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by: Gaston Runte

Pedology SOIL 454

Gaston Runte
GPA 3.65

Paul McDaniel

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About this Document

Paul McDaniel
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gaston Runte on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOIL 454 at University of Idaho taught by Paul McDaniel in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/227892/soil-454-university-of-idaho in Soil Science at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Terraces in Boise arm mm 17 Ma AMH V mums cwzzx v 300000 130000 suNNsE z moums Approximate terrace ages shown in red i4 500 yr 130 000 yr 300 000 39yr E g m 3 cuco3 equlvalam Index Va 2 gt m Opallne sno2 man 9 kgquot m 3 E H m I 0 o I 13 1 5 23 M9 M3 FIgureS aCaCOJ 39 39 39 u 39 Indens 39 a quotmum 39 39 bJOpalincSIOlmdexlor opaline 5101 comem by a relauve dunpan thickness factor Veniczll bars represent one srandaxd dCVialion about the mean of replicate samplcs Abbreviatiom W Wlulney terrace S Sunrise terrace G Gowen terrace TM Tenmxlc rcrrace Terrace Soils 0139 the Boise Valley 327 Ismch mm FWD quotWm I aIerEdeaIIge Ie prLICIleaIIan m cvanmumm muon Intng Exchange Immn 4nd IeIadrlean Drpnmznns Evasion IRemmcl m mmnous l0 7 swim mamvisn 3mm I 1 I Immumm ImIIsIocaIIons and udnslurmihom I I I I I I I I I Imam Iossa I I I I I bathsnng Lmnmg INIeIaI n I IkemmI m mainNJ prImary mmemls nd waxy hem mm plum avaIIeble moI mnII COIIIWNEIIIS Fig19 39 39Ihesnlumnl39 I Soil as a biogeochemical reactor Melanization darkening through addition of 0M Cumulization mineral additions to surface Littering surface accumulation of organic litter amp humus Erosion removal of material from soil surface Leaching removal from soil Via percolating water Lessivage mechanical migration of clay Via percolating waters CaCOa H20 CO2 solid Ca2 2HCOa soluble Calcifica tiondecalcifica tion Saliniza tiondesaliniza tion Podzolization chemical migration of humus often chelated with AI and Fe Desilication chemical migration of Si02 from soil lea ving residual concentration of sesquioxides Decompositionsynthesis breakdownformation of mineral and organic materials quot I quot39 Humification decomposition of organic materials to form humus Paludization accumulation of deep organic deposits peats etc Braunification Rubification Ferrugination development of development of development of brown colors reddishbro wn red colors colors Gleization development of lo w i chroma colors as a result of reduction of Fe Hardening decrease in porosity Loosening increase in porosity Pedoturbation by organisms Pedoturbation tree tip


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