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Engineering Acoustics

by: Roman Jaskolski

Engineering Acoustics ME 413

Roman Jaskolski
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 30 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roman Jaskolski on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 413 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/227903/me-413-university-of-idaho in Mechanical Engineering at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Two Dimensional Rectangular Cavity Note The axial coordinate is x not 2 Also the width of the waveguide in the y dimension is D and the length of the waveguide in the xdirection is L Define constants 7 7 7 343 p111 f2000 m2nf 7 30086 D153 M653 Uo01 D 2D a b j 71 3 2 o 001 3 3 c Set up summing index calculate kx and An MN 2 N30 n01N kxn geyofifl39 Define Functions for pressure and acoustic velocity N I cosk nXiL IL pXy Z JmAnWcos D n0 n n N sinkx x 7 D uxxy I 2 AnICOSHD1 n 0 ml YJJ N k L n0 n n Define spatial plotting region compute and plot acoustic pressure and velocity ix NX 50 1x 01 NX Xsta 0 Xendl L xix E Xendi Xstart Xstart iy Ny 50 1y r 01 Ny YStalt 0 yendr D yiy 1 Ny 39Yend YStaIt YStalt Pix iy pxix yiy Uxixiy luxxix yiy inxiy luyxix yiy Acoustic Velocity at Source I I I I I I 3 01 5 UK V U x 1 37 D 005 0 AL I I g I 0 002 004 005 008 01 012 Acoustic Pressure Acoustic Velocity in xDir UK UK Pressurefield 12quot Microphone Type 4134 Bruel at Kler Calibration Chart serial No 2060091 OpencircultSensltlvlty39 5 391 dB re 1VIPa Equivalent to 111 mVPa Uncertainty 95 96 confidence level 02 dB Capacitance 197 pF Valld At Temperature 23 C Ambient Static Pressure 1013 kPa Relative Humidity 50 Frequency 2512 Hz Polarization Voltage external 200 v Sensltivlty Traceable To DPLA Danish Primary Laboratory of Acoustics NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology USA IEC 10944 Type ws 2 P ANSI 112 Type M Envlronmental Callbratlon Condltlons 1019 kPa 22 C 31 RH Procedure 770001 Date 18 Dec 1997 Signature 393 39Ka 2 26 Sn Example Ko a 26 262 02 13 University of Idaho Mechanical Engineering 13913A SEE 32 9115quot dB Dotted Curve Shows Typical Response Actuator 2 0 20 50 100 200 500 1k 2k 5k 10k 20k 40k Sea the mlnmnhnnn handbook tor further information memnml H7 34 fgniversityof Idaho 0M Sm 0st MW 6 Vida ad add 3 F5 I Aims Iii quot 33J nwcfm l 3 3 32 313 giar um i xAmlb 4x A L ls 0 a no 8 H I g0 M73 GKL W m r1913 wing Q A3350 gunning as 45 355 Q s 548 Ocmnu BB2 gtCD om1 3c 2 f Universitygfldaho a qu m WM 21J ad Ii 2122 3 El 21 1 g 2H J39 2 R g P Tu quot39 R11 11quot in Maui T an m39m 1k owmwdms mmch bah u I c Mme u L 39yogj mm 52 M M Tquot 2quot 51241 tug15 gL 30 and quotkrmmhk WM 3 I Universityofldaho Now cwdu W MM PM an Qua NIL WC MO hKCOmpWL 5 14 1 twpcdamc Zn Gaunt 6h n b mcludw omL 0M3 6r we M maquot quotFquot Pubs I 304W Impedance 41gt which 0 39 Fquot 4 A ra MM 507 93 Universityofvldaho Fm m 4 a m39J I 39 g and 5M I h2ra 1 I K 39 A A i2 f 39 gg g L O A K M Omaha WHICH k at 4 ode 45 A A b3 0quot 0 7 K A 2 soL it 5 2 3 U U X a R a 39Rpr m n g if foam jg fo 003 h we wwca a ozamro me A 9852 53 9 9 2 aoz 39 Universityofldaho Lquot M gay 6 uqu Ma a M Q39w M a Teamwork LAW 6 1 quot39 in 4 1 w iw 0 L 3 j 4 sown l u L A1T ELF 4quot O o A 39t mLkLQ A 2 239 mt E La I 390 w Universityofldaho wovdm h A aqu F 1 COMM Mum honuni rim m N w swan you sputum af a human fu on me a a 3m 39hn the 73 Wk W rm M73 V V V pom AmsEkxuo w I Universityotldaho Mth 39chk r 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ouepuomsmmun NW LI n 2m 951 Universityof Idaho Rx A PM r A no a A mayquot w k w my am am g394 I jawma no gamw a nuamwx d c Mama m0 7 5306ng kin a 7 www 4 23931 b MWWJ39fgE WWW f 1 V 5 2quotv WM J a w WW auepuomsxenlun 3 Iquot


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