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Computing in Statistics

by: Vance Bode Sr.

Computing in Statistics 22S 166

Vance Bode Sr.
GPA 3.72

Mary Cowles

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About this Document

Mary Cowles
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vance Bode Sr. on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 22S 166 at University of Iowa taught by Mary Cowles in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/228076/22s-166-university-of-iowa in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
2281166 Computing in Statistics Introduction to R Lecture 5 September 107 2007 Kate Cowles 374 SH7 33570727 kcowles statuiowaedu 0 an implementation of S language 7 S language was developed at ATampTrBell Labs gtk rst version 1976 SrPlus is a commercial version of S begin in 1987 gtk sold and supported by lnsightful Corp gtk GUI gtk many formats supported for graphics exr port and data input output gtk runs on Windows7 UNIX7 Linux not Macintosh What R is 0 an integrated suite of software facilities for data manipulation7 calculation7 and graphics display An Introduction to R7 Venables7 Ripley7 and the R Core team 7 data handling and storage capabilities operators for calculations on arrays and matrices data analysis tools graphical capabilities 7 programming language planned and coherent system 4 o advantages of S extendible gtk users write new functions in S language 7 just as developers do gtk excellent documentation for adding funcr tions to system gtk users can create their own data types gtk huge international community of users constantly contribute new capabilities gtk contrast with SAS very hard to write new SAS proce dures users write in different language SAS macro or lML than developers highrlevel language gtk only a few commands required to do complex things 5 7 language is connected to data while exe cutin example from Statistical Computing and Graphics course notes by Frank Harrell ifisfactorx I ischaracterx I isnumericx amp lengthuniquex lt 20 table x else quantilex computes quantiles of x if x is numeric and has at least 20 distinct values7 requency table otherwise 7 ob j ectroriented gtk fewer commands to learn because the same command can be applied to dif ferent types of objects Harrell best scienti c graphics available gtk Harrell SAS graphics are ugly7 in exir ble7 have poor defaults7 dif cult to pro gram 7 Starting and running R interactively on Linux 0 recommendation use a separate subdirecr tory for each major project you do with R o in a terminal window7 get into the desired subdirectory and start R by entering R o R commands may be issued interactively o to quit q i follow prompts as to whether you want to save workspace if you dont save it7 any new objects data7 functions7 results created during the cur rent R session will be lost R 0 international team of statisticians started de veloping R in early 1990s to provide open source alternative to S Plus 7 to provide S implementation on Linux not supported by SrPlus then 0 easy to download and install from web sites 0 excellent documentation 0 userrcontributed libraries called packages exr pand capabilities 0 runs on Windows7 UNIX7 Linux7 Macintosh 0 no GUl on most platforms 0 fewer data importexport capabilities than SrPlus although addron packages provide more i no export speci cally to Powerpoint 0 Part B of this lecture is from Maindonald7 JH Using R for Data Analysis and Graphr ics lntroduction7 Code and Commentary77 available as contributed documentation on www cranr project org


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