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Class Note

by: Brendon Keeling

Class Note Class Note

Brendon Keeling
GPA 3.69

Technology Ed

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About this Document

Technology Ed
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brendon Keeling on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Class Note at University of Idaho taught by Technology Ed in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/227813/class-note-university-of-idaho in Prof Studies (Rodp) at University of Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Tutorial 7 Creating Custom Reports Annotated Solutions Case Problem 3 mx mm ibmTW a DnnmPledges Select Query Fd 0m a 1 m A an Haw Ena i zp 1 any 5 n5 9 EIAME EIEIEx i Chang WD7 D musz ifw39i ankus w mgmm WE r arza r dPledge 39Repml F r TYDanuestmnfmhs D v s x R Page Headev in lt Des gn mew HM Insn Acces FundPledges Repml a vaeauuestmnfwhe v V 5 x WQDSHEEMPHZWSIEWKI mama Fund Pledges mama rumuvz Bavcmtm ancm am GnlAnI szzsuu Fhu Name LmNm new Date Total Played 114mm Mahad W 75 C u us 3 swam Name can 5mm m La mm anus nun c Ymmas Nam2m mm anus mm c Fvsnm om Emuguns mu E rumuvz am mtheTmnus ancm a m Gnl Am mama FWNW LmNm Mekesz Tam Flaked mmealmd 2 a Man vaa UZZWEIEIB Ssndm mman can 5mm 15m c mzvm Magma Tam Played mmealmd E lt 7 n ms 17mm 410 uses ng we a quesuan rm new gjmma mm V ggsewgetgpxawgavrl 1113mm Fund Pledges mgan mquot Wm eWmmas rmncm W13 omum sas mu FWNW LmNm Magma mugged mmealmd mm my mums Ange om um Sauna mm a m Nxmdemus cammus Bun B 7 Brenda Ne sm mums 5n c ann Hawsquot Emaguns an a Gum melsl ly PM Bullu quotmm a Elmmc page Emu 5 p 3 Ready D M msnn Access 12mm mus7cm ummms mrmms mumms mmmms mus7cm yslsnms Page m 1 ReadY Mew l rutl Van s Pledges Mndaw ew a mm Net Phdge mm m 59012 9mm 5 59m mm mm TuhlPlzdgz mm mm mm Wanda Wm Chins gemvwwg ngl LEEIEI WPanuestmnfwhe D V s x 318 15 m m em m m 15mm wf air 1911 e p Typeaquestmnfwhe p V s x unsams mm 2 xurmuus msu ssxuuu uzusnuus Esau 590M Aron Du mu uurmuus Esau 5904 Farm Du Ell15mm usau 59mm mm m Esau 59015 Emil Chunm 33mm Muslims ms 59cm 3mm Am 7s mmmms ms ssuzs Selma Gm ummuus ms ssuzs m Gm 319le mmuus ozsu ssusu Exam Ewan su xunmuus ozsu 59042 Adam r U usrmuus ozsu saw anus Mm smsu mmmms 212s s Emu 2s mmms 212s Tue1y Febnxy 17 2am Pageal1 1i 1 b Ready lt WWW5633 mm rm I 33quot like D M 1an Access 7 Pledges mg mg W W WWW new gmvg qmmum V Qfse igtyDH W V EIEquotI we a uuestmn rm new Pledges Summary Net Phdge mu Pkdged mm m mm m so 750 ms nu 5m ms m 250 mu m 2m mu m nu mu m 1m 19 25 75 3127 so 50 so 25 ma 75 page gab Zu x i agaav


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