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Helping Skills in Family and Consumer Sciences

by: Delores Kessler

Helping Skills in Family and Consumer Sciences FCS 508

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Family and Consumer Sciences > FCS 508 > Helping Skills in Family and Consumer Sciences
Delores Kessler
GPA 3.92

Laurel Branen

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About this Document

Laurel Branen
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Delores Kessler on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FCS 508 at University of Idaho taught by Laurel Branen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/227852/fcs-508-university-of-idaho in Family and Consumer Sciences at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
FCS 508 Branen Reluctance Passive Blocks to SelfDisclosure 1 Reluctant don t want to come not selfreferred a often aren t helped selfful lling prophecy b not selfreferred reluctant 2 May be selfreferred but fail to give themselves to the process 3 Causes of reluctance a Fear of intensity b Concern with con dentiality especially in group c Fear of What they may nd out about themselves disequilibrium is the price of assimilation Piaget Growth takes place at crisis points d Shame e Fear of change f Fear of rejection by helper or others QOHQEJIJBP N quot Resistance Active Causes of resistance a see no use b fear the unfamiliar c don t know how to participate d rebeltypes e see goals of helper as different from theirs You re going to take all my favorite foods away f feels seeking help weakness g feel helpers have not invited them to be participants in decisions that affect their lives h dislike their helper but won t tell them i see no payoff for change j realizes the price of change is too high Other Positive Approaches to Dealing with Reluctance and Resistance See it as normative It is avoidance not ill will Explore resistance in your own life Examine the quality of your intervention wo guilt Accept and work with it Be realistic and exible Begin with small goals touching exercise bike Tap into signi cant others as resources FCS 508 Branen Communication Skills Essential to Helping 1 Attending Orienting yourself to the client A The way you orient yourself physically and psychologically to the client B Results 1 establish good rapport 2 puts you in a position to listen effectively C Microskills 1 level 1 SOLER a squarely face client unless client feels threatened client can decide whether or not to face you squarely b open body posture arm amp legs uncrossed c lean toward client at times watch their reaction d eye contact amount is culturally determined client can break eye contact if needed e relaxed but not too casual 2 level 2 nonverbals of counselor a aware of messages you are sending b understanding what it means 3 level 3 quality of your presence congruence 11 Active Listening A Listening to amp understanding client s nonverbals 1 total liking 7 verbal 38 vocal liking 55 facial liking 2 learn to read a posture body movements gestures b facial expressions c voice pitch level intensity in ection emphasis pauses silences uency d observable autonomic physiological responses rash blushing paleness pupil physical characteristics ht wt complexion general appearance grooming etc 3 effects of nonverbals a con rming repeating emphasizing b denying or confusing c strengthening or emphasizing c controlling or regulating not making eye contact 4 reading not interpreting nonverbals a listen to entire context of a message don t overdo it b mention your observations if you fmd them distracting


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