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Plasma Physics I

by: Raquel Schoen

Plasma Physics I 029 194

Raquel Schoen
GPA 3.64


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Raquel Schoen on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 029 194 at University of Iowa taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/228015/029-194-university-of-iowa in Physics and Astronomy at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
9 5 F 533 7 9 0292194 Plasma Physics I Summary Detailed Outline Plasma Physics I of 029194 The Overall Framework of Plasma Physics connecting the motion of particles to electromagnetic e ds Vector Calculus and curvilinear coordinates Characteristic Scales of a Plasma a Debye length and Debye shielding b Plasma parameter 3 Mean free path d Plasma frequency e Larmor radius and cyclotron frequency f Plasma beta Multiple timescale methods Single Particle Motion and Drifts a Larmor Motion b E X B Drift c VB Drift d Curvature drift e Polarization drift f Ponderomotive Force Simple numerical modeling of plasma behavior using Matlab Adiabatic Invariance a First Adiabatic lnvariant b Second Adiabatic lnvariant 3 Third Adiabatic lnvariant Magnetic Mirror Machine a Mirror ratio b Mirror force 3 Use of adiabatic invariants to determine motion d Pitch angle e Loss Cone 9i Collisions a Large vsl small angle collisions b Coulomb collision frequency 0 Resistivity 10 Plasma Descriptions and their relation a Klimontovich Equation b Plasma Kinetic EquationVlasov Equation 0 Two Fluid Equations d MHD Equations e Cold Plasma Equations f Velocity moments of kinetic equation g Closure Problem h Equations of State ii Adiabatic iii Double Adiabatic iii lsothermal ivi Cold Plasma i Ohmls Law 11 MHD Equations a MHD Approximation b Relation to Two Fluid Equations 0 Frozenin Flux d Clebsch Coordinates e Derivation of MHD Dispersion relation f Characteristic MHD Waves Alfv n Fast7 and Slow g Determination of linear eigenfunctions 12 MHD Equilibrium a Hopfls Theorem b Forcefree vsl Forcebalanced equilibria c Forcefree equilibria in cylindrical coordinates d Forcebalanced equilibria in cylindrical coordi e Forcebalanced equilibria in toroidal geometry and GradShafranov equation 13 Cold Plasma Equations a Cold Plasma Approximation b Cold7 Unmagnetized Plasma Dispersion Relation c Plasma Oscillations d Modi ed Light Waves e Electrostatic vsi electromagnetic 14 Warm7 Unmagnetized Plasma Waves nite Te a Difference from Cold Plasma Equations b Dispersion relation c Langmuir Waves d lon Acoustic Waves 15 Finding limits of plasma behavior 16 Fusion a CNO and pp cycles b D T reaction c Lawson criterion d Magnetic Con nement e lnertial Con nement 2 Fundamentals learned in 0292194 Plasma Physics I lmportant physics topics 1 Important plasma length and time scales 2 Single particle drifts 3i Kinetic7 two uid7 and MHD systems and their relation 4 Basic MHD waves 5 Waves in an Unmagnetized Plasma Mathematical and technical skills 1 Use of vector notation and vector calculus 2 Use of the NRL Plasma Formulary 3 Basics of Multiple Timescale methods 4 Making equations dimensionless 5 Simple numerical modeling of plasmas using Matlab 6i Linearization of a system of equations and derivation of its dispersion relation 7 Taking limits to simplify equations


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