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Symmetrical Components

by: Fredy Okuneva

Symmetrical Components ECE 523

Fredy Okuneva
GPA 3.81

Brian Johnson

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About this Document

Brian Johnson
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 52 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fredy Okuneva on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 523 at University of Idaho taught by Brian Johnson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/227724/ece-523-university-of-idaho in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
92 quotDu NOISSEIS SiNENOdIAIOD lVDI tliEllAIIAIAS EZS 333 Universityof Idaho W 6 a f 6C r 33cmpr a y Y f m Q C 0quot gar m Universityofldaha Universityofldaho Km zy aww o m vtob ng D o smutob thD Universityofldaho I U K ocmntob ggEn i Universityofldaho m ocmvtob hg n Universityofldaho osmntob ggED ozmvxobmmgt2 i ozmw ob hgwcs g ocmvtobmmgmzcn i osmutobm mzp i N M Q JA ocmvtobmm azg ozmvb mgtc3 i V csmvlob hmzcn 2 w Universityofldahg m Universityofldahm 3Ar 6 Universityofldaho w Universityofidaha w ezmntob ggmcn E m Universityofldaho QLMEEKEQED s ocmvagttmmgtc3 i m UHiVerSiWofidahO d g M 5quot 439 m t 492 9 ne 4 M m Universityofldaho m Universityofldahc ECE523 Induction Machine Performance Session 24f Symmetrical Components with Neg Seq Performance of an Induction Machine given a Slip with Negative Sequence Excitation Present Unbalanced Phase Voltages j 3 F v0 oej39Ov v1 277e j39039degv v2 02v1 JEvl47978v IVZI 02 IVOI 0 Vll Vll Slip sl 3 00333 52 3 2 7 51 52 19667 rad System Parameters 08 3770 V11 480V V51 V1 p 4 Prop 2950W Sec Machine Parameters V52 3 V2 rS 01ohm qs 0205ohm Xlr3 0186ohm V51 277 V xm 715ohm rr 0079ohm v52 554v De 7 1 Calculations msyn msyn 1885rad sec P d 00m 1 7 slasyn 00m1822229i sec NegativeSequcd Page 1 of 4 ECE523 Symmetrical Components Induction Machine Performance Session 24f with Neg Seq 1quotr Zr13 J39X1r S1 1quotr z x r2 2 7 SI J 1r Zfl r r jX1r Xm S1 Rfl ReZ Tr J39Xm39 J39X1r 52 23 1quotr JXlr xm 52 Rf ReZf2 Zin13 Zfl 1quots j39qs Zin2 3 Zf2 1quots Ji39Xls rr J39Xm39 J39X1r S1 zrl 23724 0186i ohm zr1 23797 ohm argzr1 4483 deg zr2 00402 0186i ohm Izrgl 01903 ohm argzr2 778135 deg 008 lzrll Zfl 20402 08411iohm lZfll 22068 ohm argZf1 224035 deg Rfl 20402 ohm ZQ 00382 01815iohm IZf2 01855 ohm argZf2 781272 deg Ra 00382 ohm zinl 21402 10461iohm zin1 23822 ohm argZin1 260478 deg zinz 01382 03865i ohm zin2 04104 ohm argZin2 7033 deg NegativeSequcd Page 2 of 4 ECE523 Induction Machine Performance Session 24f Symmetrical Components with Neg Seq 7 V81 51quot Zinl 151 1044687 7 510606iA llsll 1162794A arg151 7260478 deg 01 eerg151 01 260478 deg pf1 00801 I 82 Zinz 02 iarg152 pf2 00802 Sin13 339Vsl39g Pinl 3 Resin1 2 P1088813 339Isll 39rs 81112 aveQ P1112 ReSin2 P108882 3 339182 239rs pfl 08984 152 454333 7 1270996iA 152 1349759A arg152 77033 deg 02 7033 deg pf2 03366 M 11608 1s1 kVA kW Sim 868135 424314ikVA Pinl 868135 kw P105551 40563 kw Sing 7551 2112391kVA P1112 7551kW P105552 54655 kw NegativeSequcd Page 3 of 4 Pem3 Peml Pem2 P gapl Teml 3 cosyn 1 S239Pgap2 17em23 1 S1quot syn 17cm 17em14r 17em2 Pout 3 Peru Prot 17out 3 7 Pout Pin Pem 779854 kw reml 4390302Nm remz 7110635 Nm Tem2 00252 1763ml rem 4279667 Nm Pout 750354 kw 770m 4117778Nm n 07952 ECE523 Induction Machine Performance Session 24f Symmetrical Components with Neg Seq P105552 13474 Plosssl P105553 Plosssl P105552 Plosss 95218 kw Pin P1111 P1112 Pin 943645 kw 2 Pgapl 3 IIs1I 39R Pgapl 827572kw P105511 3 Sl39Pgapl Plossrl 27558 kW Peml 1 7 5139Pgapl Peml 800014kw 7 2 7 k Pgap2 r 3I152I R12 Pgapg 4 20855 w P105512 3 S239Pgap2 P105er 41015kW P105512 Pemg 1 7 2Pgap2 Pemg 72016kW 14883 Plossrl NegativeSequcd Page 4 of 4 ECE 523 SYMMETRICAL COMPONENTS SESSION no 31 osmvtob55gtED i gsmnto gmzc s csmvtobm gEa g csmviob gm hz E i H M8 N L asmExo mmLmZCD m Universityofldaho osmvtcb ggmcz E Universityofldaho WWW WWW m Universiquot ltymfidah0 Vac ii 6 U 5 g9 m Universityofldaho m T ocmvtobmmkmzc 5 m Umversi 7 tyC f ldahc m Universityofldaho Qqepgio lgmmgun m osmmto m mzca i m Universityofldaha JMVA m 5 4419 w Universityofldaho


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