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Engineering Dynamics

by: Mr. Walton Littel

Engineering Dynamics ENGR 220

Mr. Walton Littel
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 76 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Walton Littel on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 220 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/227748/engr-220-university-of-idaho in General Engineering at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
N w Cazmazoo Rt 139 h 01 01 to T rTI Q W 3 W an 01 Loan 5 in 3325 6 gr 8 u xs k E III gtvuINXrMWIerMCL ti 93 Universityof Idaho W015 don e 53 51 5 ratI13 331 Universityof Idaho d0 Fe JJ39 339 0quotng jd a b N a mb 939l T iLtm 51 KineL152 Fink GEE ME um JO 13 e m 1 339 300 034903 gs 0 k A 8 Ik d I U Id 93 6 Mo Yxtol lu 93 k I 33 M39 zngmz M w a 31 6 sv arf39 Jrarm ran mm 0 F 74 cord gm k Y wI IMNMt EJMw uL 3 A5 a Q 3 9x 435 4 19 Lavagc39 gl ld v dll Q m w 3 o L Q n 3 Eng 6025 WWquot an Universityofldaho U W 4 Universityof Idaho U A 7 m8 gh SAT fed AT 4 mg 139 543 4V5 3 Oink Jane gmriIy 4 Mom at 05114 from 9 hquot 8 3 6 30 313104135 no Al 3v 0 1 gaauj 9 mjfv eA aruaj 3F3jubqaalg av 2 i w WU v f n ouepl malaemun 33 0112 31 Universityofldaho lt m can ermv w be quCanser bc w obe a frfc HOH Zensarr 27 93 Universityof Idaho Annoumewt H01 7 0w Wu NOV 3 aw 30 Hw 12 th Hon Nov Q Sam 32 Puma t EtanEC Emu a Wed Nov 0 273 Prob 17 38 Cams Free 2 Y 3640 F M 04h F a Lx 39Ng NBw3 O t quot39 3 ms 0 t f F quot39 0535 6quotquot33 FF 0 00 quot n N F V N 66 Mm wmw uu m a 21 Prob17 38 Incom F13 w 05 quot I F quotask Lu Nongn30 4301 was 033 pr w z m 395 NB f39fs 3 vs 3952 was 39L mu m new Naomim5 quotM W quotm MN 399 ms 393 Nu orvou Nos momom 39m quot3 3952 Ms 1 W M PM um 29 NaWm 22 was 390 am PM 5mquot Wu mamame n any m n ma ram 9 5595 a m WH ouep plumenun gag lOi 39m ma Mn 395 Mn39 tom 39 MN 3999 395 A9quot mu CUBPIJONl Slemun gig 303 i he two pinconnected bars each have aquot weight ft If a moment of M 60 1b ft is applied to bar ermine the initial vertical reaction at C and the al and vertical components of reaction at B the size of the roller at C The bars are initially In 1quot We M Z b In in ad ZH 39 k A f M FDA X 39 a quot 05 T 39 W ft l 5 31 yttww W1i mwl u39 quot395 3 1ampi3 147445699lisxa 1m i M quot 9 warn a Ic most M l Prob 17 103 my rm mp M WA 5 ma 1 WM 9quot ms Ll m re 6 stsrs mm awed M WM 3 3 w WW 2 WM 39 M gt WA Wur 9W 5 1 m 9L V9 139 oueppomsjemun 2 16 02 mo m i Mum 92332553 251 51 mxaa xii a is 3 3 a A an 9 re 2F fsf staf in 7 as as 2 an 3 r E 7r rice 59 tn a Gafgagu Warkf mju Ar 93 531 20 2 34 n H59quot 6332 cm mp3 sol 9 05 Un39 Ivers39ty 33 I ofldahOIn mark on m 60 39 D h d 6 w s k we 0 MFA 039quot u ve 4 I I amp ill Wkquot 5 work I m g 0m 0 rota ka mkauMdNBy ne F Wm WM W1 6 by I w EvdgWoIL 9d a m u JFch 0 Ms h n 3o Universityofldahq 0 9 4h MM 4h 6m M ads lu tm d W mh uks k wk n on 9 an d wk 0 an NMM 96 If M umk 4 mwk k Minute 40anme I 6 5t b 5 0 34 P39Athn the WM 4M k g iqm st d 1quot Tw a I Ml UN 939 5 7 mud S S s f l no VosWdl is 2 agiftsUniverezityofldaho391 43 4 4 Mega0 CM dun 0W 0 ilk8 95 W6 9 0 0 0 54M Mquot h 53 5351 h uP1 g L F d 5F 4540 Squot 45 395 F 39 9 3 M d Mai csgtl w6lt4s S F4 347 A UT I Q LL II 5 09 s 9mg n I345 am Spams is Is 2 137 8 1039 J gr39d n 15 39 391 quot9 f 39 o 1 game 4 3009 yew 0 WWW s N M3 43 Hugs 3 Row app Rm mg oqeppomsjemun 5 quot55 dal 390 a Form 0 6y m f I WVquot 05 39 ityof 336 Unwers avw am quot5 by 649 i l Vida 2 W h quot39quot kSLquot u A hw UH Wm M 915 6amp0 3351 as 3 A Qio is a sf 4 23 93 32 c b c 52 33 5 aa 53qu TN ocmnto mmzcsuw in a atm 0 ahax A x Ax 2 A x o r 2 V WW v a xquot 39 0 PW 1302 mi I 39J x 1 2A 91 Va 1 7 quot J V 7 Fax r ye ng ax 3 a 7 WW 3 10 mv d ML Y Wu W 521 0139 ll Y lPi S OUBPIJOI HSJSNUFI 3 29 May 09 D ww g 71quotquot2 quot S 1quotquot 5 aquot a N o 9 w rxaw up 1 2 a J 21 92 erWd 1 V1quotx39l l 1 31 3 2quot V 1n n we m39mmz1x wa II II Iquot mm quotL f 13r1 31 39 WP4 MSJGNUna 59 Glf 313 Universityofldaho Sumch 159A know Mo oi 1 Me 7 F a my WM mu u SUV M can 03c 11c cedar My rmsk qud39b39x A a we on ecm39l39y 03907 an 1 i y t gs em M E and A a A k V Toquot 6 Universitvor Idaho bk a M 4 duh W4 by inch 1 ha dmu39lw J 45 474 drum 4 Qk is1 at quot e ate 39 J 6 33 Universityof Idaho gag3aquot 2 U a 0 0 Gaquot YSAJ 2m MA we a um 04 0 0be h l aku39xj 4Al Enqu ZO 5 M1F6 f m9 Unive iw39daho Sacha 241252 I IAWDJW Kec Mm nr 39Kmend c Con nm M Ralfmm hunk Po and We wrmmhn J a My Ma um I meeka ad 4 a you mer m W WOW Pus m le n md Otclh O 0 fl 5a a We We ll 1 T 3 86 X 9 x X A1 F 713 o h I like will 510 n 33 it we 44 um 9313 43 e g 313 1 g o 1 All g Ilwrmntob zcn WWW l Q S 3913 t d 3 Unlvers yofldahovebcd W V 63 Hr 39 U 6 3 3quot quot 1 Bit 3 J 0quot L Jt J I II 199 3mm quot quot7 fuepuo usmmn l wmv D r g l 9 20 I 3A A A a 4 390 W I P 4 x MA 90 1 L A gt quot 3m mwv39e aq m 3 an 39S bl 3mm mu 115 93 Universityof Idaho 63 4quot Wu Ad is 0 949 So R be W3 W1 KSuu39 139 MW 5 b 4 vM v al owl 3mm 5 Cough and mt mewi gag V aquot g 7 fade I39Jlfadv to V0 Rquot V C hN ED 39 O e39b V39VO El CattM Va to L 33 Universityof Idaho 03 vg39dai 397 w to o I dVo 3 aux3 4s 39 s a e H JJQ 45 7 6 V 5 0 5 I 5 G 4 vVgt 5 V0 0 PsM wud i 0quot in stgo V7 32 Universityofldaho 39 m J MGM occ n bob V s a swlv a Saab vdv V0 1 Mlquot 3 VM V d 955M So v1 v1 6amp339 395 1 2 Universityof Idaho 5m 9w 17 I Posd lm 63 o quotAdi W N l s s c vqc mt H dun 4h hr aba ogtelos FM l5 Momma Mahala a bum who v 22 g mversityof Idaho M v44 v vs t a vst Manual m v 00 WAMM plo39lu39s39 w Inde IS WM V 2 t 394 f S M471 4518 Mmm 335M E342 ch 39 I 2 Universityorldaho 01 kw 9 0 0 b on vuooautocf us quot5 V1 quotquot I LW 0 3M Volc 1 a v and WM M L mm new at 4 WW1 I 39Sjomvg g oquot if NW39 09A 3 W0 ms 1 M no N PM w bymm 1 MM w ww m v w o ma 5H quotW W ouepuomSJemung g Hz 0 I c 558 unpmwmo quot o A quot s 1mm awkj NW N 39msH m5quot h N 39 A brin3H Nu oqep40msjemun SS 5 Z 2 395 52 19quot 5 C WISg ouepl 4 A1saMun 5 t f 93 at s b I 5 f0 Ntu um Wm M 30 5 My 34 Jed 7 Sal43 t o 1 43 9 r I R 1 1 g 10 139 t 139 A W 1quot 3935 L3 1 Zuni I 3 L 43 ng 3 I I gt tz 9c shavi i r W I f 2 t IniversityofldahONN M a Calmiah va aquot 139 was and Md 0 d t ckc39 W 6 LVN Ma aqtquot Inquot 1 e quot 2t So 0 0 quottquot SE it V v I 21 Universityofldaho 23 Ia lm or Km End 6 Voidv 7 I N W M twin ouame quotdun m My W6 aidor dew on M MMOUJ l 93 Univers 6M M 4 m V mi akak NI 10 oEW a a S waded M 3quot 0 wt ityofldahO 39Ke za 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