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Conservation Management and Planning I

by: Burnice Wilkinson

Conservation Management and Planning I CSS 385

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Computational Social Science > CSS 385 > Conservation Management and Planning I
Burnice Wilkinson
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Burnice Wilkinson on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CSS 385 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/227805/css-385-university-of-idaho in Computational Social Science at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
FLTH 1 ii i at f in i ll Review Marketing entire process of providing goodsservices Understand context competition culture economics etc Different approaches to marketing target marketing segmentation Review behavioral Review influences on purchasing behaviors Mot39vations status experience principle Marketing strategies eg broad cost differentiation The message The marketing message Memorable rhymes jingles n Stay positive 7 ea amp Perrlns quotSteak sauce only a cow could halequot Differentiation 7 Mercedes7Benz lee no other car in the worldquot Short and sweet 7 Snapl cracklel popl Assessing experiences Multiple methods of measuring customer feelingsthoughts Company pro tability Journal keepingnarrative Surveys Eva uatwejudgments Sansfadmn degree nmmgruency between expeczamns amuMwa ammlarewenencewmbe e 7 mm mm mm an mm mm m Prob ems wwth satwsfactwon Everyone s sanshem 0n asce e on ma Sn mm Somtwon customer oya ty Behavmra nvahv adua repurmase eh nrnrcusmm emu rWEpVEsEMEd w m m pmpnmnnm 2 50 Customer oya ty Prnmems my behavmra nvahv rspuunm nyaw vepmcnase bunnqu cnmmnmem rwnzbmym access madamSamoa aesan cnmmnmem evannmwnmwm Customer oya ty Amudma many Me emiwng psycmwgma anacnmem Ma cusmmerm a pamcularsemce pmwder man esze mugn pawe wurmmwm andrewance m s Romy pnmiers mm mm 1 m g mmquot W nm by w my mammv mm W a mnmswnww quwmv Benefits of loyalty What makes loyal customers Reduced cost or advertising Oppermann i Feweruperating castsRemeiuareaiiaae Willingness in pay premium prices Ganeshetal mm Keavenewaaa Mme referrals Reichheld a rear 19 Buying more Ganesh et al JUUU increased cumgany profitability and market share Reichheld et al ZEI EI Service Quality SQ Perceived Value PV Consumer s overall assessment ofthe H Y utility ofa service based on perceptions A JUde nt ab m the wnsumers ofVinat is received and what is givenquot perceptions of total excellence or ZWami igEE p M uperiority of performancequot l haml 1987 in BE Monetarynonmonetary components nu r Dubrnvii m l Vang amp Petersng 3 Balance of bene ts and rewards e nuuynvmznni What makes loyal customers Huh 5mm sum sum 4 Different segments geographics MM demographics psychographics behavior Sevmem N different expectations goals comparison standards sum 5mm Sevment 7 Examp e wwwcnr mdahn eduvmewater L m Wavst anahv mavh Cnmpnsed or s vcequa vDMerenH esn n Segmemannn nghhghts n measue expenences e supennr m easure v yaw Muences many


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