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Background Study in Electrical Machines

by: Fredy Okuneva

Background Study in Electrical Machines ECE 329

Marketplace > University of Idaho > ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING > ECE 329 > Background Study in Electrical Machines
Fredy Okuneva
GPA 3.81

Herbert Hess

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About this Document

Herbert Hess
Class Notes
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This 39 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fredy Okuneva on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 329 at University of Idaho taught by Herbert Hess in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/227728/ece-329-university-of-idaho in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
ECE 329 BACKGROUND STUDY IN ELECTRIC MACHINES SESSION no 27 Universityofldaho Soon RetTIFM Uc 04 fIhutn Ddo i 0M v 1 7w be own 33 Universityofldaho 331 Universityofldaho r Universityof Idaho F5 VJ I P Va IL 331 Universityofldaho g Alf2 y frat047 V45 o 1 gt O SIAM V05 7 O 14 0 on jay7m Mom Focusz nutg Dcdc 9 5 0766 367w 7mm 7 Dinah Qwil7lo1 Universityofldaho PUUg Loin739 MontL4 76A dz 3 Universityof Idaho Universityofldaho 7 0 J W 7 V vrlf 10 0 D7 v u39 0 0quot 0 f f Universityof Idaho J F O 39 T o U25 1 0139 7 fl 1 O39I J JEV V IO o D m howl I o J Ai y I hm 0 1370147 39 KSQaIlL J FC7tdAG 112 Universityof Idaho AW 4quot 23 61gt r ECE 329 BACKGROUND STUDY IN ELECTRIC MACHINES SESSION no 26 931 Universityof Idaho 5 f f z p 604 7 olt 7 FLp FLUX COAWL h arm 0791 voch t oum Universityofldaho POL Lei771 My 704 705 Is 4 w a V4 rquotquot L 1 VJ quot r m cllm s Flt 7m 7m may quotDo Universityof Idaho Dc lt Com U7 mm L VAme V0056 DC filCcrloA VJ P to 64 Vo39q c g4 l I c dJ mm It up ow Emlm s 55320 NW 3 720 IS V 240v IA A rA 045 Q RD N Wure mm 201 0 In 75 1 J39th 73 Hlf H N 6 k a n3 TMrm nj VZS 4 258 A New W ij S41th cf r 5 5JauLp J be male 1 6025 1 V 75 A 3 54 ch 3 Ho Lnx gLohlc gar rrglg lar oc In v1 Ru R R2423 I 212p4y25 amlm Eh quotT 39 In um i 2 MM L MN a ezregt VrEA 2q0 qq n q n Tm 130 EA 2 anew 2019 v RA 23 f I EA 1 72M ZOIG 2gbhrc 39 ma e x 240 wXZ m39l r 2mm j 2 EFL 02 A Its 415 INK DIS 23 Q7H3 RK Zg 3915 7 39P z Io 2 12442 23 RA 1 IMIS39 w a r 541 ef sra 1 quotSE IJo JS Jib1L 25 gt e 22 A12l6E from ACCES 0 Products Inc Speci cations Find39 You are here SPECIFICATIONS Device Speci cations Channels Sam ling Frequency MicroseclSample Resolution bits Bandwidt Accuracy u FS ADC Type Input Specifications DC Voltage DC Current AC Voltage AC Current Frequency Form Factor Bus I lntertace Agency Approval Notes Page of 2 GLOBA sue leII you search m Products amp Manufacturers Manufacturer 16 1000 For more information 1200 01000 0 Company Web site Successive Approximation to the company 151uvvo1gv from the company PC Board lSAEISA CE Switchvselectable 16 singleended or B differential analog inputs A1216E Analog and Digital IO Card FEATURES Eight differential or 16 singleeended input channels switch selectable Twelvebit resolution 100000 samples per second Onboard pacer clock and three 16 bit countertimers Two independent 12 bit DA converters DA converter outputs disabled at power on Eight digital IO lines 4 in 4 out accessible at primary 10 connector Twentyvfour digital IO lines on an auxiliary connector configured in two 8 and two 4 bit ports nonnu FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION mm The A216E is a 34 1ength multifunction highspeed analogdigital IO card for ISAbus Computers and compatibles With this card installed the computer can t a precision data acquisition and control system or a signal analysis instrument A connections are made through standard 37pin D type connectors at the rear oft computer An additional 24 lines of digital lO are accessible through a 40 pin lD auxiliary connector that mounts on an adjacent mounting bracket ANALOG INPUTS The card accepts up to eight differential or sixteen single ended analog inputs Tl AME input configuration is switch selectable on the card providing a choice between 5 STAN singieAended channels or eight differential channels Analog inputs may be config 5 unipolar 0 10V or bipolar iSV and iIOV modes through the use ofjumpers i card These inputs are ampli ed by a low biascurrent fastesettling monolithic instrumentation amplifier with high commonmode rejection The ampli er provit 3TH programmable gains of 1 10 100 and 1000 and settles to 001 in 2 pSec The A1216E card uses a 12bit successive approximation analogtodigital come with a sample and hold amplifier input Under ideal conditions the AD can susta 537 100000 conversions per second AD conversions may be initiated in one of thre QABLisv QAB 7 xx o by software command o by oneboard programmable timer or a by direct external trigger Data may be transferred to the computer by interrupt or program control lnterri lmQA Raj24 H Leibviewum 27 as well as 10 11 12 14 and 15 are available by jumper selection INPUT SYSTEM EXPANSION The card can be used with up to sixteen AIM16F analog input multiplexer cards 16 provides capability to connect sixteen differential inputs Thus when an A121I with a full complement of AIM1639s there can be as many as 256 analog inputs AIM716 with the A1216E requires a special cable adaptor ANALOG OUTPUTS The A1216E card has two 12bit digital tovanalog converters DA connected to independent and are selected by means of switches on the card The D 5 make oneboard reference voltage Analog outputs are disabled at powereup and remain until the computer writes to them This prevents spurious outputs from causing d when the system is first activated DIGITAL IO Four bits of Tl39LCMOS compatible digital input capability are provided Digital in and 1P2 have dual purposes Input IPO may be used to provide external start pul AD input 1P2 may be used as a gate input to CounterTimer 0 These inputs car converted to output ports for multiple AIM 16 applications as described under Int Expansion when this is done you give up capability for external triggering ofthe gating CounterTimer 0 Four bits of digital output are available with LS I TL logic levels and 10 LSTTL load capability Discrete outputs 0P0 through 0P3 provide multiplexer addressing cap input expansion use as described previously or can be used as separate digital c There are twentyfour bits of additional digital IO available on the auxiliary conn These bits are arranged in two 8bit ports and two 4 bit ports Each port may be independently programmed for input or output COUNTERTIMERS Three 16bit CounterTimers are provided on the A1216E CounterTimer 0 is en digital input and uses either an internal 1 0 MHz clock or an external clock of up This counter is not committed on the card Its clock enable and output lines are available at the IO connector CounterTimers 1 and 2 are concatenated to form countertimer for timed AD conversions andor external frequency generation T countertimer is enabled by program control and is clocked by a 1 Hz un board oscillator source CounterTimer 0 and CounterTimers l and 2 can be set up for counting frequency or period measurements and pulse or waveform generation PIN CONNECTIONS Connections are made to the A1216E card via a 37pin D type connector that ext through the back of the computer case The only differences between the A1216E AD121615F are the absence of analog reference inputs and the SV reference 0 analog output ranges are selected by onboard jumpers Specifications l Wequot l D Analog Inputs Channels 16 single ended or 8 differential switch selectable Resolution 12 binary bits AEGFSEyTw Input Voltage Modes iSV tlov 010V Input Ampli er Gains 1 10 100 1000 Under software control per channel Coding True binary for unipolar inputs and offset binary for bipolar ii underjumper control o Conversion Time 8 usec max 100 KHz throughput AD Type Successive Approximation Monotonicity Guaranteed over operating temperature range Linearity 109 LSB Zero Drift i2 PPM C Gain Drift i2 PPM C Trigger Source Software Command On board Programmable Timer External Source can o u o u Channels Two independent Type 12bit doubleebuffered Relative Accuracy i1 LSB Output Ranges 0725V 0 5V 0 10V 25V tSV i10V Settling Time 15 usec to l 1 bit Output Drive 5 mA Output Impedance 05 ohms Digital IO 8 Bits on Main 37Pin D Connector Inputs o Logic High 20 to 50 VDC at 20 uA max 0 Logic Low 05 to 08 VDC at 702 mA max Outputs 0 Logic High 24V minimum at 04 mA source 0 Logic Low 05 V maximum at 80 mA sink Digital IO 24 Bits on Auxiliary 40 Pin IDC Connector Inputs 0 Logic High 20 to 50 VDC at 10 uA max 0 Logic Low 05 to 08 VDC at 10 uA max Outputs 0 Logic High 25 VDC min at 200 uA source 0 Logic Low 05 VDC max at 17 mA sink Programmable Timer 0 so Type 82C5472 programmable interval timer Counters Three 16 bit down counters two concatenated with 1 MHz as programmable timer One counter may be driven by an external ir to 10 MHz or driven by internal 1 MHz clock source Output Drive 22 mA at 04SV S LS ITL loads Input Gate TTLDTLCMOS compatible Clock Input Frequency DC to 10 MHz Active Count Edge Negative edge Minimum Clock Pulse Width 30 n5 high50 nS low c Timer Range 25 MHz to lt 1 pulse per hour Environmental Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50 C Storage Temperature Range 2CI to 70 C Humidity 0 to 90 RH noncondensing Weight 10 o Power Required 5 VDC 800 mA Size 9 90 inches long 229mm Regulatory Compliance c 6 Declaration of Conformity and Test Reports are on file Users must use appropriz cables Part Number Price USD A1216E 39500 AlZl Eis l 37000 Acquisition Control Communications Engineering Systems ECE 329 BACKGROUND STUD3I IN ELECTRIC MACHINES SESSION no 9 g Universityof Idaho 739 24 6M 41 A 070 7LIMPMN U1 Universityof Idaho M 3 Universityor Idaho ZXHHcE toov IZov OED41417 T om uum COMin 4 Low woo uuVoVMMraum 33 Universityof Idaho 12Wquot 00 jo39qquot II39QCCC i 600V 4 34 Wm M Universityofldaho Tu M m m Umoamw 110471966 I U fu u 66707 5 llav C amp44 Haunt Ina4 lrkw I 5 r 2Y4 600V 7 r w Izm 120 V s Universityofldaho Sin Vh 1quot OoVlt Im a 5 00 km Jyotiquot V014 Idof 11 Um 5w 0 kw 331 Universityofldaho 33 Universityofldaho ac an 47 CIILuI Rf Xf Man X R TM39 7 1 foMm A Kc quotv FRIVA a y SUM z Universityor Idaho r Universityofldaho KIM ll 3 run I x0 393 XM Rm 112 Universityof Idaho 50144 313 Universityofldaho R icy 4 3quot Rm 1 10390quot 35 an quot3 m U 39 l yml 439 4 1H Lesson 9 Example ECE 320 l 329 A transformer rated at 24kV 480V has the following data from its open circuit and short circuit tests Vac 480V l 410A PM 945w 0C test performed on the LV side V5c 1600V PSD llSOw SC test performed on the HV side Find an equivalent circuit for this transformer j t l Using the 0C test first we find an admittance and a power tactor under test conditions 10 v 3 8542 X It S 7 0C pl39E 048 After finding a phase angiefor this condition we express the admittance in rectangular coordinates GE 2 acospr eE 61303 dog YE4l02x 10 3 749m x IOJS Then we extract the core loss equivalent resistance and the magnetizing reactanoe ltfz RC24381 1 1 RcYE XM 133467 2 Now we set to work on the short circuit test resulls First we find an input impedance and an input power factor under test conditions 3 3 SC 6x 0 v lsc2A Pscl1gtlt 10 w zsE son 2 f p513 v1 pfSE 0359 5039 so Atter finding a phase angle for this condition we express the impedance in recbngular coordinates 655 acospfSE 65E 68938dcg i0 ZSE 2 2553 5quot zsE 2375 746555i Then we extract the equivalent series resistance and equivalent series leakage reactance R5131 RezSE RSE 287551 XSE ImZSE xSE 746555 1 We can express the results on thesame side of the transformer If we choose the high voltage side we re ect the core loss resistance and magnetizing reactance The turns ratio is found from the transformer ratings a 50 Reflecting the parameters 5 Km Rc RCh emsx 10 Q 2 3 XMh a 39gt M thz3337x lo 2 We may also choose to express everything on the low voltage side R 5r EST392 7 RSE0IISQ a XSE m XSEO2 9Q 3 RC 243319 xM 1334am ECE 329 BACKGROUND STUDY IN ELECTRIC MACHINES SESSION no 12


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