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HVAC Systems

by: Roman Jaskolski

HVAC Systems ME 414

Roman Jaskolski
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roman Jaskolski on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ME 414 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/227906/me-414-university-of-idaho in Mechanical Engineering at University of Idaho.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Topic02 Equipdoc ME 414514 HVAC Systems Topic 2 Equipment Outline 21 The Complete System 22 The AirConditioning and Distribution System 23 Mechanical Equipment Airhandling Equipment Heating Equipment Boilers Furnaces Refrigeration Equipment Compressors 7 reciprocating scroll rotary centrifugal Pumps and Piping Controls and Instrumentation 24 AllAir Systems Singleair System Reheat System Variablevolume System Dualduct System Multizone System Low Temperature System 25 AirandWater Systems Air Water Induction System FanCoil Conditioner System 26 AllWater Systems 27 Unitary Air Conditioners Room Air Conditioners Throughthewall Conditioner System 28 Heat Pump Systems Heat Pump Types Groundcoupled Closed Loop Systems 29 Heat Recovery Systems 210 Thermal Storage A complete system is illustrated below Topicoz Equipdoc OutdumAu R elumAlv ExhaustAu R t I Hut Water Supply e1 Return PM Healmg Call A 0 Eul Er Hm Water Pump We Cuuhng Cal 6 Cther Cold Water CD Supply amp Return Water PW P Humldl er Supply Fan Supply Au Schematic for a complete HVAC system HVAC Zones Zone 7 a space requiring separate thermostatic control Spaces with unil39orm loads Ange open areas with small external loads For example auditoriums stores andtheaters 39 39 39 39 39 39 ofcleanliness humidity temperature or air distribution For example clean rooms computer rooms hospital operating arenas 39 For example of ces factories 39 39 39 39 a rural plant For example coll ege campuses research facilities industnal parks Mechanical Equipment Section I l 394 HVAC installati ons HVAC Systems 7 Load Control sensible heat 939 WAT a Q MAT 7 2a TopicOZ Equipdoc Aller Systems All L space Five examples are given in the below ConsKant Vamme Smg e Dun AueAw Svs em Exhaust Remm AN Av E E Dwscharge Dampers N0 NC Thermusm X I X D DA a Suppw Omswde X E AN AN Heatmg oohng 5 Fan COM COM WY Supp y Fan Swgna Figure 219 Constantvolume singleduct system TopicOZ Equipdoc Constantrvomme Rehea System Tn o 5 J Reheat 1D 20H Dwscharge 1 NC T DA Thermosta Q 5 43 ToZones gt Avr 500W Sn Fan Con 9 Exhaus X Fmer Figure 220 ConstantVolume reheat system TopicOZ Equipdoc Va ab erAerdume Svstem Exhaus X REMquot An Avr Zone Dampers Dampers 1 N0 Dwstharge 1 hevmosm 0 gm ToZones gt Avr Heatmg ouhng 5 Fan Can Can my Fmer gt Outswde X NC Av Figure 221 Variable air Volume VAV system TopicOZ Equipdoc Cons amVomme Dua Dun Anyw Sys em ang Box x Figure 222 Dualduct system TopicOZ Equipdoc Consxam Vomme Mummne AHVAN System Remm Av g eeeeeeee II Hmandco d ducmg one 1 gt Outswde X A Coohng X Can 1 u E FigureZZS Multizone system 39 rWa er Systems Conditioned air and water and supplied to a terminal unit at a zone Mixed Av Tammie Um Secondary AU Cenlval Flam Commoner Water Cundnmnad Aw Au Lump Exhaus Figure 21 AirWater System Schematic TopicOZ Equipdoc The terminal units cantake on many amelem con gurations We will discuss the following If T Mlxed AV gt Prlmary AH gt Names Damper Secondarv Cell C d lnduced on ensa e A Fan K AlrrWaler ndu lon Umt Induction systan Figure 224 AlleWater Systems central plant and pumped to the zone terminal unit Figure 225 TopicOZ Equipdoc Coonng Coil so 322 a i Outdoor gt AV 9 x we Him m A LWater System Schemam Awln Cnndmuned Space Wale Loop Tevmma Um Au Cemm Cnndninnsd mam WE Other HVAC systems Unitary air conditioners cooling Evaporative coolers Heat pumps heating and cooling Heat recovery systems Topic02 Equipdoc Other systems are described in the ASHRAE HVAC Systems and Equipment Handbook All Air Systems Advantages Disadvantages Mechanical Equipment can be isolated Additional duct clearance required This can reduce usable oor space and increase building height Complete absence of drain pipes electrical wiring and lters at the conditioned space Air balancing is difficult and requires great care Seasonal changeover very simple and easy to automate Very exible 7 heating and cooling can occur in different zones simultaneously Rooms can reduced to more can cause to foul Filtering can be done at the terminal unit however this requires frequent in motors or A temperature to control levels All Wate r Systems Advantages Disadvantages Central airhandlers and ductwork are not More maintenance required Often the required maintenance is done in occupied areas Unused zones can be shutdown form central control Units that have condensate and drip pans must be ushed and cleaned Individual room control with little or no chance of crosscontamination of 39 39 J air from one space to another Filters are small low in efficiency and require frequent replacement Easier to retrofit to existing buildings Ventilation is usually accomplished by opening windows or by installing outside wall vents Can save on fuel costs


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