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Nonprofit Organiz Effectiveness II

by: Bradford Lakin

Nonprofit Organiz Effectiveness II 06J 148

Marketplace > University of Iowa > Business, management > 06J 148 > Nonprofit Organiz Effectiveness II
Bradford Lakin
GPA 4.0


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bradford Lakin on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 06J 148 at University of Iowa taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/228026/06j-148-university-of-iowa in Business, management at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Core requirements Innovative Instructional Technology Award D Y00 f 0f GOWG Pt testing new tech iw cLass setting lwwovative not used Previewng for web based Learwiwg 0 er fuwctiowaLLH com Petitive with quotthe high Price spread I D D Focus 0w iwstructiow ewhawciwg distawce Lemming 1 com be repLioated through it big YES D GYOSS diSGL PLLIba Y5 j uwdergmd 51va 2 grant course offeriwgs Other ways project was significant Desigw exib LLLtg Mbiquitg Commodita commuwicatiows device Low cost DUUUU CoLLabom cLow amowg service wits The project in a nutshell DEVELOP th39wal gmcmt ww nmdLoawlw wwfcvcwciwg cnpnbLLLties to memv th qan39Ltg Ext va thz access Lowzv th cost amt Lanmmz th fensibilitg ofstbwlzwt pnkt c pntiow bzgowvl thz pv mnvg cLassvoom Lw thz 0614 anng39mg Nowm t ovgnszntLows wwsc what do we mean by 3rd generation D 1st generation ISDN Picturetel College and university sponsored units Clan generation Video over IP special apps special hardware Polycom Departmentally supported clients 0 3rd generation Flash objects components Flash player in web browser Camcorder mic to laptop Every faculty Demo time Student acceptance Studewts who had preVEousLa taleew the Now Wo ts course via the ON were asleep to participate awd evaLuate the experiewoe Thea were Vera happg with the 39POY tabLLLta lm a hoteL whew thea traVeL the format of seeiwg professor avwl sLLdes 5 time saxmgs de wot have to traveL to ON site Faculty acceptance 1 m our test faouLta member ohawged igtigtt meediuteLg before oLass avwl that was wot re ected iv the owLLwe stream Y 39T39h th V ThJs umt has been a partner moth the IN39RO m promotmg the NOE courses to potentjal students m the state of Iowa though the ION systems 10 311110011 theymnsh to offer the course to rndnnduals through a ther nghts D the result ofyour research project 1t am not want to gave up Jt s urrent hcensed system of VJdeo streammg n for economlcal and orgamzatronal reasons plus the complemty of the NOE dehvery system the INRO sta mun not partJCJpate m tms pllot pro Ject durmg the 20052004 acadech Future College of Business D Beijiwg Executive MBA Program LileeLa see SAKS 69 usiwg FLaslloom


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