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STControl Systems and Critical Infrastructures

by: Fredy Okuneva

STControl Systems and Critical Infrastructures ECE 504

Marketplace > University of Idaho > ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING > ECE 504 > STControl Systems and Critical Infrastructures
Fredy Okuneva
GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fredy Okuneva on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 504 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/227740/ece-504-university-of-idaho in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
ECE 504 ST Example 123 University of Idaho Power System Stability Session 380 kVA kW MVA3 106W rev 3 1 Iil m9 3 107 39 ORIGIN 1 All values are in pu unless noted otherwise Example 123 Xdui 181 Xqui 176 Xdpi 03 XL 3 016 Ra 0003 Tdop 80sec H 35 KD 00 Asat I 0031 Bsat I 693 I TI I 08 Ldp I Xdp Lmdu 165 Lmqu 160 LL XL XS 065 Rfd 00006 LLfd 0153 ESteady State Ignore amortisseur windings L 7 1 I mdp 1 1 Given P 09 Q 03 vas 106136deg Lmdu LLfd s P jQ samn m l Lmdp 03914 q argS a 8 9 e dep Lmdp S W 6 65 d as at argVas PatO Ivas Ias39Ra JI39XL Bsat39 yat0quotPTI KPIO Asat39e KS TatO d Pato t 9 10 qu st CJLAVVCLASSESSO7 ECE 504 Page 1 of 6 April 20 2007 HANDOUTSSmaI Signal s38c mcd ECE 504 ST Power System Stability Example 123 University of Idaho Sesswn 380 Iado llasl sin5i CleJ j er 1 5i 39e 0 2 Iaqo llasl cos Lmd st39Lmdu Lmq quLmqu Ld Lmd LL Lq Lmq LL 39er0 EaSO Eqas 7 Xq39Iad0 ifdphasorO EaSO Jquotde ireaimm 5380 mod CJLAVVCLASSESSO7 ECE 504 HANDOUTSSmall Signal Page 2 of 6 April 20 2007 ECE 504 ST Example 123 University of Idaho Power System Stability Session 380 Complex Vector Variables vqu VaSeijero vdo Requ0 vqo Imqu0 JI39ero i quo 3 lage I 39 399 mam nEg Ido Re1dq0 Iqo Imlldqo Equ EaSO39ei j39ero Edo ReEdq0 qu ImEdq0 Equ Jquotde 1de 3 Ede 3 Ide39Lmdu Vde 3 Rfd39lfdo Teo P l1dqollzRa CJLAVVCLASSESS07 ECE 504 Page 3 of 6 April 20 2007 HANDOUTSSmaI Signal s38c mcd ECE 504 ST Example 123 University of Idaho Power System Stability Session 380 1 me 3 Lmd39 1de Ido 1 me 08647 139qu iLmqIqo 139qu 706138 50 5i 0L 0 de Flsteadv State Small Signal Ks 1 dine 1 B A Bsat39 Pat07 yTI 9 4 3 sat39 sat39e quinc 3 stinc RE 3 0 7 3 RTRaRE RT3gtlt10 XE 065 Lmdi 3 stinc39Lmdu mdi L 3 L mql qumc mqu S Ldi Lmdl LL I 8 Lqi LIrlqi LL 1 Lmdpi f dei 3 Lmdi Lmdi LLfd X 3 L X L ql ql d1 d1 LIndpi 01261 XTq XE Xqi XTq 1504 depi LIndpi XTd XE mei XL XTd 09361 D 39 R 2 X X s T t Tq39 Td Page 4 of 6 April 20 2007 CJLAVVCLASSESS07 ECE 504 HANDOUTSSmaI Signal s38cmc ECE 504 ST Power System Stability Example 123 University of Idaho Sesswn 380 alvl 7 2H all 3 2607 a3 1 0 L W e m 9 i l RMlVIl m1 3 13911 1 D EBI RTsin50 XTdcos50 D Lm di m2 n2 K1 n139ymd0 Lmqi391d07 m139qu0 Lmdpi39IqO K2 n239ymd0 Lmqi391d07 m239qu0 Lmdpi39IqO 9 D Lmdi t LLfd RT Lmdi D Lmdi t LLfd 7K1 all 2H a272 0 72607ERfd a 3 m L 3 2 1 md 1 39 LLfd p 40119312 49 L93 0 443 3 ijeigenveca7 1 RMNIZ ijeigenveca7 2 Q s g 9 5 1417 7151 Lmdpi Iqo LLfd 2H 0 72607cRfd Lmdpi LLfd LLfd eigenvalsa m2Lmdpi W3 eigenveca X3 CJ LAVVC LASSESSO7 ECE 504 HANDOUTSSmaI Signal 5380 mod Page 5 of 6 April 20 2007 University of Idaho ECE 504 ST39 Example 123 SeSSIon 380 Power System Stability RMM augmentR14112R141v11 RMM3 001698 7 0000871 7001699 7 0000641 000041 71762551X 10 W 7006836 7 0997061 0055 7 0997881 7074898 0000321 003027 7 0000591 7003028 7 0000181 06626 7 0000291 1 LMM RMlf 294322 100721 700257 050031 700471 056491 LMM 729443 061281 0019 050061 00395 056541 726911711671gtlt107 3 14604X107 3 63331gtlt1077 15125 655891X107 4 k 13 1 1 3 spki RMMkyiLMMiyk 05006 05006 00011 709802 09802 7180 gt gt IsPI 05006 05006 00011 argsP 709802 09802 180 deg 00172 00172 10022 936542 7936542 0 CJLAVVCLASSESSO7 ECE 504 Page 6 of 6 April 20 2007 HANDOUTSSmall Signal 5380 mod


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