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Society and Natural Resources

by: Burnice Wilkinson

Society and Natural Resources CSS 235

Burnice Wilkinson
GPA 3.95

Lauren Fins

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About this Document

Lauren Fins
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Burnice Wilkinson on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSS 235 at University of Idaho taught by Lauren Fins in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/227796/css-235-university-of-idaho in Computational Social Science at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Turning Graphical Results by Question FORCSS 235 Society and Natural Resource Spring 2007 Lauren Fins Department of Forest Resources lename SurveyResZMay07 Session Name New Session 542007 122 PMth Created 542007 318 PM 1 The class sizel prefer is Responses Small lt20 students 19 42 22 Medium 040 19 42 22 Large gt40 2 444 20 medium 20 Large No No preference 5 1111 5 4D preference Totals 45 100 ElSer s1 Se s2 ElSe es3 ElSe es4 2 Responses Visual devices such as pictures diagrams Po 4 B 89 A lecture format 1 2 22 Lecture plus dialogue with students 1 2 22 Discussion among classmates 1 2 22 Handson experiences 11 2444 u Researching and discovering information mysel 2 44 Combinations ofthe a ove 25 55 56 Totals 5 100 ElSeries Series2 ElSeries3 ElSeries4 I am more willing to speak up andlor answer questions when I am i Responses Small class lt20 2 62 22 Medium sized class 2040 3 1778 Large class gt40 0 0 I participate regardless of class size 7 15 56 I don39t participate regardless of class size 2 444 Totals 45 100 Series1 ISeries2 El Series3 ElSeries4 4 lwas more willing to answer questions and give my opinion using the clicker than I would have been i 39 Responses Strongly Agree 11 2444 Agree 13 23 39 V quot91quot 7 15 56 Neutral Disagree islro gly DIsagree 7 15 56 Disagree Strongly Disagree 7 15 56 39 Totals Turning Graphical Results by Question FORCSS 235 Society and Natural Resource Spring 2007 Lauren Fins Department of Forest Resources lename SurveyResZMay07 Session Name New Session 542007 122 PMth Created 542007 318 PM 5 It was interesting to see how my answers to clicker questions compared to those of other s udents whether or not there was a right answer to the question Responses Strongly Agree 8 1778 A ree 24 53 33 Neutral 10 22 22 V 39 Disagree 1 2 22 gree Dlsagree Strongly Disagree 2 444 Tom 45 100 ElSeries1 eries2 ElSeries3 ElSeries4 6 I enjoyed seeing how the class s answers to clicker questions changed after we had an opportunity to discuss the questions and answers during class Responses Strongly Agree 2 444 Nemral 1 32 strongly Agree Neutral Disagree strongly Disagree 3 1773 Agree D39sagree gggw 332 7 In how many additional courses have you used clicker technolqu Responses None 34 75 56 One 8 1778 we 2 444 39 39 W More man 2 1 2 22 None One Two More han 2 Totals 45 100 8 Once the clicker technology was operating smoot v I 39 39 39 39 Responses A useful learning tool 3 667 An effective way to engage in he lecture 9 20 Something to do with my hands during he lect 0 0 A way to e rn points 16 35 56 Feedback to help me understand speci c point 2 444 A form of entertainment 2 444 A distraction 3 1778 All ofthe above 2 444 None of he above 3 667 45 100


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