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Experimental Methods for Engineers

by: Roman Jaskolski

Experimental Methods for Engineers ME 330

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Mechanical Engineering > ME 330 > Experimental Methods for Engineers
Roman Jaskolski
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roman Jaskolski on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 330 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/227902/me-330-university-of-idaho in Mechanical Engineering at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
yKA I e quot SouFlor FOR A Fi 7 ORDER TRIQNS DUCER w rm 0 STEP INPUT 5 37KA THE 50 w w 4 L move A MM 0 6 551509 AND A pAkT tCULM qur yI 70 a Homoaaquus PAAT I 7 J y a INTEORH IE T r ff 9 My 139 fit6 My quotng C 2f 2quot e 8 1 f 39 e T 392 e F V C2 8 ZE PARTICULAR PAR aquot Z P 9PK 4 U55 METHOD OF uwoereemmeo COEFFICIENTS see 7002 005 BOOK 9i Fvyo 9 gap Ixrecrxo i 7 HI 9 C e T K14 0545 Imrrm CONDITIONS To FIND C2 7Mo 9 2 KA Engineering Analysis Software Tools Spreadsheets Worksheets HighLevel Equation EXCEL Symbolic Programming Solvers Manipulators Languages TK MATHCAD MATLAB CHICO MAPLE SOLVE EES Data Analysis Data Tables XX X Graphing Data XX XX XX Curve Fitting XX XX XX Statistics Descriptive Statistics X XX X Uncertainty Analysis XX X X Hypothesis Testing XX XX Mg Eng Economics XX X Graphs of Functions X XX XX X Roots of Scalar Eqn X X X X Roots of Vector Eqns X X XX Matrix Algebra X XX XX Differential Eqns XX XX Complex Numbers XX X X Symbolic Manipulation XX Documentation Presentation Graphs XX X X ME330 STATISTICS REVIEW thisbrealdngstreng idatafor1024panheadmhpoundsforoe Fshisbtealdngstrmgmdanformlmsockmheadmhpoundsfome 1242 2863 1375 V 2355 F i 1372 F 2874 1quot 1311 h39 2836 1475 2899 1340 2845 quot 391quot39 th391 Plotllndlh M r I I o o 0 0 0 m Fm uuum Fm 0 1500 u I n n a D Calculate the moan Camm 39nereelduab thn Pph39 thbul Fm FshFshbu1 Ploth m8 F m1 1344103 thm 1344103 Fm 2862 103 pm 186210J ODD o on 0D Calculate mndarddwla on Z thk39 Fmme s thsm 7732 O thsm 01 thsm 2stdevF Pk thSDz 70492 S 2 Z Fshk Fshbul k0 Fshsm 5 Palsol 27 485 or F D2 smevwh FWD 20526 WMdoanTheMahcadmrddevia onmnc onagreeMthmefomula from Montgomeer statistics boom Constructan of nmlduds Enter numberafbinsintheimerval n 3 NlengththR k0n 1 j0n lower110 upperi150 h upper lower int lowerh j n 5 r hmim rpm 9150 1oo so 0 so 100 150 Differential Amp Compensation Amp Figure 1 Feedback control schematic diagram N gunman Li s 39XHMPLF 205 s Oulpul Voltage V Cl 0 l 2 3 4 S 6 L4 U l2 Variable Lgn39lh in Figure 1 Calibration results for the linear motion potentiometer The diamond symbols represent data that was taken while the LMP was being closed The square symbols represent data that was taken while the LMP was being opened The solid line is the best t line to all the data The calculations to obtain the best t line are located in Appendix A Table 1 Performance speci cations calculated for the LMP The calculations for the values shown in the table are located in Appendix B DISCUSSION OF RESULTS The data shown in gure 1 clearly shows a linear trend with voltage increasing as the LMP position increases The residual plots gure 2 and gure 3 indicate that a typical data point is about 001 volts and 002 inches from the best t line The third data point the point at about 05 volts is about 10 times further away from the bestfit line than all the other data We have retained this point in our performance speci cation calculations but we recommend that a second set of calculations performed with this point excluded 39 The linearity of the LMP is 39 see table 1 This value is higher than anticipated because it is calculated with the residual of the worst point the third data point The standard deviation for the LMP is 0051 inches This value also seems large since the caliper that was used for the calibration has a resolution of 0001 inches A LMP wi i this standard deviation could not be as a milling machine readout transducer because the scatter would be too large a typical milling machine has a readout resolution of 00005 inches 5 DISCUSSION OF RESULTS m5 330 MH TRIX METHOD TO a8 r N V fNI EEQ EPT 39 AN 0 39gLopE FOR A HNEA K 5042 s 3 MN 39 quotX397 I Xu K2 5 39 r V l Xm 39CALIBRATON J KNOWN IN PUTS Fkom 39 quot MATRIX TRANSPOSE l r livIEASE Y 72 v 39 391n L TRANSDUCEQ OUTPUTS FROM anre Arw wamp w LL HAVE A MArHcID WORK S No To 0 OVER THIS METHOO IN LAB


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