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Intro to Networks and Their Applications

by: Tamia Bernhard

Intro to Networks and Their Applications 22C 118

Marketplace > University of Iowa > ComputerScienence > 22C 118 > Intro to Networks and Their Applications
Tamia Bernhard
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tamia Bernhard on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 22C 118 at University of Iowa taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/228057/22c-118-university-of-iowa in ComputerScienence at University of Iowa.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Introduction to Python 3 Introduction to Networks and their Applications 220118 Fall 2005 Alessio Signorini ltalessiosignoriniuiowaedugt Class Objects Create a new class in Python is simple Just write class MyCIass class1 class2 This is what this class does nothing for now do something Special methods of each class are initself delself getattributeself name doc Example of a Class Objects class Book def initsef title authorquotUnknownquot keywords quot Books take three arguments to their constructor selftitle title selfauthor author selfkeywords keywords def setTitleself title selftitle title def setKeywordsself keywords selfkeywords keywords def strself return selftitle selfauthor selfkeywords Importing modules A huge number of Python modules are available Look on the web to discover them An important builtin modules is sys It supports important attributes as argv at at ot the oommandine arguments maxint a return the largest integer available platform it string with the name of the platform version a return the python version stdin stdout s predetinite tile object for inputoutput stderr it predetinite tile object for error output Importing modules Modules are imported at the beginning of a program with from sys import argv or from sys import To use an imported attributes just write something like print sysargvO or for argument in sysargv print argument Time functions If in your programs you need to work with the time import the module time and then use the following functions time asctime looaltime strftime sleepx J J PM 97mm W 39 of r 39 39wzmm L float ill l time Ettore ill 44L 3 woti 52 5mg 23 r 1 731 mgr 3 gzgnfg A firmquot lava Earn Wm ya relunl suit lllfltll the ensure ll nine letur ll a uylle illfilth tr 7 a L f p g tmra l margin at W r Wf w Him 5 lretlUlll39l llfllllla ailing tnfltll Mllllf llm tlrl tta trim r939 sa a im ed n w r W q quotini 2 Qty LL35 slyly 23 For a more sophisticated time management you should consider to use the module MxDateTime Regular Expressions Regular expressions are powerful tools that allows to scan trough strings identifying interesting parts or replacing characters ln Python regular expressions are supported thanks to the module re add import re at the beginning of your code To use the module you have to create a regular expression object with your settings for the search reo recompiler39w39 Regular Expressions Useful patterns for regular expression are w W matches one alphanumeric character d D matches one digit s S matches one whitespace A empty string at the start of the string b B empty string at start or end of a word Z empty string at the end of the string matches any character except n Regular Expressions Once identified the pattern you need quantify it A matches start of string or at the end of a string matches zero or more cases as many as poss matches one or more cases as many as poss matches zero or one cases matches one if p as but matches as few as pos also or matches m to n cases of the previous reg Expr matches any one of the characters in the set matches the reg expr preceding or following it Regular Expressions Examples r39aabb39 matches aabb as aaabb or aacbbc r39aabb39 matches aa23bb or aacbb but not aabb r39bhisb39 matches his but not this or history r39bherw39 matches her or herbal but not mother r39d39 matches 123 and aa23bb r39bd66b39 matches only numbers of six digits r39dd39 matches two following digits as in or 123 r39ddwww39 matches 2 digits followed by 3 chars 12jan Regular Expressions Examples import re r1 recompiler39box39 if r1match inbox print Match succeded else print Match failed it prints rnatell tailed if r1search inbox print Search succeded prints searen sueeeded else print Search failed


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