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Architectural Design VII

by: Mrs. Lynn Hahn

Architectural Design VII ARCH 553

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Architecture > ARCH 553 > Architectural Design VII
Mrs. Lynn Hahn
GPA 3.57

Bruce Haglund

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About this Document

Bruce Haglund
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Lynn Hahn on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 553 at University of Idaho taught by Bruce Haglund in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/227816/arch-553-university-of-idaho in Architecture at University of Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
39 39 39 l ll lheemlmiun e mrth aquot armlteciure I J r i s 39 quot 7 gt 39 211 Emmi155 nami hen with emimnmem inm architecture 39 7 77 r l 39 quot 39 i 39 McCall Pieid Eampue H V a a if mun LiiiiiDECAFE EiiEIREi39 mmpmm M PAHm Emma Lm m Name Jim rlLII Te39n39 HIZI SUIquot L i39lzi Michael Fdr cem Eadz39 l l 39WIEEHEL ii i MEIquot l eeneeit i pregram 39 n i w39 Ly r l 4 rw w 2 v a i r i r 39 Am 3 ell Mum in hm J39A mil ur quotLF JLJUH m 1 mu a h39 llJn il air quotLIIUMLH 13 1 i7Lavig bL5ih 4r1hatequotL VILIJL miluh 3 WMLH wruiJMJLMUN 139 l nlum nu nnt quot1wa 939i39liJirflif m f39 1alLhEif39l Mi 39L39HH ELI 39 Aquot quot2 m pp il r r r r J i W G Isquot quot 39 Ulnarvi Enniirtinilm IiE39n I IEJLEIPZEEJF eiem tazm Jasmin daisaid and salesmen mm m In inarr mrnlwn izlge zi Evou FJ plul H w i L a w39 quotiii Liz L1H 3H IIMJLFII J ILJ quot3 quotM 39a39im E D39a iiiiquoti 39F3939j quot7quot quotquot3 FHT39 Y 39quot f m i quot quot l i F 11 J E J E FM F u LMF JE nII Ihi J amigd i2quot b591 mv 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In l39Tuarlhrwl39 design strategies design etrate deeign etreiie l 1 E 23 3 H1an Winch IV 0 H1 like o r 4 Isa1 vim r l 4 7 79 IS 4 1 te analye El pieGees MASTER PLA a A 3323 process r process vignenes ON I r 2 site secliuns Mu process Ari g amphworium wgnenes guest suites ConlerenCeclassrnom AMPNVTHE Eg 39W i new r cu39mmv Kzsnmnms amph lorium umm LORIquot concept mmph V IL V Mlle vulu cn ofeavth as amhixeaun 7 2012 seam eys uansitinn L7 paupk and me Envimnmznl I plan section a mnmrdemh my w WNW m m M39DnMrvlh WM mmmw u mmum mm m rrumm mm bum uvmxnlulw wn Mm mum m w uwmwm section b mmmm mammal w Wm WWW m m MM mm mm wulwnr rdrguxmwnmmm w mm um in mm passive strategies hunk rum Wan mamman IanM 1 7 mm er m mmmmnm mm mm mm4 mmu mm mm gridshell m Wmquot mm W sue Wale IB39d ameler nu and bull conmulequot 339s39gnd cistern sizing for graywater use unwocxpnm masqk resmemec a pawl gallons used Dev day 255 gallonsday wilh my flush 16 new dry puma as day Iappmx yield ufcaxchmenzarea 3000 galyr rnem 5 3 l 255 and wacky 2314 gal74a galh 119 h analysis Univ ersin oI Idaho GIenn Edward Osuom MOSS Commons BqudIng Architecture 553 University of Idaho In 39 Bruce Haglund C 39 University of Idaho 7x I v 39 1h AUDITORIUM 3400 SF 262 seats FIISI LeveI Z ZDD 5H IEB seas Second Leml 11 sI 94 seats DINING HALL 4300 SF 250 people Knuhen and Fund Bar 750 sI Dmmg Area open pIzn 305u CLASSROOMS 1880 SF COMPUTER STUDIO 620 SF FuleIour FACULTY OFFICES 540 SF FursI Hoard af ne 14 sIEach Secund FIDDPEI o ces 1M Sleach RESTROOMS 740 SF Fm Her Mens and Wumens 185 sf each Sewnd Flourr Means and Womens185 sieam CIRCULATION 4200 SF University or Idaho 1 University of Idaho Equot V 1 D V 7N 392 m I FloorWall Connection niveisity or Idah 39 University of Idaho 4 lt Hi i M 7 SaKdgmei mixl University oI Idaho w 39 39 Em VLul Shear Blocking TJI 350 joints Merul Ruu ng 1x6 Extenders Wall Braces quot Concrete Anchors Cement Wall Cap University ol Idaho RADIANT HEATING Watts Radian influar radian heating ughou the building The heating unit and inter the and can bend easily to anew for maximum coverage at the floor An 3 inch slab of wilh insulation on the underside of th slab and ihe inside olthe foundatian Under the insulation is abou 6 inches of sand and gravel and then soil An 39 sh wi 39 InFIoor Radiant Heating 2 System pump a Mixing valve I e hermstat 6 Purge and vent assembly 7ALEX piping Vemilnlion University or Idaho zl r NATURAL VENTILATION Wind will be directed through the norlhem side Water Conselvauon University at Idaho CISTERN A cistern will be installed on the d of the buildin et and an interior e container 0 e llvlng mac me located to the south of the building McCall Field Campus CAST EARTH east earth is made of mixing calcined gypsum an pa ke he calcined g sum LARGE TREES Largetr w b u to create columns to su p rt the central torces caused by the roof T et sc bepr soutot 39U o a 2 o m u E a v o 20 mm 5 w um quot2 gm 2 m a LIGHT WOOD FRAME Atew walls in the building will be constructed by using dimension lumber 2x6 and insulation along with gypsum board and drywall for casing ringer slmls mug snulmlnw logging seamed Eem Elna Similan McCall Field Campus lNFLOOR RADIANT HEATING p w s achieved y the tubes storing 92 of thermal energy that penetrates th ough T u es are safe to 50 degrees 3 m u The concrete floor tiles will be 3 xil tiles with a dark tone and high gloss tinis hese tiles will be placed throughoutthe circulation spaces in the kitchen and in the restrooms HIGHTRAFFIC CARPET An acrylic berber will be used in the classrooms of ces computer studio auditorium and dining a will also help wi h the acoustics in the dining hall and auditorium McCall Field Campus TRIPLE GLAZED LOWE GLASS FILLED WITH ARGONIKRYPTON GAS The heat loss rate torthis glazing is very 39th a u Va ue of 015 allowing very 9 I 539 argon gas ese windows will be good tor the campus because hey are designed tor climates that deal with cold winters and warm summ r a e e window size in the building is general areas to allow sun to penetrate into the space KALWALL Kalwall is used in the atrium space to create the glowing u ofl logo above the staircase to bring daylight into the circulation space cameos l m 5 oi m runemiuee is at vllhld um Iransmllmd McCall Field Campus ROOFING STRUCTURE wh joists and venting aluminum There is an overhang that has a vent underneath allowing metal roofing will nish the roof allowing snow to easily stide off ROOF ELEMENTS Photovoltaic panels and Evacuation tubes ill be secured to the roof These will assist h 39 h 3539 a t s t a side of the building Aluminum rain 9 tt will be used to collect Water runoff from the roof and store it in the cistern m E FINISHES University oi Idaho Univers ml 7 39ll E on the exterior will raise 3 above evel and run to the ground holes out into it to entilation INTERIOR WALL F NISH ining and simulation areas will keep 1 e natural cast earth look however the 39 39 N Wquot wquot EXTERIOR SLATE HAS A b to The audiiorium will at the toilets University or Idaho ORIGINAL d 1 Concrete Steel reinforcement Acid wash WALLS Earth calcined gypsum Insulation 4quot rywall Slate WINDOWS Triple glaud Kalwall Dry Metal roofing Group Site Plan GreenhouseLiving Machine University of Idaho McCall Field Campus Components to site plan Greenhouse 3 Living mathine fotus Views flom Guest Cabins Views flom Main Pam Views from Guest Pal king Cil u Iation wtquot 5 391 Mg m Foundation G lazing Combination of Shuttul e Ventilation Heating Radiant Flool Heating i iun m High EF i hm E 7 Lighting Living Mathine D ainage suonsanb Lumpr 1 LL07qu 1 M E H J Lun a 1 u ELM LL07qu 1 Lumpr 1 unH prH LL07qu 1 Lumpr 1 Lump 1 11 33H 1 1 54 la 1m 5 15 L12 amn Au rb elslew Jqsq uoqgg 19W 0 150 M3 um Iegs mag uoq 123 392 mew 95W ng ocation I39W x 2f3L39m nz EEK 13 ZW 23451 Mission Statement r l quot 39 J 5quot E f nearquot 393 To educate students and visitors alike by showcasing sustainable design practices through interactive learning community involvement and environmental education in 4W4 INA WEN ME KFDM 1H r KNWWMEMI Whig mer IMMi 5 37 11 EM 32 HQquot 2W7 Structural Detail Radsant Floor System w 39 TrussTLm Wheelchan Li HT L7 3 1 W 2251 Perspectives ltw r v v


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