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Quality Management

by: Rae Cole DDS

Quality Management BUS 456

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Business > BUS 456 > Quality Management
Rae Cole DDS
GPA 3.96

Scott Metlen

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About this Document

Scott Metlen
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rae Cole DDS on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS 456 at University of Idaho taught by Scott Metlen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/227911/bus-456-university-of-idaho in Business at University of Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Guide to Rating Critical amp Integrative Thinking Washington State University Fall 2006 For each of the seven criteria below assess the work by a circling speci c phrases that describe the work and writing comments b circling a numeric score Note A score of 4 represents competency for a student graduating from WSU 1 Identifies summarizes and appropriately reformulates the problem question or issue quot 39 39 39 Mastering 1 2 3 4 5 6 Does not attempt to or fails to Summarizes issue though some Clearly identifies the challenge and identify and summarize accurately aspects are incorrect or confused subsidiary embedded or implicit Nuances and key details are missing aspects of the issue Identifies or glossed over integral relationships essential to analyzing the issue Comments 2 Identifies and considers the in uence of context and assumptions quot 39 39 39 Mastering 1 2 3 4 5 6 Approach to the issue is in egocentric Presents and explores relevant Analyzes the issue with a clear sense or sociocentric terms Does not relate contexts and assumptions regarding of scope and context including an issue to other contexts cultural the issue although in a limited way assessment of audience Considers political historical etc other integral contexts Analysis is grounded in absolutes Analysis includes some outside Analysis acknowledges complexity and with little acknowledgment of own verification but primarily relies on bias of vantage and values although biases established authorities may elect to hold to bias in context Does not recognize context or surface Provides some recognition of context Identifies influence of context and assumptions and underlying ethical and consideration of assumptions and questions assumptions addressing implications or does so superficially their implications ethical dimensions underlying the issue Comments Contexts may include Culturalsocial Scientific Group national ethnic behaviorattitude Conceptual basic science scientific method Educational conomic Schooling formal training Trade business concerns costs Technologica Ethical Applied science engineering Values Political Personal Experience f 39 39 or 39 Personal observation informal character 3 Develops presents and communicates OWN perspective hypothesis or position Mastering 6 N 1 Position or hypothesis is clear y inherited or adopted with little original consideration Addresses a single source or view of the argument failing to clarify the established position relative to one39s own Fails to present and justify own opinion or forward hypothesis Position or hypothesis is unclear or simplistic 3 4 Position includes some original thinking that acknowledges refutes synthesizes or extends other assertions although some aspects may have been adopte Presents own position or hypothesis though inconsistently Presents and justifies own position without addressing other views or does so superficially Position or hypothesis is generally clear although gaps may exist 5 Position demonstrates ownership for constructing knowledge or framing original questions integrating objective analysis and intuition Appropriately identifies own position e issue drawing support from experience and information not available from assigned sources Clearly presents and justifies own view or hypothesis while qualifying or integrating contrary views or interpretations Position or hypothesis demonstrates sophisticated integrative thought and is developed clearly thmnnhmlr Comments 4 Presents assesses and analyzes appropriate supporting dataevidence Developing Mastering No evidence of search selection or source evaluation skills Repeats information provided without question or dismisses evidence without adequate justification Does not distinguish among fact opinion and value judgments Conflates cause and correlation presents evidence and ideas out of sequence Dataevidence or sources are simplistic inappropriate or not related to topic Demonstrates adequate skill in searching selecting and evaluating sources to meet the Information need Use of evidence is qualified and selective Discerns fact from opinion and may recognize bias in evidence although attribution is inappropriate Distinguishes causality from correlation though presentation may be flawed Appropriate dataevidence or sources provided although exploration appears to have been routine Evidence of search selection and source evaluation skills notable identification of uniquely salient resources Examines evidence and its source questions its accuracy relevance and completeness Demonstrates understanding of how facts shape but may not confirm opinion Recognizes bias including selection bias Correlations are distinct from causal relationships between and among ideas Sequence of presentation reflects clear organization of ideas subordinating for importance and im act Information need is clearly defined and integrated to meet and exceed assignment course or personal interests Comments 5 Integrates issue using OTHER disciplinary perspectives and positions Mastering 6 1 2 Deals with a single perspective and fails to discuss others perspectives Adopts a single idea or limited ideas with little question If more than one idea is presented alternatives are not integrated Engages ideas that are obvious or agreeable Avoids challenging or discomforting ideas Treats other positions superficially or misrepresents them Little integration of perspectives and little or no evidence of attending to others views No evidence of reflection or selfassessment 3 4 Begins to relate alternative views to qualify analysis Rough integration of multiple viewpoints and comparison of ideas or perspectives Ideas are investigated and integrated but in a limited way Engages challenging ideas tentatively or in ways that overstate the conflict May dismiss alternative views hastily Analysis of other positions is thoughtful and mostly accurate Acknowledges and integrates different ways of knowing Some evidence of reflection andor selfassessment 5 Addresses others perspectives and additional diverse perspectives drawn from outside information to qualify analysis Fully integrated perspectives from variety of sources any analogies are used effectively Integrates own and others ideas in a complex process of judgment and justification Clearly justifies own view while respecting views of others Analysis of other positions is accurate nuanced and respectful Integrates different disciplinary and epistemological ways of knowing Connects to career and civic responsibilities Evidence of reflection and selfassessment Comments 6 Identifies and assesses conclusions implications and consequences 2 Mastering 6 1 Fails to identify conclusions implications and consequences or conclusion is a simplistic summary Conclusions presented as absolute and may attribute conclusion to external authority 3 4 Conclusions consider or provide evidence of consequences extending beyond a single discipline or issue Presents implications that may impact other people or issues Presents conclusions as relative and only loosely related to consequences Implications may include vague reference to conclusions 5 Identifies discusses and extends conclusions implications and consequences Considers context assumptions data and evi ence Qualifies own assertions with balance Conclusions are qualified as the best available evidence within the context Consequences are considered a integrated Implications are clearly developed and consider ambiguities Comments 7 Communicates effectively 1 2 Developing l Mastering 5 6 In many places language obscures meaning Grammar syntax or other errors are distracting or repeated Little evidence of proofreading Style is inconsistent or inappropriate Work is unfocused and poorly organized lacks logical connection of ideas Format is absent inconsistent or distracting Few sources are cited or used correctly In general language does not interfere with communication Errors are not distracting or frequent although there may be some problems with more difficult aspects of style and voice Basic organization is apparent transitions connect ideas although they may be mechanical Format is appropriate although at times inconsistent Most sources are cited and used correctly Language clearly and effectively communicates ideas May at times be nuanced and eloquent Errors are minimal Style is appropriate for audience Organization is clear transitions between ideas enhance presentation Consistent use of appropriate format Few problems with other components of presentation All sources are cited and used correctly demonstrating understanding of economic legal and social issues involved with the use of information Comments Comments 2006 Overall Rating 7 Umv C zm 1 v v 0 w M enter for Teaching Learning amp Technology i ElLEl39Ji


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