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Study Guide

by: Miss Esmeralda Watsica

Study Guide Study Guide

Miss Esmeralda Watsica
GPA 3.53


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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Esmeralda Watsica on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Study Guide at University of Idaho taught by Biochem in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/227935/study-guide-university-of-idaho in Biology Molecular Cell & Dev at University of Idaho.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
MMBB 255 General Microbiology Lab Practical 1 Study Guide Approximately 25 stations around 4 min at each and no going back 100 pts Questions at the back of each experiment are fair game except for those that need a text book in order to answer Can you Use a microscope Describe Cellular and Colony Morphologies Do a Wet Mount Hanging Drop or smear Do a Gram stain from memory the others you can look up Interpret all the staining results encountered Design an enrichment scheme for an organism if given some background info Streak for Isolation Use a balance pH Meter and Hydrometer Understand how fermented juices and solid foods are made Do aseptic technique and use the correct sterilization method for various samples Tell when there is growth in on broth or plates Use controls correctly Do a serial Dilution Do a spread plate or pour plate Count colonies of statistical validity and calculate the starting concentration Use a Spectrophotometer both analog and digital Graph using Semilog paper a growth curve and calculate doubling time Interpret carbohydrate ferm enzyme production Oz growth requirements motility tests Further Hints Safety Microscope partsoperation Be able to describe Cellular and Colony Morphologies Know when how and why to use hanging drop wet mount and smears for samples either from liquids or from plates or solids Staining Types of dyes and terminology types of techniques how why and the interpretation of the Simple Gram Negative AcidFast and Spore staining methods Know the Gram stain steps reagents theory and a bacterial species for the negative and positive results Enrichments De ne Be able to interpret the results of the various types of enrichments we did and understand how they enriched for whatever organisms ie the key ingredients environmental factors etc Know the names of the organisms Food Ferrnentations Know how each process works Know the key organisms involved Be able to analyze ie titration pH hydrometer etcrecognize each process done in lab Know sterilization techniques aseptic techniques serial dilutions and how to interpret a series of tubes for growth taking into account controlsiwhat are they used for7 and the environmental factors What is agar and why temper it before use Be able to generate graph and label a growth curve How to calculate doubling time How to measure cell numbers all techniques mentioned Understand how each biochemical test works Be able to interpret the results for negative or positive Know also how to determineinterpretation of motility and oxygen requirements


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