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Topics Partial Differential Equations

by: Baron Will

Topics Partial Differential Equations 22M 324

Marketplace > University of Iowa > Mathematics (M) > 22M 324 > Topics Partial Differential Equations
Baron Will
GPA 3.56

Lihe Wang

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About this Document

Lihe Wang
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Baron Will on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 22M 324 at University of Iowa taught by Lihe Wang in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/227990/22m-324-university-of-iowa in Mathematics (M) at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
A Proposal Requesting Partial Funding from MSRI for a Regional Mathematics Conference The Midwest Geometry Conference MGC May 18720 2007 Three Full Daysl The University of Iowa We are seeking support from the MSRl in the amount of 3000 to help un derwrite a geometry conference MGC at The University of Iowa in May of 2007 MGC is a series of annual conferences and it is in all likelihood the largest such regularly organized meetings in the subject areas of geometry geometric analysis and mathematical physics Even though traditionally MGC has had a more regional avor for reasons outlined below this MGC 07 in particular will now have a substantial international participation attendance and speakers from around the country and indeed from around the globe much more so than the earlier MGCs Speakers and topics Our program will focus on seven interrelated areas all connected to conformal geometry The invited main speakers who so far responded favorably are Professors lvan Avramidi New Mexico Alice Chang Princeton University Mike Eastwood Uni versity of Adelaide Rod Gover University of Auckland Peter Gilkey University of Oregon Robin Graham University of Washington Gestur Olafsson Louisiana State University Bent rsted University of Aarhus Denmark William Ugalde Purdue University Paul Yang Princeton University Main topics include o pharmonic geometry geometric ows complex and Riemannian geometry conformal geometry Qcurvature convex geometry minimal varieties symmetric criticality and algebraic geometry PDE s geometric measure theory mathematical physics eigi functional determinants of conformal opera tors on 4manifolds Minimal summary details In each of the last two years late in May there have been geometry conferences in the region And now for May 2007 it will take place at The University of Iowa The 2007 MGC is planned to be bigger than its precursors and there are good reasons for why this is so details below 1 2 MIDWEST GEOMETRY CONFERENCE MAY 18720 2007 The official conference name is The Midwest Geometry Conference MGC 2007 and it will take place in The Department of Mathematics with help from the Physics Department of The University of Iowa Iowa City Background The planning of MGC 2007 had been started by Professor Tom Branson but as I expect you know Tom Branson died suddenly and tragically on March 11 2006 A group of Tom Branson s colleagues former students and postdocs here at the University of Iowa is now working on making into reality this conference MGC that Tom envisioned to take place here in May 2007 We can now announce that MGC 07 will go forward The 2007 Midwest Geometry Conference MGC 07 will take place at The University of Iowa Iowa City IA from Friday May 18th through Sunday May 20th Aside from being a wonderful colleague and a world class mathematician over the years Tom has sel essly played a leading role in putting together conferences and workshops in geometry geometric analysis and mathematical physics that have greatly enhanced and improved the infra structure in mathematics and its neighbor ing disciplines The conferences and Tom s inspiration have been vital for graduate students postdocs faculty and senior researchers alike The MGC is planned as a threeday conference with plenary speakers and parallel sessions for three full days May 18720 2007 at The University of Iowa Budget We anticipate ten plenary speakers and an attendance of a little more than one hundred To support them we hope to raise at least 25000 and this will include the 33 12K award we have from the NSF We have NSF support 12K and support from our college 34K As it turned out there is now a lot more interest in MGC2007 and our plans have become more ambitious I have reason to believe that Tom Branson was planning to request MSRI funding Close to 100 of the total will go into participant support For refreshments and such we expect to charge a modest registration fee We hope to pay most of the local expenses for those participants who will not be able to pay with grants of their own and to help pay travel for plenary speakers Organization The local faculty organizers are Professors Oguz Durumeric Palle Jorgensen Walter Seaman from math and Vincent Rodgers from the physics department We have an external scienti c committee consisting of Professors Mike East wood University of Adelaide Rod Gover University of Auckland Gestur Olafsson Louisiana State University Lawrence Peterson University of North Dakota In addition a number of faculty and graduate students in both the mathematics and the physics departments at The University of Iowa expressed a strong interest in the conference The MGC conferences play a big role for the crossfertilization in our eld which has now turned into an interdisciplinary subject Furthermore in March 2006 when Tom died he was teaching a big graduate course 22M2324 leading into the topics of the conference Several of us are helping this course to move forwar MIDWEST GEOMETRY CONFERENCE MAY 18720 2007 3 MGC 2007 has strong local support including from our Chair Professor David Manderscheid Math University of Iowa In addition to the local organizers many other colleagues on campus support MGC 07 The list includes Charles Frohman Fred Goodman Tuong TonThat Lihe Wang in math and William Klink Vin cent Rodgers Wayne Polyzou Meurice Yannick in physics As the record shows the MGCs have been successful in attracting under represented groups women and minorities to our profession Scienti c justi cation for the timing and program Our scienti c justi cation for MGC 07 is substantial details below It begins with Tom s planning for this 2007 version of the Midwest Geometry Conference It was already well under way when he died so suddenly only a few weeks ago Moreover Tom s planning goes far beyond logistics more importantly it includes graduate courses Tom taught here on campus work with postdocs research collaborations and quite a number of workshops and minicourses Tom had organized and taught around the world in Europe in Singapore and in Korea Conference details httpwwwmathuiowaeduMGC2007 Since Tom shortly before he died had discussed various logistics issues for MGC with some of us we were able to step in and to continue Tom s preparations For example Tom had already secured some nancial support and we immedi ately made sure that this modest partial participant support from the NSF and from our university will stay As it turned out in fact there is now even more enthusiasm worldwide for the conference As a result it will likely be more ambitious than say the last two MGCs That is good but it also means that existing funding is disproportionally small Especially when keeping in mind that the MGC conferences typically but not always have had a regional avor Based on numbers from earlier MGC conferences and on recent correspondence with colleagues we expect that the total number of participants will be around 100 with a third from abroad It is also clear that we will continue to successfully attract traditionally underrepresented groups women and minorities as well as graduate students and younger researchers We have coordinated our plans for MGC 2007 with the organizers of related conferences and workshops for example the 2006 lMA Summer Program organized by Professors Willard Miller and Mike Eastwood The 2006 lMA event will include a workshop and minicourses for graduate students and postdocs They will introduce the research topics which are planned for MGC 07 Indeed we will be able to have MGC 2007 at the University of Iowa build directly on the 2006 lMA summer program The following link to our department website illustrates the potential impact of the proposed research as well as the timeliness of each of the seven interrelated subject areas the conference will cover http wwwmathuiowaedubransonmemorialhtm 4 MIDWEST GEOMETRY CONFERENCE MAY 18720 2007 Rationale background scienti c justi cation and outlook Rationale The conference will combine themes from geometry physics and symmetry To a large extent it is motivated by Tom s work which is a distinguished as a highly original blend of these three elements Many of Tom s collaborators are from around the country and indeed from around the glo e Background In the 1980s Tom s research on conformal invariance was signif icantly ahead of its time In all his research Tom utilized to a great effect the natural interplay between this invariance and the underlying symmetry groups In ee Tom s work continues to motivate and inspire a thriving and impressive international research effort Scienti c justi cation These developments really took off and grew into active research trends in the 1990s and they continue with even stronger momentum up to the present Many of the invited main speakers have contributed to the various research trends that Tom started om is especially known for introducing an extremely important and subtle quantity known as Branson s Qcurvature77 now seen as absolutely fundamental in conformal geometry And then Tom s recent and very active work further devel oped Qcurvature and it pursued many other aspects of symmetry invariance and geometry too varied to list here many include applications to physics The impact of what Tom started will always be felt A partial list of faculty from MSRI academic sponsoring institutions with in terest in MGC 0 7 0 Georgia lnstitute of Technology 0 Eric A Carlen 0 Michael Lacey 0 Wing Suet Li 0 lndiana University 0 John L Challifour o Jiri Dadok 0 Bob Glassey 0 Roger Temam 0 Kansas State University 0 Louis Crane 0 Gerald Hoehn 0 Alexander Ramm 0 LSU 0 Scott Baldridge o Jacek M Cygan 0 Mark Davidson 0 Ray Fabec o Gestur Olafsson 0 Boris Rubin 0 Ohio State University 0 Henri Moscovici 0 Steve Rallis 0 Robert Stanton MIDWEST GEOMETRY CONFERENCE MAY 18720 2007 Pennsylvania State University 0 0 Nigel Higson 0 John Roe 0 Victor Nistor 0 Adrian Ocneanu Purdue University 0 Steven Bell 0 Harold Donnelly 0 Richard Penney 0 William Ugalde Rice University 0 Robert Hardt 0 John C Polking 0 Stephen Semmes 0 Mike Wolf Seoul National University 0 Hyeonbae Kang o HyeongIn Choi Texas AampM University 0 Stephen Fulling 0 Peter Kuchment University of California Berkeley 0 R Michael Christ 0 L Craig Evans 0 Isadore M Singer 0 Maciej Zworski UCLA 0 James Ralston o Terence Tao o Veeravalli Varadarajan University of Georgia 0 Malcolm R Adams 0 Jason Cantarella 0 Joseph H G Fu 0 Ken Johnson University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign 0 Richard S Laugesen 0 Dirk Hundertmark University of Iowa 0 Fred Goodman o Oguz Durumeric 0 Charles Frohman o Palle Jorgensen 0 Vincent Rodgers 0 Walter Seaman o Lihe Wang MIDWEST GEOMETRY CONFERENCE MAY 18720 2007 0 University of Kentucky 0 usse rown o Zhongwei Shen 0 Peter D Hislop 0 Peter Perry 0 University of Maryland 0 Carlos Berenstein 0 Rebecca Herb 0 University of Michigan 0 J elfrey Lagarias 0 John W Lott 0 Hugh Montgomery 0 Scott Wolpert 0 University of Missouri 0 Mark Ashbaugh o Nakhle Asmar 0 Fritz Gesztesy 0 Alex losevich o Konstantin Makarov 0 University of Notre Dame 0 Brian Hall 0 Francois Ledrappier 0 University of Pennsylvania 0 Christopher Croke 0 Jerry L Kazdan 0 Wolfgang Ziller 0 University of Toronto 0 James Colliander 0 Robert McCann 0 Israel Michael Sigal 0 University of Wisconsin 0 Sigurd Angenent o Mikhail Feldman o Aobing Li 0 Andreas Seeger 0 Wayne State University 0 Guoz en Lu Outlook Finally we stress that Tom s recent work on a speci c class of confor mally covariant operators nowadays often called BransonPaneitz operators has been extraordinarily in uential and it is widely cited For example it has led to Tom s collaboration with Alice Chang and Paul Yang both at Princeton on the functional determinants of the conformal Laplacians on 4manifolds This work in turn has spun off several new trends in geometry and in mathematical physics which are again currently extremely active On behalf of the organizers Palle J orgensen Professor of Mathematics University of Iowa httpwwwmathuiowaeduNjorgen MIDWEST GEOMETRY CONFERENCE MAY 18720 2007 Appendix A list of Tom Branson s coauthors lvan Avramidi New Mexico Tech iavramidnmtiedu Collin Bennett Loyola Univ USA Novica Blazic Univ of Belgrade Yugoslavia blazicn mathfibgiaciyu Neda Bokan Univ of Belgrade Yugoslavia nbo an miisanuiaciyu Andreas Cap Univ of Vienna Austria andi esiiaciat SunYung Alice Chang Princeton University USA chang mathiprincetoniedu Michael Eastwood Univ of Adelaide Australia meastwoomathsiadelaideieduau Stephen Fulling Texas AampM University fulling mathitamuiedu Peter Gilkey Univ of Oregon USA gilkeyuoregoniedu Rod Cover Univ of Auckland New Zealand rgoveraucklandiacinz Oussama Hijazi Univ of Nancy France hijazi iecniunancyifr Klaus Kirsten Baylor Univ USA klauskirstenbayloriedu Yvette KosmannSchwarzbach Polytechnique France yksmathpolytechniqueifr Ralph Lano Germany RalphiLanofhhofide Gestur Olafsson LSU USA olafsson mathilsuiedu Bent rsted Univ of Aarhus Denmark orsted imfiauidk Angela Pasquale Univ de Metz France pasquale mathiunivmetzifr Antoni Pierzchalski Univ of Lodz Poland antonimathuniilodzipl Juha Pohjanpelto Oregon State Univ USA juhamathoregonstateiedu Vincent Rodgers Univ of Iowa USA vincentrodgersuiowaiedu Henrik Schlichtkrull Univ of Copenhagen Denmark schlichtmathkuidk WilliHans Steeb University of Johannesburg South Africa whsnarauiaciza Dmitri Vassilevich Univ of Leipzig Germany vassilitplunileipzigide Paul Yang Princeton University USA yang mathiprincetoniedu Takeshi Yasuda Univ of Iowa USA takeshiyasudauiowaiedu


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