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Psychology of Personality

by: Dorris Purdy

Psychology of Personality PSYC 310

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Psychlogy > PSYC 310 > Psychology of Personality
Dorris Purdy
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dorris Purdy on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 310 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/227924/psyc-310-university-of-idaho in Psychlogy at University of Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Existential Psychology Listen to the audio lecture while viewing these slides J Existence Precedes Essence You are not an object with fixed properties gt Like open or efficacious You create yourself your openness your efficacy etc by your choices each moment gtquotMan draws his own portrait and there is nothing but that portraitquot gtwe can choose to draw a different portrait now 1 The Angst of Human Existence Angst arises from awareness that gtyou are free but there is nothing on which to base your choices gt ANGUISH gtyou are utterly isolated your choices yours alone gt FORLORNNESS gtyou are powerless your actions at best trade offs gt DESPAIR gtyou will die J m e quotviimam The Fundamental Choice Cowardice an inauthentic life gtLive in denial of your freedom isolation powerlessness mortalit gtThink amp do as others think amp do Courage an authentic life gtChoose each moment to gtface the facts amp feel the angst gtexercise your freedom gtdespite your situation or history gtstay engaged in life gtdespite the absurdity Humanistic amp Existential Research Yes it can and has been done Humanistic Theory has inspired gtResearch on therapy process Rogers gtCauses amp effects of self determination Deci amp Ryan Existential Theory has inspired gtTerror Management Theory fear of death strengthens drive to give life meaning i Humanistic amp Existential Research But can you really study 0 SelfActualization gt How can we validate assessments of an unending idiosyncratic process o Phenomenological Experience gt How can we objectively assess subjective experience 0 Philosophic Assumptions gt Is there no objective meaning Is there free will Is the authentic path full ofjoy or angst Ll Humanistic amp Existential Research o The response of many humanistic and existential psychologists to these concerns has n gtto be unconcerned 0 They say gt We don t suffer from Physics Envy gtObjective methods reduce subjects to objects Ll psyesm p psyenaiaqy af persaneity Structural Model ID Psychoanalytic Perspective NW EGO Id Ego and Superego Mate gt Maybe Psycholog 310 Deperids Psychology of Personality SUPEREGO Neverl Listen to the audio lecmre while vieWing these slides psyesm p psyenaiaqy af persaneiity psyesm p psyenaiaqy af persaneity ID ID rirnary Wants gratification now gt innate and present at birth gt but it cannot reason plan anticipate Primitive conse uences gt Consls orbasm drive gt or grasp reality or actually DO anything pleasure principle except stimulate re exes amp gt GRATIFYME NOWl fantasies So drives rernalri unfulfilled gt Tension gt leldo gt psychic Energy psyesm p psyenaiaqy af persaneiity psyesm p psyenaiaqy af persaneity EGO EGO The part that perceives reality The Ego gratifies the ID se anticipates con ouehces decides What gtbut via the Realltl Principle WAIT for to o ire s a ion safe realistic appropriate time lace amp gtAll of which are called Secondary oblect Processes or E90 Functloris The Reality Principle amp the Pleasure To the extent the ego reduces the IDS Principle are in perpetual oon ict frustrations E o rnustwork to prevent unsafe gtThe energy generated by lD frustrations unrealistic inappropriate expreSSlons of eoo es bound or channeled into ego ID drives functions Psvcalu r Psychmaqv af Persanahtv SUPEREGO Internahze Parenta amp Socweta Va ues gt mrdweng parent gtenab es sew versus extema convo 2 components gt 1 Consoence gt 39om 5H the No Bad expe ences gt2 Ego dea gt 39om 5H the Ves Good H expe ences Forms bv 576 veers gt5 mp e unreasonab e morahsoc unconsooos Conflict and Anxiety Psvcalu r Psychmaqv af PersanaHV summon Mes u ra Anwetv Externa t r255 10 mDu ses awe Evolutionary Psychology Psychology 310 Psychology of Personality Listen to the audio lecture while viewing these slides Ll Psyc 310 7 Psychology of Personallty Natural Selection I o Is the engine of evolution 0 Selects genes not individuals 0 To understand natural selection you must gt imagine you are a gene in a sperm or egg gt Your vssel or host person is a transient tooldesigned to gt transmit enes gt not necessarily live long amp prosper amp be happy Psyc 310 7 Psychology of Personallty Natural Selection K gt15 a process without a purpose gtTherefore it may select for all of the following gtaggression and cooperation gtlust and resignation gtselfishness and altruism gtand so on gtAs one example consider altruism Psyc 310 7 Psychology of Personallty Why might quotAltruismquot be selected environments to OOnSI er a gt Not those of the last ten thousand years gt But those of the lastseveral hundred thousand years at least gt Typically huntergatherer bands of 50 individua s 0 Given the rate at which selection occurs the re Psyc 310 7 Psychology of Personality Why might quotAltruismquot be selected I o In these small bands gt people genetically predisposed to respond to a quotHELPquot gtoften directly or indirectly helped genetically related individuals ie who shared that quothelperquot gene 0 Thus Genetic Fitness Inclusive Fitness gt Succss of all genetic relatives including yourse gtweighted by their fertility x relatedness s c 310 7 Psychology of Personality Evolutionary Psychology Predicts a Universal Human Nature 0 Certain challenges were universal during our evolutionary 39 on gt getting along selfprotection mating 0 Genes that helped their hosts to respond to these challenges in ways that increased inclusive fitness were selecte gt genes for oooperation aggression dsire gt thse capacities oonstitute a universal human ture ii Psyc 310 7 Psychology of Personality Evolutionary Psychology Also Sex Differences I behaviors 0 Females amp Males faced different challenges gtespecialy in domain of mating o Sexlinked genes that helped their hosts to respond to these challenges in ways t a increased inclusive fitness were selected gtSex Differences especially in mating Predicts Psyc 310 7 Psychology of Personality During our evolutionary history K Given the sex differences in maxim sex would it be more adaptive to be interested in many partners be competitive and aggressive with higher standards for having sex um number minimum investment in offspring in which obtaining and retaining mating opportunities respect to J Psyc 310 7 Psychology of Personality Study Results The following tabie shows the questions asked and what percent of fema le students vs male smde quotYesquot to each Would you go out with me tonight 50 Would you come over my apartment tonight 6 Would you go to bed w th me tonight 0 m3 answered Males 5 0 6 9 7 5 Psyc 310 7 Psychology of Personality During our evolutionary history I how many children could a male versus a female have in a given year was the variation in the total number of offspring greater for males or females as the quotminimum necessary parental investmentquot greater for males or females Psyc 310 7 Psychology of Personality Consider the following study Clark RD amp Hat eld E 1989 Gender differences in receptivity to ema o ers Journaof Psignoogz and Human Segment 2 3 Male or female research assistants posing as regular students approache 39 er differences in receptivity to sexual offer


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