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Background Study in Electrical Machines

by: Fredy Okuneva

Background Study in Electrical Machines ECE 329

Marketplace > University of Idaho > ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING > ECE 329 > Background Study in Electrical Machines
Fredy Okuneva
GPA 3.81

Herbert Hess

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About this Document

Herbert Hess
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fredy Okuneva on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 329 at University of Idaho taught by Herbert Hess in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 58 views. For similar materials see /class/227727/ece-329-university-of-idaho in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
ECE 329 BACKGROUND STUDI IN ELECTRIC MACHINES SESSION no 15 9311 Universityof Idaho Fara V I 2 P III39IZ v A V A P Vaz ECE 320 ECE 329 r 1 It l lomework Due Lesson l8 A springmass system is suspended from a ceiling The spring constant is 10 Ntm and the mass is 10 grams Assume the rest position no motion in steady state is the zero position reference for the mass Find the frequency response to an upwardly directed force as a function oftimel Use an electromechanical analogy to do this Restate the given N lO in M Ingm amp M Write the equation for the analogous circuit In LaPlace variables W5 l s 15 CsVs Simplify solving for the voltage l 1 WI J c r Ll L39s amp lt 15 L C szvll 1 This is a function with a resonance peak at and an initial 20 dBdecade slope 623 E M sec mmi rad kiwi a z g Universityof Idaho j M M c WWI S sf7zha If K 0 IR 4 03m A ti40 7m Facet Una5 7quot 4n Mdquot wwmw Fol O 7395 h U39 if Universityofldaho V 39 Mr L Fa Universityofldaho 151A Universityofldaho tr X t 55320 x 1 L l Special Problem at t 1 1 Due Lesson 0 397 One of the problems ofa robotic system is the exibility ofthe connecting shafts between drive motors and the arm that moves Often a motor moves the arm by rotating ajoinL Consider the case Where a motor with a moment of inertia Jm and hearing friction B is connected to an arm with a moment of inertia J and bearing friction Bi The shaft connectingY motor to load has a torsional spring stiffness k5 An electrical circuit for the motor is given below Draw an analogous electrical circuit for the mechanical load and attach it to the motor s output terminals c t a 39 V rtgt utml39 r c m tTw rt gt1 7 ML an x 5 JW LL ew Le 4 VJ R417 ugh Mi m1 J2 ay JWMM w W V 7 lam minaw 42 7 a 2312 Universityofldaho 5W Universityorldaho m J ww Mum 4 I 0 L 39iquot wt 5dquot J a EE 320 Homework Problem DueLesson 15 Find an analogous electric circuit and a set at two rstorder differential equations for the mechanical system illustrated below Spring Spring Damper 1 k2 b E H x2 v1 gt v2 gt b k EE320 E l 399 I In class Problem K L M y W 7 A semiconductor device lies on a heat sink and dissipates 100 Watts in steady State operation Thermal resisiances are as follows Junction to Case 170 C seckcal Case 10 Heat Sink 340 C seckoal Heat Sink to Ambient 850 C scekcal l kcal 4187 Watt S 11 Draw an analogous electrical Circuit for this icnnal system b Deienuine Lhe device sjnnction temperature in the steady state SEC sec SCC R 170K R 1 340K R 850K mu CS m1 SA kcal K K K R 0041 RV 0081 R 0203 111 W as W SA W P 100w T ZSK TA PRJC RCS RSA RJc 041 Cw RJc 081 CIW RJC 0203 c1w


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