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Training and Performance Support

by: Dorris Purdy

Training and Performance Support PSYC 450

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Psychlogy > PSYC 450 > Training and Performance Support
Dorris Purdy
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dorris Purdy on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 450 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/227929/psyc-450-university-of-idaho in Psychlogy at University of Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
W When to Use Job Aids Psychology 450550 Trainmg amp Performance Support Appropriate when 0 Sequence is critical to success or failure of the task 0 Enhances the confidence of the performer 0 Consequences of worker error is high 0 Task is rarely used or infrequently performed 0 Task is easy to get wrong Ch 3 Willmore 2006 2i When considering whether a job aid is appropriate one thing to keep in mind is whether the task is something that is difficult to remember In general if it is something that is easy to forget and an error is potentially costly then one would probably want to develop a job aid To provide some more speci c guidance job aids would be appropriate under the following circumstances When the sequence is critical to success or failure of the task If it is important for a series of steps to be followed in a particular order you may want to use a job aid instead of relying on the individual s memory They may also be used because it enhances the confidence of the worker A job aid is nice to have just in case something happens for example you will frequently see information on how to perform CPR in many childcare centers Most if not all workers have been trained on CPR but it may make the workers more comfortable to have the job aid there just in case they need to perform CPR Consequences of error is high As mentioned in the previous example one wants to ensure that they give CPR correctly thus having a job aid with the proper steps illustrated will help ensure that the procedure is done correctly as an error could be fatal Task is rarely used or infrequently performed so it is difficult for employees to remember Task is easy to get wrong Perhaps it involves a number of steps or there are a lot of things to consider Appropriate when 0 Job depends on frequently changing information 0 Superior alternative to some training 0 Task is complex but can be easily described in detail 0 Task requires a large body of information to be completed successfully c There is high turnover and the task is perceived to be simple 0 Lack of time andor resources for training Ch 3 Willmore 2006 Rossett amp Shafer 2007 3amp1 Job depends on frequently changing information and one wouldn t expect the employee to remember it a Superior alternative to some training It might be more cost effective to incorporate a job aid than to have all the employees go through training For example let s say that you want your employees to follow a particular script when answering the phone You could train people to memorize the script but they may forget it anyway It might just be easier to write the script down and place it near their phone Task is complex but can be easily described in detail If the task can be broken down and described it may be helpful to have a job aid for the employee to consult Task requires a large body of information to be completed successfully A job aid can help manage the information so the employee doesn t forget anything important There is high turnover and the task is perceived to be simple If turnover is high you probably don t want to invest a lot of money in training for fear that as soon as the employees are training they will leave As a result you may want to simplify the job and provide job aids to ensure that workers can get quickly up to speed Finally a lack of time and or resources for training can force you to rely more on job aids One must be careful though that job aids are an appropriate solution If the problem is skillbased ie employees lack a particular skill a job aid Will not help39 in that case you may need to select for employees with those skills if you cannot afford to train employees to acquire the skills NOT appropriate when 0 Job aid could damage credibility 0 Job aid would slow performance 0 Environment doesn t lend itself to a job aid eg novel and unpredictable situations 0 Consulting a job aid might decrease customer confidence Willmore 2006 4amp1 There are of course also situations where job aids are not appropriate In general if the problem is not related to worker memory but is more a problem with worker skills than you should focus on training or selecting employees with those skills More speci cally the following situations would not be appropriate for job aids When job aids could damage credibility with your coworkers and0r boss Those you work with may question your ability if they notice that you have to rely on job aids to complete some of your job tasks J0b aid would slow performance In some cases you need to be able to respond right away and perform the task relatively quickly A police officer responding to a call for help doesn t usually have the time to consult a job aid he or she needs to respond very quickly The environment doesn t lend itself to a job aid It might be a situation that is very dynamic and unpredictable you may have to be prepared to deal with a wide range of situations As a result it is very difficult to develop a job aid that can capture all the different possible scenarios C0nsulting a job aid might decrease customer confidence Your customer might expect you to know the procedure by heart The example in the textbook regarding doctors is a good one You probably don t want your doctor looking at a job aid moments before starting a procedure on you Most of us would probably want the procedure to be so wellleamed that the doctor wouldn t need a job aid


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