002 ttpl vwvwreatimerenderingcom I Dawson B Coding For Multiple Cores Microsoft Game Development h n39lla amd 39 39 39 o Huddy R AT RadeonTMHD 2000 SeriesTechnoogy h n39lla md 39 OverviewRHpdf 0 ku W Kirk D ECE 498 Programming Massively Parallel Processors httpcourses ece uiuc eduece498al1 SGI OpenGL Performer Programmer s Guide 45291 4m den 45291 my 0 JOGL39A Beginner39s Guide and Tutorial h n39 m u u p I I Tinnrial


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