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Transients in Power Systems

by: Fredy Okuneva

Transients in Power Systems ECE 524

Fredy Okuneva
GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fredy Okuneva on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 524 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/227736/ece-524-university-of-idaho in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
9 quotCU NOISSEIS SIAELLSAS HEIMOd NI SiNElISNVEIJ 1729 333 m Universityofldaho Session 6 Page 17 Spring 2008 ECE 524 Transients in Power Systems Transient R L Circuit Example Given a 230kV234kV AYgrounded lOOMVA transformer supplied supplied by a source with a short circuit MVA of 2000 The transformer has a per unit reactance of 01pu on its ratings base Both the transformer and the source impedance have an XR ratio of 12 Calculate the complete phase A fault current if a fault occurs on the LV side of the transformer at 70 degrees past the voltage peak De ne Units MVA IOOOkW SBASE IOOMVA pu 2 1 Transformer parameters Srated 100MVA XoverR 12 VhV 1 230m VIV 345w Xtrans 3 039 1 Xtrans Rtrans 2 XoverR Rtrans 001 pu Find the transformer impedances referred to the LV side since the fault occurs on that side 2 Vlv ZBLV ZBLV 1199 Srated RtransLV 3 Rtrans39ZBLV RtransLV 00992Q XtransLV i Xtrans39ZBLV XtransLV 1199 XtransLV L 3157mH 27 6OHZ transLV Ltranva 3 6quot m Universityafldaho m Universityofldaho ECE 524 Session 6 Page 27 Transients in Power Systems Spring 2008 Source impedance MVASC ZOOOMVA Vpu z 10pu MVA MVASC lju 1 SC MVAscvpu pu SBASE 2 5 V pu stource 3 m stource 005 pu v MVASCJu n atanXoverR n 8524deg a ay u 9 5mm MMW Zsource I stource eJ In Zsource Source impedance in Ohms referred to LV side Zsource0hm 3 Zsource39ZBLV ZsourceOhm 0049 0593 I111Zsource0hm LSOUFC LV 2 W LsourceLV If we wanted to nd source impedance referred to LV side in 1 step V 2 L11 el39atanX VerR 0049 059319 MVASC Equivalent circuit since this is a three phase fault we can use per phase analysis Rsrc LSFC Rtrans ltrans Fault VLNLV ECE 524 Transients in Power Systems Session 6 Page 37 Spring 2008 Transient Current Solution Requiv 3 Rezsource0hm RtransLV Requiv 015 Q Lequiv 3 LsourceLV LtransLV Lequiv 473 mH Decay constant a R 9t z 7t 3142Hz e Lequiv l Ti 1700325 0 k e Driving point voltage 2 Fault inception angle If we de ne our driving voltage as Va Vmsinc0t p rad a 27t60Hz o 37699 5 Since the fault occurs 70 degrees phase the peak of the voltage for analytical solution let fault occur at time t 0 ASSUME Vs 5 1 90deg 70deg lt1 l60deg a a sane ltd Q SMt Initial condition Switch is open i0 0A Equiavlent impedance 2 2 ZequivLV Requiv m39LequiV ZequiVLV 1799 97 Us Session 6 Page 47 Spring 2008 ECE 524 Transients in Power Systems 6quot Create time vector I Q 5 4860 4 Vt Vmsinw39t 1 60Hz t013910 39 Two components to the current For a more complete derivation see httpwwweceuidahoedueepowerECE423LecturesL18ece423 s18pdf 13310 3 sinmt th equw AmM 313k an M Vm 7tt Mans 3 W Sm 0 5 ZequiVLV m f 4 4 3910 I I I Q 2 10 V0 i53G 0 itrans 2 3910 4 I I 4 10 0 002 004 006 2104 I I I 15 104 itrans 1 39104 5000 004 w a ahgn Mk UL


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