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Discrete Structures II

by: Lamont Block

Discrete Structures II COT 4210

Lamont Block
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lamont Block on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COT 4210 at University of Central Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/227696/cot-4210-university-of-central-florida in Engineering and Tech at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
COT 4210 Spring 2010 Midterm1 Topics 1 Properties of sets sequences relations and functions a Basic notions b Proof techniques 2 Computability complexity languages a Basic notions 3 Finite state automata and Regular languages Definitions Deterministic and NonDeterministic Notions of state transitions acceptance and language accepted State diagrams and state tables Construction from descriptions oflanguages Closures negation union exclusive or More closures concatenation star More closures Reverse Prefix Postfix Substring More yet Max Min Conversion of NFA to DFA i A Closure ii Subset construction iii Reachable states iv Reaching states j Minimizing DFAs 4 Regular expressions and Regular Sets a Definition of regular expressions and regular sets b Every regular sets is a regular language c Every regular language is a regular set i Ripping states GNFA ii Rijk iii Regular equations 1 Uniqueness ofsolution to RQRP 2 Solving for expressions associated with states r39qur svpoprzu 5 Grammars a Definition grammar and notions of derivation and language b Restricted grammars Regular right linear context free c Why you can t mix right and left linear and stay in Regular domain d Relation of regular grammars to finite state automata 6 Pumping Lemma a Classic nonregular languages 0quotn 1quotn n gt 0 b Formal definition of Pumping Lemma for Regular Languages c Use of Pumping Lemma Spring 2005 Student Evaluations COP 3530 liked exibility of instructor s grading scale more feedback needed for how gradespoints are taken off of hw and tests got to learn a lot of new algorithms that have some real life like purpose assignments were challenging and meaningful grading scale was ne could use attendance as extra credit dave was very helpful liked having lab right after lecture didn t like the text the website for the class wasn39t up to date lectures were well thought out with excellent examples spent plenty of time explaining the algorithm instead of the code lectures followed the book without rehashing it liked curved tests and challenging assignments labs too late at night sometimes grading seemed too harsh update the notes online test were a little hard also a grading rubric before the assignment was due would be nice assignments could be graded quicker didn t like using java made material interesting in lectures some lecture notes were confusing program due dates were ambiguous thanks for taking the time to explain every topic properly liked the pace some algorithms seemed like throwaway ones tromino skyline room scheduling regular expression matching wasn39t his forte I would have liked to learn more about this didn t like strict grading of homework notes were helpful could have used more time to complete exams liked intuitive notes that explain the thought process behind the algorithm there was a problem where if you got b wrong you couldn39t get c right add a link to the webpage for java docs long time to get back graded assignments spend some time reviewing concepts from cs1 and cs2 as they are used in this course lab idea of solving problems was good the presentation part of it was a bit redundant maybe it would have been useful to share quotinterestingquot solutions grading seemed to be unfair or inconsistent at times i d get lost on a key point and then begin wondering what he was doing tests are too lengthy programs were fair enough but more feedback would have been good Manage grading of assignments better Learn the Regular Expression Lecture Shorten the tests a bit Continue the lab question idea perhaps with a small tweak Explain why the grading criteria isn39t completely divulged but give some parts of it COT 4210 the first two months are interesting but the material in the second half is torture didn39t like any of the proofs the lectures followed the book really well liked having cheat sheets for the exams we don t have grades from exam 2 yet so I don t know what my grade is like liked dfas and nfas didn39t like turing machines good balance of assignments and tests might want to make questions more specific having homework made me feel like I was back in hs the ta was horrible proofs were very vague the TA didn t seem very consistent with grading the TAs grading was rough didn t like complex concepts with short explanations i d rather have less homework and more programs wasn39t often prepared for class took too long to grade tests went too fast during lecture was often not at office hours was not helpful when he was at his office hours often rude to students tests were extremely hard good job maybe try and write a little slower more programming assignments not a fan of the book nobody turned in notes on time tests seemed arti cially difficult the webpage was sometimes lacking currency not enough practice ta could have been more explicit in saying how points were taken off would have liked more homework questions answered right after assignment was due material is tough the the tests seem tougher book didn39t help much homework was pretty hard seemed to skip around tests were too long the book was the best I ve used for any class in a long time algorithms used to describe parsing were very nearly unreadable made a simple subject hard to understand the hw solutions were poor and hard to read Whether the students realized it or not the test results proved they understood this stuff much better than anyone I39ve ever seen The test averages were about 15 higher than the last time I taught the exact same material I have no clue why The only difference was the change in textbook so that39s a plausible theory All HW solutions should have been typed or very neatly written I should have more clearly looked at the grading on the HW I should warn students about long tests Learn some of the parsing stuff better so it doesn39t sound so confusing COT 3100H small class my only English speaking teacher write notes on the board a little too fast for me to comprehend plenty of examples the pace was too fast i liked the subject material the least good teacher and notes fair curve steady pacing tests were tough but curved fairly every subject covered thoroughly with examples all notes available online hard tests weekly quizzes forced us to really pay attention all semester weekly quizzes that greatly help review very fair didn t like the fast pace and difficulty of the tests compared to the practice materials some of the material is boring sometimes the fast pace made examples unclear or misunderstood made challenging information very comprehesible loved all the sports analogies used in the lecture problems I think what happened here was that I taught this stuff so often I went very very fast and the class never told me Also the not doing homework experiment failed miserably although I am sure they sort of studied for quizzes since no one did homework problems students didn39t do as well on exams and previous years to me the main reason is that they have less practice working on problems


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