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Environmental Control Systems II

by: Mrs. Lynn Hahn

Environmental Control Systems II ARCH 464

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Architecture > ARCH 464 > Environmental Control Systems II
Mrs. Lynn Hahn
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Lynn Hahn on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARCH 464 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/227819/arch-464-university-of-idaho in Architecture at University of Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Introduction rne ceiiege m Naturai Resources cw amimng isin enineNnnn see me mpusnnine camerni Lineand an m e m v iike in use this atrium spaee asa wavtn gei HEM inmugn ine spaee Building Description Yheaommsvacesvaneiedwithdam caiaiedwaadbehueentiams Yhesvacesiivmedwz7 M Vinaiscentiivmtmmes Mean an e an thetirs iam and mm n mentievei suppienenee 5 en mi rne ms ie iivM caiared vaiished starve rne waib ie aquot We painted EMU Mn N darkiumbersvacedeveniv avains he eesiweu rne westwaii 5 ex space manenmminewnms Performance Analysis rnese measurements were taken an Februavvi at9 an em win ciearskies Outsi einntcandieswere z inthesun 53inine snaeeWneyeinevnne ws rne preduminate sky cunditiun ininis ciimate is dandy Having a we mm iuudy sky eiieeisine iighting design AWE ngWebumgwemm aquot mumu dnya d gzs have a mare even distributiun enigni but iess bmtherewere ENGiigmsthat some em eve nae tn aav an ine msi iinnr ane some iigmsthat cuuidn t be mnee unenine basem em ievei Measurements are in mm eaneies Available Daylight neeeenssuwneines i We e new when ien be use nan he ene nnnueneeeiene Daylight Factor in orderto fine the daylightfactorWetookthe avera e of aii the internalfoot Candereadin sofeachiiooran divided it by the outside foot can e reading 525 then multiplied it hyiEIEI in orderto get a percent Ba s ment i4 37625 i 2 3 eennmneemeaneeeusemeiewe n m Floori ii iAEZSWEIEM 7 eneweneviivmsweiean FloorZ ZEEZSWEIEIdlSSWn These are veiy had dayli ht factors but that is m be expectedwith our hull ing because there iSveiy little Windowsquaie footage as is 8x272iE plusSxA2E23E su iheie aie 235 lamps piuducing 4n Wattshum 235mm 9m Watts an heui The building huuls aie nein 7amtu5 3Upm which tutals in 5 huuls 944mm asaaizu Watts aie used duiing the huuis eiepeiaiien neieay AIL L We examined the electric uage in the spaee and hnwmumntthelightingWaspmducedbulthe A J L iemmneiesneieian a N aim see enemies in he see nin ineiienseii i Red numbers aieihe luntrcandles inihe Space Mh iheiiehisen Building Redesign We would like to prove that by adding a skylight in the main entry ofthe CNR building we can rv reduce the light bill expenses and c nse e ene gywhile providing a mo rtabl s ace nter Also lthatwe will be abl use the stair atrium in the space to direct light down to reach the basement level Our building redesign consists of placing a skylight above the stairwell in the ceiling on the top oor Footcandle Comparison Original Lighting Conditions With SkylightAddition L J J 1 Footcandle Com arisen p Redestgn Performance Analysts Original Lighting Conditions thh SkylightAddltlon The daylight factor for our model as is comes out to be be del foretheremo Flour nu75mm Flour am For our remodel we same wa Easememlevel 687 l n91 39 Flnml 2t32n5nytnnszam W A Finn 2 SSZHSUWEI 6 i This is a greatly improved daylight factor which we will use to reinforce our study LBLNomograph Data I I I Daylightlng Model Comparison rhtshtpvmatphshpvathat we could Eye 65 5 energy in this sde byside epmpahsph ntlhe secnnd tipphthe ettecls ntlhe a year due tpthe HEWHEV39 styttght aeemph are nbvlnus nheet smlighl is nnWallnMdtn team a lighting plan This is sghmeaht ppmph at the mom aha eah aim reach min the atrium wace comparedtntheprevmus Savings a year EXlsWiQ lighting ephptphs th skvttght addition Daylightlng Model Comparison Constderatlons lnthis sde by side mhpahsph at the he mph the ettecls at the skylight 39 Maggie rgxfgglgg lm tfgggglg 3 than be have s tph tesahhethe my mthe mm m the ahaahtp shathts anathemaspaaetshmeshphme a ma powwow ae ea that pathtmg these wand pahets Wpum mm rumisethechamdernttheCNR I bull WE Due tn the phehtatph ntlhe Wln nv ph the anthem ehtvahee lea e there is a I a i t the nah hp aph ewe the late atlemnnn This glare aheets peppte mphhe petweeh hppts ah the staheases aha could ppsspw pe a sateW hazard The numbel nt lants mthe Tans Provides a 7 lutntshade ithnmhavm hesemthe Wace pamcularlvlhe tn tum more light Ehstthg lighting mndmnns wthswhghtaeetph Muldreadwthelmtlnm ppys Agathweteet that tempth the plants Wm epmpmmtse the charader ntlhe puttehe put ptaeth them h Etch a Wavlhallhev would Merlhe heet Sm th the late allemnnn Wm hetptp solve the glare pmptem Conclusions We have found that by increasing the amount of day lighting in this space with the addition of a large central skylight it is possible to get significantly more direct and ambient natural light to reach the basement floor of the space It is also possible to significantly reduce the cost of the electric fixtures during the day by providing enough daylight to be able to dim or even turn offthe light fixtures during peak hours


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