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Composition II

by: Cristal Cormier

Composition II ENC 1102

Cristal Cormier
University of Central Florida
GPA 3.95

Amanda Roberts

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About this Document

Amanda Roberts
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cristal Cormier on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENC 1102 at University of Central Florida taught by Amanda Roberts in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/227701/enc-1102-university-of-central-florida in Foreign Language at University of Central Florida.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Rano 1 Alexander Rano Ms Roberts English Composition 2 16 April 2010 Music has the Ability Positively Affect People s Literacy Abilities Final Draft When people think about music how often would anyone think that they re also thinking about literacy at the same time People are often caught listening to their IPods and jamming ou to their favorite songs but do they ever think about a paper that they have to write or a book that they re reading at the same time Most likely this doesn t occur very often Many people probably don t even think about the benefits music can bring to the world of literacy itself Who knew that something that almost everyone in the world loves can be so effective in making oneself more literate The truth is that music can be applied to literacy in many different ways that can help increase a person s knowledge of reading writing and more Music has been used in several different ways to do this Teachers have used music as a motivator using music to encourage others to read and think about the story with a certain genre of music It has also been used as a way for people to create words that go along with the music Teachers have also used it in order to teach their students about characters It has also been used to help students create lyrics possibly even producing their own songs Music oriented movies have also been used as a form of teaching literacy as well It can encourage people to understand stories of music and how it is used in the world today Along with being used as a way of helping a person understand literacy it can also be a form of literacy itself Music has been also used to describe a person s previous lifestyle With the positive benefits it can bring to a person s mind why not use a Rano 2 popular hobby of the world today to help one s self become more literate Music should be applied to the different aspects of literacy in order to benefit a person in the world of literacy today Due to the fact that all some kids need is a little motivation why not use music as a motivator itself It has been proven that by integrating musical concepts and rhythmic qualities into literature students are more motivated to learn and enhance their literacy skills Borgia and Owles 48 In even further detail applying music to literacy helps a student with early development in creating a sense of story and sequence phonemic awareness and phonics and more Borgia and Owles 48 Teachers with younger students can benefit from this by having their students read stories that are involved around music itself such as The Little Drummer Boy Although it is a story related to a Christmas song it incorporates the sound of a drum that young children can picture and hear inside of their heads Even though the sounds it gives in the story aren t actual words it can help the student recognize the story more making it more memorable and easier to pay attention to and understand The fact that they get to hear the sounds of the drum in their head may even motivate them to listen to the story even more There are also many other stories that have music incorporated into them as well Some students may even find the ability within themselves to incorporate the different genres of music they listen to on a daily basis with the different stories they read in class or at home Each generation of children have all listened to different songs that became popular during that time Although they may not be stories listening to the different lyrics of songs may also help them in the world of literacy as well The exposure to the different styles of music gives a person the opportunity to connect to the songs on different levels of listening and reading as well Borges and Owles 48 By discovering the genre of music they like and connecting to them by listening and reading the Rano 3 artist s lyrics they may be more motivated to hear more songs and learn the lyrics that had them so interested from the very beginning They can use the music to increase their vocabulary incorporating the words they hear on to their papers or even their daily vocabulary Some teachers have also incorporated online assignments with included music in order to give their students lessons By using podcasts teachers have given readings or have included audio assignments that a student can listen to and use to answer questions for an assignment Kramer 43 Teachers have found it very bene cial to also add music to the podcast in order to get their students to be more interested in listening to the recordings on the assignment the teacher has given Music has many sources of motivation for a student to learn and enhance their knowledge of literacy By using it wisely integrating music into their reading and writing can only re ect a positive in uence to a person s mind Along with listening to the lyrics of another artist some people may even enhance their literacy skills by creating their own lyrics as well The lyrics that are used in songs today are a form of literacy Rather than just speaking words a person just has to put their mind to use and try to create words to a song that not only rhyme but make sense as well This requires one to completely understand and dig deep into their thoughts in order to convey their message to the people listening In some elementary schools teachers have incorporating something called a Character Rap into their teaching style Borgia and Owles 49 What teachers require students to do is create a rap about a certain character in a novel that they read The lyrics and rhyming words that they develop must make sense and show that student understands the characters purpose and role in a story Borgia and Owles 50 Since these lyrics are meant to accompany an instrumental or beat for a song it is also recommended that teachers download instrumentals and play them in the background so that the student can develop a rhythmic feelings and ow Rano 4 for the song he created The article Terri c Teaching Tips gives the following example that relates to a character from the story Sharp North Mira so alone why won t you give it up You were made For just one thing You don t know it yetisearching for answers At the fertility board Afraid ofbeing killed by the Grey Coats Just another clone whose life is controlled Kay steps out To try to make you free Gil s not dead But your clone saves the child Everyone deserves to live their life Let me live free for me Borgia and Owles 50 Along with creating lyrics that relate to novels some students also develop their own lyrics to create their own songs as well Some students have used programs and software to study different instrumentals of the song focusing on the different instruments and style of music Richmond 64 By studying the type of music they are listening to they may find the ability to produce their own lyrics in order to create a song with meaning Because lyrics are a form of literacy by incorporating with music they can understand and lea1n how to understand and enhance their vocabulary and increase their own vocabulary as well by learning how to use different words in order to rhyme and make sense at the same time Rano 5 Instead of using music to understand and gain knowledge of literacy there are some people who also use music as a form of literacy as well Some people nd it complicated to put into words and explain possible events that have occurred in their past or what their life may have been like in their younger days In a story about an Arabian Jazz artist a man named Matussem Ramoud played the drums and was a big fan of John Coltrane Cutter 61 Although he played music well he struggled to establish himself and his family in America He didn t feel comfortable and had a hard time calling it home Cutter 61 He faced a lot of racism in the country and for a while America wasn t all it was supposed to be Things eventually got better for him through his music creating an Arabian Jazz style that he could also help relate to his struggle to find his place in the US By using different styles and improvisations he was able to play his drums and use his music as a form of literacy in order to give a story of his life He played mellow tones and sad beats in order to represent hardship and the things that opposed him Cutter 61 In order to convey the racism that occurred he stuck to his Arabian roots by playing in a way that represented his country and also played it in a sad way so that people would realize that being Arabian made it difficult for him to make a living for him and his family He also took a Blue s note from John Coltrane s song Naima especially since the Blue s represented somewhat of a mellow tone in its type of music Cutter 61 By taking notes from a well known American Jazz Artist it also helped symbolize him and his family wanting to be an American His music was a great form of literacy allowing him to be able to express his life without words Other examples of people using their music as a form of literacy are the music artists themselves In his latest album an artist by the name of Kid Cudi uses his songs to express different messages that people can hear throughout his lyrics In his song Pursuit ofHappz39ness part of the song states If I fall if I die Iknow I lived it to the fullest and I m on the pursuit of Rano 6 happiness and I know that everything that shine ain t always gonna to be gold but I ll be ne once I get it He uses these lyrics to state that a person should always pursue what makes them happy regardless of what shots they take in life His song also conveys the message that on their journey to nding happiness although they may experience false signs of satisfaction they should still try to pursue it because once they nd what makes them happy everything will be worth it Many people may not see the message that music can provide for people and how it is a form of literacy With all of the aspects of music that can be transcribed into actual words and meaning music is more than just a combination of sounds that reach a person s ears It is a form of literacy Since music can be known to be a form of literacy it is also believed that studying music can also help with understanding pieces of literature in a classroom There are experts that believe that there is a need for binding language arts and music into one in order to enhance a person s literacy skills Students in an elementary music class can sometimes tend to just go along with the words to a song without paying attention to its meaning and context The truth is understanding the songs can also help them achieve what the teacher may be asking them to do in their class when they re reading a book In order to apply this technique to the students mind teachers have required students to incorporate an academic journal having them write down and keep track of important lyrics to a song and what the purpose of the song is Friedman and Pearman 13 By doing this they will be able to look back and re ect on everything they ve written down allowing them to think deeply about the songs they have recently recited Friedman and Pearman 13 This can be very bene cial to the student because by learning how to understand the lyrics to the song they are also enhancing their ability to understand the words to the stories they read as well By realizing that music is also a form of literacy breaking down Rano 7 songs and nding their meaning is just like breaking down an important paragraph to a book Friedman and Pearman 15 For example there are many students that sing the song Ring Around the Rosies but most likely they don t understand the true meaning to the song If they were to think back and re ect on what the words mean and possibly talk to their teacher about the song they may in fact lea1n that the song was related to the bubonic plague Even students that are older and don t have an elementary school class can study lyrics from their favorite music artists in order to enhance their ability to understand the novels they have to read when they re older There are many books that come with many different analogies metaphors symbols etc and many students have trouble trying to discover how to identify its meaning and what to look for By studying lyrics to a song they may be able to develop their ability to identify these aspects of literature For example an artist by the name of Lupe Fiasco has some of the most sophisticated lyrics a person may ever hear In one of his songs his lyrics read I m just trying to do the opposite of left as long as there s the opposite of death You test and Imight just bring the opposite of life till there s no one the opposite of right For many people it may be hard for them to interpret these lyrics at first glance But when a person looks and thinks hard about what he is saying he s simply saying the he s trying to do the right thing so that he doesn t have to experience death and that he ll fight against the people trying to make him do the wrong things in life There are many other lyrics that are more complicated than this and by learning how to interpret them they can also increase their ability to find the meanings of songs because finding the meanings of songs is very similar to finding the meanings of a story By learning how to analyze the lyrics of a music artist a student may be able to learn how to look deeply into the meaning of a great novel with complicated wording and diction Rano 8 Not only can music be studied to enhance a person s ability to understand literacy they can also use movies related to music to understand literacy as well It has been recommended that the movie School of Rock used in a classroom and be used to teach literacy to students For example lms can create a sense of emotional learning Peterson 67 A student can watch and as they begin to understand the story of the lm and what is going on they feel a sense of sadness when they may witness a tragedy or something bad happens In School of Rock students will enjoy the musical concepts that they hear in the story Peterson 68 Along with the musical motivation of Rock music that may get a person interested in watching they may also experience the happiness and passion that they witness when they see how strongly all of the students in the classroom enjoy playing music Although it may be hard to believe using movies such as these can help a student with their literacy skills when it comes to reading books as well By watching movies and learning how to understand the storylines students may learn how to develop a sense of imagery when they read books and try to picture what s going on in their heads Especially with the added bonus of music in the movie School of Rock is perfect because music makes it much easier for them to learn how to remember what occurred in the movie especially when they were playing the music Peterson 68 By nding the ability to develop a sense of imagery when they read a story a student can learn how to imagine the characters sense of emotion and the tone of the story They can also learn how to try and experience how the characters may feel in the story so that they can truly understand the storyline and why certain things are happening Ifthey were to picture the feelings that Romeo was going through in Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet they would understand how much he truly loved her despite the feud between the two families With the help of music related movies people can enhance their ability to picture different stories inside of their head They may catch Rano 9 themselves closing their eyes and trying to picture each character in the story as they are speaking and showing emotion to the different events that are occurring This helps someone understand the entire a lot better than if they were just to read each word without trying to imagine what s going on Watching a visual story with the aid of music can bene t a student s literacy intelligence in a very helpful way by teaching them the advantages of imagery Along with movies it is said that music lessons can improve a person s performance in terms of literacy as well Hallam 31 Although all of the reasons are unsure researchers have studied that musical activities engage the cerebral cortex which has the ability to spread the information and usage to any other activity that are relevant Hallam 31 Rhythm may also play a critical factor in reading as well Studies have also shown by helping a person develop rhythmic performance in music they can enhance their reading abilities and even students with dyslexia have shown improvement in their reading abilities Hallam 31 Teaching a student piano lessons has also been said to boost a person s vocabulary level helping a student understand more words in a story Hallam 3 1 With the help of verbal sequencing it is said that student lea1ns how to uidly read through words and say the words they don t understand smoothly allowing them to break them down much easier in order to try and discover their meaning Ifmusic can be used to enhance literacy abilities with the help of music lessons why not try to use it to its advantage On the contrary to prove that music and literacy belong together literacy has also been known to assist the people of the music world as well Just because music can enhance a person s literacy skills it doesn t necessarily mean that a musician has greater writing and reading abilities than everyone else Vanderbilt University there were a case of music students that had a hard time writing research papers Manus 249 Due to the lack of classes that required upper Rano 10 level forms of literacy the students did not even know the basics to starting their papers and lacked the fundamentals they needed Manus 249 In order to solve this problem the university incorporated a music literacy program that taught them the basics of literacy along that also had them incorporate it with their musical talents Manus 250 This program taught them how important literacy was to the music world as well There have also been instances where information literacy was also needed to help people in the eld of music Faculty of several different schools had a hard time learning how to use the library and learning how to discover and research information due to the fact that many of them were involved with actual instruments and music Pierce 233 They may have not found the need to research information about music since they were always involved around it With the help of librarians there have been several instances where information literacy lessons were given to the faculty of their schools teaching them how to use information literacy to its greatest advantage in the field of music and teaching them how to research as well Pierce 234 Music was used to positively in uence literacy advocacy in the field of music Incorporating literacy with music further proves that the collaboration of literacy and music can benefit a person in many ways In conclusion music should be incorporated into the world of literacy in order to benefit the people in the world of literacy today It has been proven that music can assist people in gaining knowledge of literature and learning how to improve their reading and writing skills as well It can be used as a source of motivation in order to encourage a person to read and make them want to understand everything that is occurring in the story It can also be used in order to help them create a song as well They can create their own words to music making it useful and beneficial in learning how to understand different aspects of literature Music has also assisted people allowing them to display their feelings and show their life store by using it as a form of Rano ll literacy instead of reading or writing a book about it Because of this studying music as well has also proven to improve a person s literacy intelligence as well increasing their ability to understand the topics they read in the novels they read There are just so many that music can bene t literacy why would a person not want to incorporate everyone s hobby into something bene cial they can use in order to increase their reading and writing abilities With the many bene ts music can provide to a person in the world of literacy music should be incorporated into literacy in order to bene t the people of the world


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