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Fundamentals of Electronics Lab

by: Fredy Okuneva

Fundamentals of Electronics Lab ECE 311

Fredy Okuneva
GPA 3.81


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fredy Okuneva on Thursday October 22, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 311 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/227741/ece-311-university-of-idaho in ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/22/15
Supertexinc TP0606 Low Threshold PChannel EnhancementMode Vertical DMOS FETs Ordering Information BVDSS RENO DON VGSM Order Number Package BVDGS max min max TO92 6OV 359 15A 24V TPO606N3 Features Low Threshold DMOS Technology El Low threshold 24V max These low threshold enhancementmode normallyoff transis D Hi h in ut im edance tors utilizeavertical DMOS structure and Supertex39s wellproven g p p silicongate manufacturing process This combination produces El Low input capacitance BOpF typical devices with the power handling capabilities of bipolartransistors and with the high input impedance and positive temperature D FaSt SWltChmg Speeds coefficient inherent in MOS devices Characteristic of all MOS Cl LOW 0n reSiStance structures these devices are free from thermal runaway and D Free from secondary breakdown thermallyinduced secondary breakdown D LOW input and output leakage SuperteXI s vertical DMOS FETsareideally suited toawiderange of sWItchIng and amplifying applications where very lowthreshold El Complementary N and Pchannel devices voltage high breakdown voltage high input impedance lowinput capacitance and fast switching speeds are desired Applications i Logic level interfaces ideal for TTL and CMOS Package Options El Solid state relays El Battery operated systems El Photo voltaic drives El Analog switches El General purpose line drivers El Telecom switches Absolute Maximum Ratings DraintoSource Voltage BVDSS DraintoGate Voltage BVDGS GatetoSource Voltage 2 20V Operating and Storage Temperature 55 C to 150 C Soldering Temperature 300 C Distance of 1 6 mm from case for 10 seconds 111201 SGD TO92 Note 1 See Package Oulline section for dimensions Note 2 See Array section for quad pinouls Supenexlric pi uu lor indernniiioaiion insurance agreerneni Supenex does noi assurne responsioiiiiy lor use ol devices described and iirniis iis iiaoiiiiy lo ine repiaoerneni ol devices deiermined to be deleclive due to ine workmanship No responsioiiiiy is assurned 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5V ID 250mA ONState Resistance 30 3395 9 VGS 10V ID OI75A ARWOM Change in RDSON with Temperature 17 C VGS 10V ID 075A GFS Forward Transconductance 300 400 m6 VDS 25V ID 075A CISS Input Capacitance 80 150 COSS Common Source Output Capacitance 50 85 pF IGS1MOY39 VDS 3925V z CRSS Reverse Transfer Capacitance 15 35 tmom TurnGN Delay Time 10 VDD 25V tr Rise Time 15 n5 D1IOA tmom TurnOFF Delay Time 20 RGEN 259 t1 Fall Time 15 VSD Diode Forward Voltage Drop 18 V VGS 0V SD 10A trr Reverse Recovery Time 300 ns VGS 0V SD 10A Notes 1 All D C parameters 100 tested at 25 C unless otherWIse stated Pulse test 300us pulse 2 duty cycle 2 All A C parameters sample tested SWItching Waveforms and Test Circuit 0v 10 PULSE INPUT 7 GENERATOR 1 W 90 Rgen ONJ OFFJ arom l arom E D U T W INPUT OUTPUT OUTPUT RL VDD Typical Performance Curves ID amperes GFS siemens ID amperes Output Characteristics Saturation Characteristics 13 E VGS 40v 3 VGS 40v E 52 C 0 710 720 730 V40 750 0 72 4 76 78 710 VDS volts VDS volt Transconductance vs Drain Current Power Dissipation vs Case Temperature 0 6 0 5 04 A 12 E E D 0 3 l 02 0 0 704 708 r12 r16 720 724 728 732 ID amperes TC C Maximum Rated Safe Operating Area Thermal Response Characteristics 710 1 E E E 71 0 6 E D 0 C m 13 a D 01 T0792 DC E m E D C l 70 01 0 V1 710 7100 71000 0 001 0 01 01 1 10 VDS volts tp seconds TPO606 TP0606 Typical Performance Curves BVDSS Variation with Temperature OnResistance vs Drain Current i A U a e g 8 E g U W m D D gt n m 0 yo 8 e1 6 e2 4 73 2 e4 0 TI C ID amperes Transfer Characteristics Vuh and RDS Variation with Temperature vDS 25v RDSKJN 10V A A U U D A a g 5 g a E Q 1 O E 8 5 55 1 2 D 9 f f D D gt II 0 r2 r4 6 sz volts TI 0 Capacitance vs DraintoSource Voltage Gate Drive Dynamic Characteristics C picofarads VGS volts 0 r1 0 720 730 r40 0 o 5 1 o 1 5 2 o 2 5 VDS volts QG nanocoulombs 111201 39 1235 Bordeaux Drive Sunnyvale CA 94089 Is39l39pHtEXI39I39 TEL 408 7440100 FAX 408 2224895 2001 Supenex lric All rlghls reserved Unauthorized use or reproduction prohibited WWW S U pertex CO m


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