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Supreme Court Week 1 Notes

by: Austin Morse

Supreme Court Week 1 Notes PPOL 2802

Marketplace > University of Denver > Public Health > PPOL 2802 > Supreme Court Week 1 Notes
Austin Morse
GPA 3.9
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About this Document

Hi All! My name is Austin and I'm a notetaker for study soup! These are the week 1 notes for Supreme Court and Public Policy PPOL 2802. Hope these help make the class a little more manageable if...
Supreme Court and Public Policy
Professor Fusfeld
Class Notes
PPOL 2802 Supreme Court and Public Policy Fusfeld




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Austin Morse on Thursday March 24, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PPOL 2802 at University of Denver taught by Professor Fusfeld in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see Supreme Court and Public Policy in Public Health at University of Denver.

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Date Created: 03/24/16
1. Common Law (Original British Colonies)  a. Judge made law (e.g. Rancher lets cows graze on farmer’s grass→ Judge  decides who needs to put up a fence)  b. Face/Dispute Law creates constant opportunity for change  i. Idea is that the courts are adversarial, best decision will be made  c. Precedent  i. Idea of cultural norm  1. We should not change our rules so lightly  2. New Facts + Precedent = Slow Process of Change  ii. Apply rule  iii. Modify rule  iv. Create exception to rule  v. Overturn or Create new rule  2. Federalism   a. Two sovereign powers  i. FEDS: Specific Power­ requires authorization from enumerated powers  ii. STATES: Specific Prohibitions­ requires a prohibition in order to NOT do  something  1. 14th Amendment ­ extreme limitation to state power  a. Equal protection of the law  b. Due process clause  c. Applies the Bill of Rights to the states  2. Boling v. Sharp: segregation of schools in D.C. (Federal Enclave)  3. Interpretation  a. Specific vs. Vague  b. Originalism ­ Application?  i.  What would the founders have decided? OR  ii. What language would they use & how?  iii. E.g. FREEDOM of press, CRUEL & UNUSUAL, UNREASONABLE  search & seizure  c. Living ­ Use of vague principles *important for the Great Compromise  i. requires /authorizes current interpretation  ii. Trying to represent the majority of public opinion  Legal System Basics  Two levels of courts:  1. Trial Courts ­ find facts  a. 94 Fed. Trial Courts called District Courts   i. 2900 Judges  b. 14 Fed. Courts of Appeals   i. 2 deal with contracts & patents  ii. 12 geographically placed courts of appeals  2. Supreme Courts ­ can hear two types of cases  a. Disputes between states (rare)  b. Discretionary hearing of a case by a supreme court  i. Best way to be heard by supreme court is to have different rulings by  different courts  ii. Only requirement for supreme court justices is that they serve for life  iii. Supreme Court is the only court that is required     


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