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Introduction to Social Psychology

by: Dorris Purdy

Introduction to Social Psychology PSYC 320

Marketplace > University of Idaho > Psychlogy > PSYC 320 > Introduction to Social Psychology
Dorris Purdy
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dorris Purdy on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 320 at University of Idaho taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/227931/psyc-320-university-of-idaho in Psychlogy at University of Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Ll lil39a reiiy Wrath Health Psychology Psychology 320 Social Psychology Listen to the audio leclure while viewing these slides J Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Behavioral Focus L1 i 0 Stress 0 Pain 0 Risk Factor Modification 0 AdherenceCompliance 0 Chronic Illness o Vices Smoking Drinking Eating 0 Exercise Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Pain 0 Phantom Limb Pain 0 Chronic pain in an absent body part 0 All amputees report sensation 1371 pain 0 Loss of body part as adult 0 Missing neural activity means pain messages are not inhibited Gate Control Theory Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology 0 Acute Pain can be controlled stopped through stimulation of unrelated large sensations o Stub your toe rub your thigh Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Distraction o Choking o Raise your arms 0 Hiccup 0 Hold your breath Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Coping with Stress ampjain o Hypnosis o placebo for those who are not suggestible 0 Relaxation Training 0 Lowers blood pressure even 312 mo later 0 Biofeedback 0 Behavior modification 0 Don t reinforce pain communication Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Conceptualizing Illness 7 0 Identity of the disease 0 Feel symptoms congruent with label 0 Time line 0 Consequences of the disease 9 l o cure helplessness 9 no 39 healthcare 0 Cause of the disease d Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Sick Role L1 i 7 0 Being sick is not the sick person39s fault 0 Being sick relieves the sick person of normal responsibilities 0 A sick person will take steps to get well Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Hospital Patient Role 0 Obey rules 0 Nonperson treatment 0 Lack of information 0 Loss ofoontrol Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Bad patient 0 May exacerbate illness 0 Compromise care from medical staff Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Good Patient 0 More attention from hospital staff 0 Helplessness o Passiveness 0 Can include withholding important information o Depression depletion of norepinephrine 9compromised immune ctn 141 Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Children 0 Only 13rd get psychological preparation 0 Parent anxiety 0 Constant reassurance is not effective 0 Selftalk relaxation training peer models 0 Better than valium o Videotapes adult peer no video 0 Parents present or not 0 Tapes were effective especially when parents are present Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Adherenceinot Compliance 0 Appointments 75 of selfscheduled 0 Only 50 of other scheduled o Cure treatment gt preventative treatment 0 77 gt 63 0 Waiting room 0 More than 1 hr 40 adherence 0 Less than 30 minutes 80 adherence g Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Take your medicine L i 0 Physical Symptoms 0 Duration of treatment shorter is better 0 Complexity of treatment 0 1 pill a day 88 o 4 pills a day 39 o Cued pills based on daily rhythms Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Who isn t taking their medicine 0 Those with no social support 0 Low responseefficacy 0 Cultural norms or alternative medicine 0 People who are NOT Obsessive compulsive Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Talking to the DoctoL 0 Doctor is relaxed and doing a routine beh 0 Patient doesn t know jargon or procedure 0 52 of patients cannot correctly report what the doctor wanted them to do 0 Confidence in the doctor more listening 0 Important for elderly patients g Psyc 320 7 Social Psychology Talking to the Doctor 0 Physicians overestimate adherence Severe Dagnusls Ecreases Anxle Anehueh MlnDrDlagnDSlS ecrease Decreases Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Chronic Illness 0 Sick role is inappropriate 0 Coping strategies often don t work 0 Relationships undergo stress 0 Uncertainty esp cancerincurables 0 Age of onset Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Issues of bt y fat NOT WEIGHT 0 Setpoint internal thermostat working on the basis of fat 0 Slows metabolism if fat drops 0 Speeds up metabolism if fat increases Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Starvationixperi ments o WWII conscientious objectors o 36 men ate regularly for 3 months 0 Average intake was 3500 calday 0 Half rations to reduce body weight to 75 0 Rapid weight loss at firstbut then further reduction was required 0 Irritable could not meet in groups more physical aggression even though they were vew religious Apathetic neglectful of appearance loss of interest in sex E Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Re feedi ng 0 After 6 mo of half rations or less 0 Remained obsessed with food and ate whenever permitted 0 Gained back their loss and more 0 Remained preoccupied with food and did not return to their prestarvation mood levels 3 Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Weight gain studies 0 Normal prisoners 0 Feed them well and limit physical activity Again there was a plateau 0 Double calories was needed to gain weight 0 Some never were able to gain the 2030 pounds even at 10k calories per day 0 Once gained it was easily lost for all but two men who had a family histow ofobesity E Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Fat and Healthy 0 Absolutely possible 0 Some amount of body fat is NECESSARY 0 Especially for women 0 Distribution of Fat on the Body 0 What s the health part 0 Cholesterol 6 more a problem for men than women until menopause 0 Extremely ovenNeight increases stress on joints and can lead to premature arthritis 3 Psyc 320 7 Soclal Psychology Fat and Fit 0 Exercise 0 The male option bulking up 0 Risk exerciseaddictionquot obsession o Decreased depression amp Socially imposed guilt 0 Not a lot ofsocial approval for this option 0 Dieting o The female option 0 Very rare without yoyo effects 0 CHANGES in body weight and fat are harmful to the body Psvc 320 7 Social Psvcnologv Disordered Eating if 7 o Anorexia Nervosa 0 Most fatal psychological disorder 0 fat fear 0 No guilt o Socially supported 0 Bulimia o More treatable 0 Some reinforcement o Expensive U may Sasha Social Psychology Psychology 320 Social Psychology Llslehtu the audl lemre vlhliE vlevvlng lhese SildES Psvc 32m 7 Enclal Psychnln v Definition 0 The scientific study of the way in which people39s thoughls feelings and behaviors are influenced by the rml or imagined presence of other people PSVESZD r Enclal Psychnlnuv Di 39 ctions of Social Psychology 0 Interest in perceptions or co social situations not the obj rElity of the social world 0 Experimentally based science nstmals of ective Psvc 32m 7 Enclal Psychnlnuv Social Psychology isn39t 0 Folk Wisdom 0 Philosophy Sociology 0 Personality Psychology Psvcazu r Enclal Psychnln v Historical Roofs o Plato crowd mind Triplett 1898 Cycling fishing reels and tug of war I Social fadliba on VS sodal loafing WWII I Social In uence Fleeing reseamhersiKurt Lewin Cl us Government needed help in uencing 39u39zers l Psvc 32m 7 Enclal Psychnln v Cognition o USA Behaviorism Skinner o Eumpe Gstalt Tradition not Experience changes s mulLs Computer Metaphor social Cognition AS if39 l Psvc 320 7 Social Psvcnologv Guiding Principles I o Motivated Construals 0 Positive view of self 0 Accurate view of situation 0 Processing 0 Conservatism Miserliness 0 Accessibility 0 Superficiality vs Depth


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