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Programming Language Concepts

by: Tamia Bernhard

Programming Language Concepts 22C 111

Marketplace > University of Iowa > ComputerScienence > 22C 111 > Programming Language Concepts
Tamia Bernhard
GPA 3.87

Cesare Tinelli

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About this Document

Cesare Tinelli
Class Notes
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This 25 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tamia Bernhard on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 22C 111 at University of Iowa taught by Cesare Tinelli in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 63 views. For similar materials see /class/228044/22c-111-university-of-iowa in ComputerScienence at University of Iowa.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
22c1 1 1 Programming Language Concepts Fall 2008 Semantic Interpretation Copyright 200708 The McGraw Hill Company and Cesare TineIi These notes were originally developed by Allen Tucker Robert Noonan and modi ed by Cesare TineIi They are copyrighted materials and may not be used in other course settings outside of the University of Iowa in their current form or modi ed form without the express written permission of one of the copyright holders During this course students are prohibited from selling notes to or being paid for taking notes by any person or commercial rm without the express written permission of one of the copyright holders Contents 81 State Transformations and Partial Functions 82 Semantics of Clite 83 Semantics with Dynamic Typing 84 A Formal Treatment of Semantics t j i if ill Semantics of a PL De nes the meaning of a program Syntactically valid Static type checking valid Historical Problem Valid program had different meanings on different machines More than 6 g size of an int or oat Problem was lack of precision in de ning meaning Methods Compiler C on Machine M Ex F ortran on IBM 7097090 Ex PLI F on IBM 360 series Operational Semantics Ch 7 Axiomatic Semantics Ch 18 Denotational Semantics Ch 84 lt 3111sz 1911 I g 3111sz 2911 911313 lt l fgt lt Igt 991 zm suozzmol 440mm 129 f z 1U9UIUOJIAUH eldwexg Simple State Ignore environment Set of identi er value pairs EX lt1 13gt ltj 1gt Special value unde ned for each type 81 State Transformations Defn The denotational semantics of a language de nes the meanings of abstract language elements as a collection of statetransforming functions Defn A semantic domain is a set of values whose properties and operations are independently well understood and upon which the rules that de ne the semantics of a language can be based WilirliTUla 77 W 7 quot 22cm Meaningless Program for i 1 igt 1 i 1 Meaningless Expression Are all expressions meaningful CLite Semantics State a mapping from program variables to values A meaning function M is a mapping M Program gt State M Statement x State gt State M Expression x State gt Value CLite Semantics in OCaml type var 2 string type value of int B of bool module type StateSig Sig type state val empty state val update state gt var gt value gt state val getvalue state gt var gt value end Hquot 39 quotMEREIll Meaning Rule 81 The meaning of a Program is de ned to be the meaning of the body when given an initial state consisting of the variables of the decpart initialized to the undef value corresponding to the variable39s type let pmeaning decist statist smeaning Block statist Stateempty ill I Statements smeaning statement gt state gt state type statement Skip Block of statement list Assign of string expr X a Cond of expr statement statement if b 51 else 52 Loop of expr statement while b s Hi I Meaning Rule 82 Skip The meaning of a Skip is the identity function on the state that is the state is unchanged let rec smeaning sstatement qstate match 5 with Skip gtq Meaning Rule 83 Assignment The output state is computed from the input state by replacing the value of the target variable by the computed value of the source expression let rec smeaning sstatement qstate match 5 with Assign x e gt let v emeaning e q in Stateupdate q x v Meaning Rule 84 Conditional The meaning of a conditional is If the meaning of the test is true the meaning of the then branch Otherwise the meaning of the elsebranch Meaning Rule 84 Conditional Let rec smeaning sstatement qstate match 5 with ICond e 1 2 gt match emeaning e q with B true gt smeaning s q l l39rl l l Meaning Rule Loop let rec smeaning sstatement qstate match 5 with Loop e s gt match emeaning e q with B false gt q B true gt smeaning Block s 5 q gt failwith quotImpossible casequot Meaning Rule Block let rec smeaning sstatement qstate match 5 with Block gt q I Block s t gt let q smeaning s q in smeaning Block t q39 IT I Expression Semantics Defn A Side e ect occurs during the evaluation of an expression if in addition to returning a value the expression alters the state of the program Ignore for now Expressions emeaning expr gt state gt value type expr IntC of int BoolC of bool Var of var Unary of unaryOp expr Binary of binaryOp expr expr 77 ff lm l m 397 ain39t ifquot 323933 i Hi 1 Meaning Rule 87 The meaning of an expression in a state is a value de ned by I If a value then the value Ex 3 2 If a variable then the value of the variable in the state 3 If a Binary a Determine meaning of terml term2 in the state b Apply the operator according to rule 88 Meaning Rules Expressions let rec emeaning eexpr qstate match e with IntC n gt n BooIC b gt B b Var x gt Stategetvaue q x i l l39l l Meaning Rules Expressions let rec emeaning eexpr qstate match 5 with Binary op ei e2 gt let vi emeaning ei q in let v2 emeaning e2 q in bmeaning op vi v2


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