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Computer Science I Fundamentals

by: Dr. Humberto Beier

Computer Science I Fundamentals 22C 016

Marketplace > University of Iowa > ComputerScienence > 22C 016 > Computer Science I Fundamentals
Dr. Humberto Beier
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Humberto Beier on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 22C 016 at University of Iowa taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/228053/22c-016-university-of-iowa in ComputerScienence at University of Iowa.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Viewing Class Examples 1 Log into the Windows Server system through either Lab 301 in MacLean Hall Remote Desktop Connection 2 Open internet explorer and connect to httpiconuiowaedu and log into ICON as shown below UNI be er nllnw nsnrt mt nle Edlt ylew nayclltes m Help 4 ealcn nayalltes a l ilmn ulawa edulndex sntml 39 l ICON Iowa Courses Online mun quln omlne nelp nalmng WebCY Eizzkbuzvd olnev wee D5 in ta IEDN nm In Water or autumn uawk m tmasan WebCT amp Blackboard Upcoming events use You ca lug lntd alaekbdard Dr WebEI tram tne llnks belaw i henan 16 1 ml mlmecemelence by lne cenlel tel Yezzhlng 2nd WEbCT logln Azzdemlz Yezhnui gle CON men And pelenlal men 2mqu ampu Wlll hzve lne uPDOViunliV lo gee lne lnneyallye wzv ulhev ale dang CON 2nd le ln ll 0 l ceepenceled wn M915 misgrlqzeiilwwruhvsquot Haulquot EiE39FI Webqiuiaeert Blackboard login B l IEQNHEJAQXE lii EE What is ICON DUN iuwa Cuurses Onllne ls tine new nurse management system that Eyenmaiiy will replace WebCT and Blackboard at The Unlverslty ufiuwa it ls based an the DeslrEZLEEm piatfurm CON alms td be easy td use and lntultlye Entnuraglng faculty adaptan and an ennanced smdenteybenence Tnls miirfeamred system ls belnd bulitt meet dlyerse anecam us and dlstance learrllrlg needs CON ls lntended td lmpmve emclency wnlle ellmlnatlnd barrlers td teacnlnd and learrllrlg The CON lmblementatlan process alsa ls Worklng td support lrltagratlurl Wltn other systems d servltes an ca us other team neeatw here i i i i i iiintemet 4 3 You will arrive atyour ICON homepage Under the My ICON Courses section you will have a list of your classes Click on the 22C10161AAA Spr06 Computer Science I link to open the ICON webpage for this class Elie gdli law ngurltes Innis eip caadtvyljyiiqi52arcilFatotrtes4i v4 I A dlesslahtt lHIEDn39piDd4UiUWalEdUJdZiiUVgTODiSUUHUmeiUUHUMEtaSD7UU6605 j Ml Hamel Emall i Lockell Caiel ldali ICON Hzip i Logout Q ICON 1 Iowa Courses Online a Updates i Welcome TerrantEi My ICDN Courses My Settings E Spn ng 2005 Elli newt rues Frequently Asked Questions 5quot You will see the Webpage for our class Click on the Content menu item shown on the green menu bar It is the third choice after Course and Home 22C016AAA Spro Computer Science I Fundamentals a sxmulate the wew at 5mm T Rule select a Rule from the Mv Cu rrent Rule dravrdawn m Procedure m suhmmmg assxgnments m 22c w MV Current Rule u New Dru m Suhrmssmn w y Detault Rm u Unread Dmmn Messages A list ofdates Will appear under Modules corresponding to lectures L1 L2 The Course Content shows the Examples for each lecture Click on Example 1 to View this example 2 lermservnivlnsuiawaedu rRemole Desktop Ella gent mew ngontas Iools zlp J v 1 g 39 j Search Favorites 0 My Home Emau Locker Calendall ICON Help I Logaut Iowa mums Online 22C016AAA Spr06 Computer Sc Course Content w 0118 L1 i ar M 0123 i E ar pln 4 i l W 0125 F 01 7 39 download an Tn order ou want to downloadthese les from the intemet the stem will u the following window at our Help m e Flle Edlt vlew mime Yams o ack v Q m l Seavth Favmltes a d dlemqlaa ameaswa 9 Why lntemet Explmev bloc slte nan dawnlaadlnq les to yam amputev llck x ozkev l Calendav l ICON Help l Luguut 22C016AAA Spro Computer Sciel Example 1 w mm L Examgle lnlormak quotEar 1 xamnle 2 Did you unuee lhe Inlolmallon H317 The lnlmmallan Bel eleils you when lnlelnel Exvlmel black a Pap up Wlndaw m lle download lhel mlghl nal he sale ll 5 r e a edae mm W h l oleyomoeilyhnklnilhelnlnwelnn Bel Heal lhe lav alyaul hlawsel EEl l F Du nal show lhle message agaln Leam sham lhe Walmallan Bel You will need to click OK in the dialog box and then click the yellowish infonnation bar with the message To eeuiii Intemet n pun e 39 39 quot for options A menu will appear and you need to selectDownload File 39 Follow L L 439 39 39 n Winpuiei Click here we h 39 quot 39 Example to download to reach the next step 8 lirk on Qavo tn nnen a dialn nn 39 Download Do you want in own in ma lhix nit7 1 Name Examplzlew j lwe Emplaxa zlppeleDldELZUEKB me iemploduoweed Even a r7 A1wa ark bzlnle Up nlm W w ulrle wile me View Ihe lnlemal can be unlul mm me can wlemlalv haml yum cumuula mm on rial lm lhemeedn nntnoen at me We nle What s lllellxk 9 The Save As dialog box will open and allow you to navigate to My DocumentsVisual Studio 2005Projects by clicking the down arrow of the Save in box Red arrow Then click on the folder icon with a red dot green arrow on its corner to create a New Folder Give the new folder a name like 22c16 Spr06 Examples and then open it double click it Savz n FIE Liana Example 21D v mm Save asype Compressed leDEdI Folds v Canal 4 10 You will now be in the new folder Click the Save button to save the Examplel zip le and the Download complete dialog box will appear After the download is complete click Open Folder to find the downloaded le Savas HE 5mm Ezzcmssussxamules v 0 I I v annluad complete Download Complete paus Q Saved My DENIM l Downloaded 205 KB ln1 oec Download u pmlsdlvmsulowa 5 Example 1 zip Tlsnslal vast BSac I cm this dialog box when download complete D an D n Fol121 Flbpama Examolel le 39 F De Save asypa Eumplmsed upped Folder lV 11 The folder containing the downloaded le will appear Right click on the file name to see a menu of options Select the Extract All option to run the Extraction Wizard Click Next of the wizard I l I lm an Mew mums Iwuls 1an l 7 JW 0 v a l smh hsnldsr Ugh a x le A dvais i mm mm uluwa edulmasnnDncumentsVlsusl Studln 2DU5Pmett522tmaSD Examples v unrmud uluwa eduldzlwgrnulsloanmeaunumaspgtau2agis tr Wizard ll Welcome to the Compressed zipped Fqlders Extraction l yga The extraction Wizard helps you envy Ides lmm mm a ZIP archive l n canmue click N ex Inlvlf created above The dAreetory wxll be as follows xf you used the above ehoxees penfs dxvms uxowa eduusendDoeumentsszua1 StudAo 2005Proeets22e016506 ExamplesExample Selecl a Deshnahnn Me Me AheZ P avehwe Wm he exnaeled m the aeahan you emaee Seem a Va dev m exhael Me m We Wm he exnaeled m megueemw H Mr D Ewe Ezm Exnaenng extraction Exkadmn vmard II Exhaulinn Enmnlexe Hes have been meeeesmuy exnazled rm AheZ P ayehwe Flex have been successM y mama m the anm We Dmkdwmmawaedm mammD Empm re seeyawexlraaed Mex cheek Ihe hm hem P 511E exile ed Plea mm m umnua t termsermivm uwaedu 412mm 1an s Minnsnklntzrnzt Explnrer gm 1 FH 1 wmlsdlvmsmmwagdu1maan1Dntumznt 1VI ual Studio 2nn51Prnyut 122mIESn6 as am L111 112w 1112 m1 521v J a 1 Seavch 3mde 1 5 7 X 399 Agdvess a me5 dwms umwa eauzmasan1oammenzs1wsua1 Studm 2UU5Pm12t522D165U6 axemp1es1zxamp1e v m 121 11 an arevxewln Exam 1351 2 m an W111 be 58mm 39heV15ual Studm Cunvas1unW1zard Fuuuwme direcnunslu cuvmtu V1sual sum was furmewm All lata39exam 1esw111bemmsua1 sum was furmal Emt Mew ngantes Ian s k 0 as a 1 52m a x I91 A 1255 E pmf dwms umwa edutma5anD ument5v15ua15tudm 2UUSPm12t522D165U6 EXaND eSEXamDe V We n DD m c emthra 5 51mm vesx W12 1 sum am I mm 1 my 1n 1 ample wm 0pm m szual Smdxo 2005 cmk on Forml as w V39er Lhe desxgn ofthe form The project 16 The ex lsnow m yourpasonal Versxon ofosual Studxo foryou m use Have fum mrnsm vm aw in RemnleDesklnp 1 mm um m Mew Emyect 39 E Q 9 A e an m o I H Forml Dzslqn a m 1 HeHa Wm


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