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Computing in Statistics

by: Cullen Conn

Computing in Statistics 22S 166

Cullen Conn
GPA 3.72

Mary Cowles

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About this Document

Mary Cowles
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cullen Conn on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 22S 166 at University of Iowa taught by Mary Cowles in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/228076/22s-166-university-of-iowa in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
22S166 Computing in Statistics Intro to RealWorld Problem More on SQL Oct 5 2001 Kate Cowles 374 SH7 33570727 kcowles stat uiowa edu 0 patients strati ed according to their CD4 count at study entry 7 g 50 cellsmm3 7 507200 cellsmm3 0 primary endpoint occurrence of an AIDS de ning event or death Realdata example ACTG 320 o randomized7 doublerblind7 placeborcontrolled clinical trial 0 eligibility criteria HlVrinfected adults 7 CD4 counts lt 200 and at least 3 months of prior Zidovudine therapy 0 four treatment groups 3rdrug regimen indinaVir7 lamivudine7 and either Zidovudine or stavudine Qrdrug regimen lamivudine and either Zir dovudine or stavudine o 1156 patients randomized CD4 and RNA data from ACTG 320 0 AIDS clinical trials usually collect data ref peatedly on the following two surrogate mark ers CD4 count estimate of average number of CD4 cells per ml of blood gtk normal for healthy adults is about 1000 gtk CD4 is the immune cell that HIV Virus infects and destroys plasma Viral load gtk count of the number of copies of HIV ge netic material RNA per ml of plasma 0 blood specimens collected at study entry and at weeks 4 87 24 and 40 during followrup for analysis of CD4 counts and Viral load 0 ACTG 320 dataset available for purchase from National Technical Information Service in cludes clinical endpoints and CD4 data for all patients but Viral load data only on these 1 PCPIDSSD01 At Variable Type Len Pas Label 1 lMSTM Mum 8 o slte of entry 3 PIDNUM Mum 8 9 2 Char 1 8 randomized treatment REG Randomized treatment AznvSTc ElnvznvSTc Fd4T3TC clnvd4TSTc 2 STRATSSD01 At Variable Type Len Pas Label 2 PIDNUM Mum 8 8 patient 1d number 1 STRAT2 Mum 8 0 CD4 Stratum ltoltso1gtsogt S CD4SSD01 At Variable Type Len Pas Format Label 2 Mum 8 8 CD4 Absalute Caunt S PIDNUM Mum 8 16 patient 1d number 1 SPECMDT Mum 8 0 DATE Date Specimen abt A CONTROLLED TRIAL OF TWO NUCLEOSIDE ANALOCUES PLUS INDINAVIR IN PERSONS WITH HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS INFECTION AND CD4 CELL OUNTS OF 200 PER CUBIC MILLIMETER OR LESS Scott M Hammer MD Mathleen E Squires MD Michael D Hughes PhD Janet M Crimes MS Llsa M Demeter MD Judith S Currier MD Joseph J Eran Tr MD Judith E Feinberg MD Henry H Balfour Tr MD Lawrence R Deyton MD JeIIre A Chodakewltz MD and Margaret A Fischl MD far the AIDS Clinical Trials Group 320 Study Team Published in the New England Journal of Medicine on September 11 199 The rallawlng nine data sets were used ta produce the abave publleatlan AScrl verslans of the nine datasets have dat endlngs ltlneluded at the end of thls Ille ls the code Iram the progr wrltten whlch created the ascll flies basedatassd01 1 rnapssdo1 4 STATUS SSDOl At Variable Type Len Pas Format Label 12 AM STEP1 Mum 8 88 starting anather step after step1 7 15 AM STEP Mum 8 112 starting anather step after step2 7 18 DEATH Mum 8 136 DATE date of death 19 NDFU um 8 144 DATE date of last contac 1 DPAMDl Mum 8 0 DATE step1 rand date 2 DRAMD2 Mum 8 8 DATE step2 rand date 3 DPAMDS Mum 8 16 DATE steps rand date 4 LSTAR39M Mum 8 24 DATE step1 treat start 6 DSTART2 M 8 40 DATE step2 treat start 8 LSTARTS Mum 8 56 DATE steps treat start 10 DST0P1 M 8 72 DATE step1 date of last 13 DST0P2 Mum 8 96 DATE step2 date of last 5 BASEDATA Y 331301 At Varrable Type Len Pos Label 8 Num 8 56 Age ltyears 6 CD4 Num 8 4o Basellne CD4 Count 4 EEMOPHIL Num 8 24 Hemophrlrac7 lt1yes ono s IVDRUG um 8 16 Iv drug hrstory 5 RARNOF Num 8 s2 Rarnofsky score 9 PIDNUM Num 8 64 7 PRIORZDV Num 8 48 Months prlor ZDV 2 RACETH Num 8 8 Raceethnrcrty 1 Num 8 Sex lt1male 2female FEEMOPHIL Hemophlllac7 lt1Yes 0No IVDRUG Iv drug hlstory lt1Never2CurrentlysPrev1ously KARNOF Rarnofsky Performance Sca e odlng 10 Normal no complalnt no evldence of dlseas 0 Normal actlvrty posslble mlnor slgnssympt lsease 0 Normal actlvrty wrth effort some slgnssym of dlsease 7o Cares for self normal actrvrtyactlve work not posslble RACETH Raceethnlclty odlng Whlte NonH1span1c 2Dlack NonH1span1c SH1span1c ltRegardless of Race slan Paclflc Islander can Indlan Alaskan Natlve 60therunknown SEX Sex lt1Male 2Female S 19 Lymphoma of Bram 2o NonHodgkrns Lymphoma 21 HIv Dementra 22 Wastlng Syndrome 23 Other DIAG Dlagnosls codes Codlng 1HIvrelated death 2nonHIv related death sdeath unknown other codes are AIDS dlagnoses and are lrsted 1n Appendrx 4a RJCP Was PCP dlagnosls recurrent7 lt1Yes 2No V na 6 ENDPNT2 ltcontarns all confrrmed study endpornts AIDS or death At Varrable Type Len Pos Format Label 5 AIDSJERP Num 8 44 AIDS classrfrcatron group s DIAG Num 8 28 dlagnosls codes DENDPNT Num 8 S6 DATE7 date of endpornt 1 E PNT 8 0 type of endpornt lt2AIDSSdeath 2 ENDTXT 2o 8 descrrptron of endpornt PIDNUM Num 8 52 patrent 1d number ENDPNT Type of endpornt lt2AIDSsdeath AIDSJERP AIDS classrfrcatron grouplngs lrsted 1n Appendrx 4a Codlng 0 Death 2 Toxoplasmosrs Isosporrasrs Cryptosporrdros 9 Mycobacterrum 1o MTB 11 MAI 12 Other Atyprcal Mycobacterrum 1s Salmonella 4 v 16 Herpes Zoster 17 PML 7 SYMPTOMSSDM ltgrades s or 4 At Varrable Type Len Pos Format Label 7 GRADE Num 3 47 Grade 1 NEWSIGN Num 3 o NewOngongResolve SlgnSy mptom 9 ONSETDT Num 5 5s DATE7 Onset Date 10 PIDNUM Num 8 58 patrent 1d number 8 RESOLVED Num 3 5o Symptoms Resolved 4 SPECIFY Char so 11 Specrfy Symptom s SYMCODE Num 3 8 Symptom 5 SYMSITE Num 3 41 SlgnSymptom Srte 6 SYMSTAT Num 3 44 Symptom Status 2 VISITDT Num 5 s DATE7 Patrent vrsrt date ltTwo lengthy lrsts of codrngs for Symptom code and symptom status 01111 8 LABTOXSSDOl ltgrades s or 4 At Varrable Type Len Pos Format Label 6 E s 55 Grade 4 LADvALUE Num 8 39 Laboratory Value 5 ITS 8 47 UpperLower errts 8 PIDNU Num 8 61 patrent 1d number 7 RELATED Num 3 58 Related to study RX 1 S CDT Num 5 o DATE7 Patrent specrmen dat s SPECIFY Char so 9 Specrfy Test ltMore lengthy lrsts of codes omrtted 9 RNAPSSDOl At Varlable Type Len Pos Label 2 COPYML Num 8 8 RNA Copy numbers 3 LOGRNA Num 8 16 Loglo of RNA Copy numbers 5 PID Num 8 25 patlent 1d number 4 RANGE Char 1 24 Lbelow500 Habove750k Nnorma 1 WEEK Num 8 0 Weeks on s u y The Code below was used to Create the Vdat ascll flles from the sas d date nu11 flle cd4dat 1ree118 set aed4 put 1 pldnum 7 specmdt dace7 15 ed4 run


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