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Principles of Nuclear Engineering

by: Mr. Ian Ernser

Principles of Nuclear Engineering NE 450

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Engineering Chemical > NE 450 > Principles of Nuclear Engineering
Mr. Ian Ernser
GPA 3.57

Fred Gunnerson

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About this Document

Fred Gunnerson
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Ian Ernser on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NE 450 at University of Idaho taught by Fred Gunnerson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/227811/ne-450-university-of-idaho in Engineering Chemical at University of Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
COURSE INTRODUCTION University of Idaho and Idaho State University Principles of Nuclear Engineering An Introduction to Nuclear Science amp Engineering Fall 2008 August 26 December 19 Tuesday and Thursday 09301045 am MST 08300945 am PST Available by compressed video and DVD Lectures from Idaho Falls Pocatello and Moscow ID NUCLEAR SCIENCE amp ENGINEERING An ything Radioactive ENERGY Production of electricity amp heat Fission amp Fusion Space Others NUCLEAR amp ATOMIC RADIATIONS Alpha Beta Gamma Xrays n s Medical amp Industrial National Security Others COURSE DESCRIPTION This course introduces the basic fundamentals of nuclear science and engineering Topics include 0 Atomic and nuclear physics Fission and fusion Isotopes and radioactivity Nuclear reactions Chart of the nuclides Radiations detection and interactions with matter Health physics Introduction to criticality and reactor kinetics Reactor safety Current and future nuclear power plants Energy Others 3 credits 45 lecture hours ISU NE g402 502 UI NE 450 INTR XXX PREREQUISITES 1 Students are expected to have knowledge of 0 Chemistry o Physics sci amp engr o Mathematics calculus Commensurate with university science and engineering study or consent of the instructor Students are expected to be selfmotivated and review these subjects as needed PREREQUISITES 2 You Already Know Something About Nuclear Science amp Engineering o Energy and it s units E N W N Fx maox kg ms2 0m N Nm Joule o Periodic Table of the elements atomic weight isotopes 0 Parts of the Atom electron proton neutron o Radiations Xrays alpha beta gamma 0 Others food irradiation smoke detectors COURSE DELIVERY AVAILABILITY Live amp Compressed Video realtime interaction QampA Lecture locations Fall 2008 Idaho Falls University Place CHE 303 Pocatello ISU Campus LIBR B78 Moscow UI Campus CNR 14 Lecture Times Tuesdays and Thursday mornings 0930 1045 MST 0830 0930 PST INSTRUCTORS amp CONTACTS University of Idaho Dr Fred Gunnerson Professor Director NE gunnerifuidahoedu 2082827962 Mike Figueroa GTA Grader michaefiqueroavandalsuidahoedu 2404467239 Idaho State University Alice Allen Student Services Josh Peterson alicewuidahoedu GTA Affiliate 2082827816 etejos3isuedu 5126637679 Dr Mike Lineberry Professor Director INSE mjlisuedu TEXTBOOK JKenneth Shultis and Richard E Faw Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering 2nd Edition CRC Press Taylor amp Francis ISBN 13 9781420051353 SUGESTED REFERENCES 0 Periodic Table Chart of the Nuclides Lockheed Martin Knolls Atomic Power Lab Chemistry Physics and Mathematics Texts Schaums Nuclear science and engineering references WEBSITE World wide web access is necessary to participate in this course Course information supplemental course notes homework assignments and copies of the lecture notes will be posted in PDF format wwwifuidahoedu gunner Nuclearl Nuclearhtml DVD Missed class On business travel Out of state The lectures are available on DVD Assignments and course information is found at wwwifuida hoedu g unner Nuclearl N uclea rhtml For copies of DVDs contact Dr Gunnerson HOMEWORK EXAMS amp GRADES Final grades for the course will be assigned with the following relative weights Homework Assignments 12 30 Topical ReportM 10 Exams 3 20 each 60 Homework can be submitted electronically by email or FAX to Michael Figueroa michaelficiueroavandalsuidahoedu or to Dr Gunnerson gunnerifuidahoedu University of Idaho 1776 Science Center Drive Idaho Falls ID 83402 1557 FAX 2082827950 HOMEWORK con t Students in Moscow can also submit and collect their homework assignments to Becky Schoenberg UI ME Dept Engr Physics Bldg 324K PO Box 440902 Moscow ID 83844 0902 2088855024 Homework assignments are posted weekly on the course website Homework solutions will be posted on the website 1week after due date Late homework assignments accepted until 1week after due date TOPICAL REPORT Each student is required to research and document a specific topic in nuclear science amp engineering The topic may be selected by the student with instructor approval A list of possible subject areas with Topical Report requirements is provided on a separate attachment found on the course website POLICY Students are expected to view all lectures read the textbook and complete all assignments in a timely manner The lectures and lecture notes have been prepared from a wide spectrum of sources They present and discuss most of the subject material found within the textbook in the same order plus provide additional information not directly covered in the textbook Lecture notes in PdF format will be posted on the website prior to each lecture Homework is considered a basic learning tool and collaboration among students in working the problems is not discouraged However each student is responsible to write up and submit his or her homework neatly and separately NUCLEAR ENERGYDID YOU KNOW One in every ten light bulbs in the USA is powered by uranium from a former Soviet warhead ANS2006 NUCLEAR ENERGYDID YOU KNOW Nuclear power is the only proven technology to safely and reliably produce large quantities of electricity without greenhouse gas emissions NUCLEAR ENERGYDID YOU KNOW If d the electricity used by you during your lifetime were generated by nuclear power the total nuclear waste generated would t into a single sodapop can NUCLEAR ENERGYDID YOU KNOW A world wide nuclear renaissance is 39 underway New nuclear power plants are under co nstructo n KW late his year TOTAL 3 around the world and planned for the USA NUCLEAR ENERGYDID YOU KNOW In addition to nuclear engineers the nuclear industry including RampD needs mechanical chemical and electrical engineers now and all let c And physicists chemists mathematicians others N STARTING SALARY 2008 BS4560k MS5570k PhD7090k QUESTIONS CONTACT Dr Fred Gunnerson Professor Director NE 1776 Science Center Drive Idaho Falls ID 83402 1575 aunner ifuidahoedu Phone 2082827962 FAX 2082827950


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