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Computing in Statistics

by: Vance Bode Sr.

Computing in Statistics 22S 166

Vance Bode Sr.
GPA 3.72

Mary Cowles

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About this Document

Mary Cowles
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vance Bode Sr. on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 22S 166 at University of Iowa taught by Mary Cowles in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/228076/22s-166-university-of-iowa in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
228166 Setting up Unix SAS Kate Cowles Sept 12 2001 Con guring Unix SAS so it works like Windows SAS To start SAS enter in all lowercase letters sas Three windows should appear a Program Editor window an Output window and a Log window You will type commands and programs into the Program Editor window Make it the active window by leftrclicking the mouse in it The following is some setup that you should do the rst time you use SAS to make it operate in the most convenient way You will not need to repeat these steps when you use SAS in the future 0 Select the Program Editor window I Click Tools Options and Preferences 0 Click the Toolbox Tab and make sure that the three boxes for Display Too s Window Display Command Window and Combine Windows are all checked click OK Go into Tools Options Preferences again Click the Editing tab and make sure that the box for Automatically store selection is not checked also make sure lnsert is pressed rather than Overtype a Click O K You should now see a toolbar I suggest dragging the toolbar to the top or bottom of the screen and arranging the other windows so they don t overlap the toolbar How SAS programs and commands are organized Use a DA TA step to organize your data by creating a SAS dataset Then use PROC steps to analyze your data using SAS procedures Once ou have created a SAS dataset you may apply any SAS procedures to it without recreating the dataset DATA and PROC steps consist of SAS statements Each statement must end with a semicolon Most statements include one or more keywords that must be spelled exactly as shown Submitting a block of lines from the program editor To submit a block of lines in the program editor I select the program editor window I scroll to the lines you want to submit I drag across the lines holding down the mouse button they should stay high lighted 7 if not toggle the automatically store selection button the other way as explained above I click the running man icon on the toolbar No output is produced by a data step it just reads data in to get SAS ready to use it Check your log window to make su e no errors are reported If there are any make corrections to your code in the program editor window and then rerun the data step R functions for root nding and optimization 228166 Computing in Statistics Lecture lla October 12 2007 Example LO Q o O CS H m gt 0 V Nquot i m O 0 I 5 LO seq2 4 by 001 uniroot unlroot packagestats R Documentation Ohe Dlmenslonal Root Zero Flndlng Description The functlon 7uD1rOOt7 searches the luterval from lower to gt h upper for a root 8 zero of t e functlon 71 with respect to us first argument Usage unlrootltfgt interval lower m1Dlt1DterValgt up er max1ntervalgt 01 YMaCh1DedOublevepSAOV25gt maxiter 1000 m gt f lt7 functioDOK m 7 3mm ix 4 gt plotseq2gt4gtbyovolgt fseq2gt4gtbyOV01gttype 1 gt unlrootltffgtc2gt4gt root 1 71114907 frooc 1 96074388706 1ter 1 9 est1mprec 1 6103516e705


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