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Applied Statistics II

by: Cullen Conn

Applied Statistics II 22S 165

Cullen Conn
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cullen Conn on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 22S 165 at University of Iowa taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/228082/22s-165-university-of-iowa in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Iowa.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
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7L4 PMM M7404 0 i i 7 i 39 a nwhla fw39uME w rLQ Kim62W g wm mdac 228158165 Experimental Design and AnaylsisApplied Statistic II 22709 One Factor experiment Factor Power 160 W 180 W 200 W 220 W Response Etch rate in Aminute Five circuit wafers are randomly assigned to each power level This is a completely randomized design CRD Data presented earlier on 21809 rate 730 39 720 710 39 700 39 690 680 670 39 660 39 650 640 4 630 39 620 610 600 39 590 39 580 39 560 39 550 S40 39 530 39 Eit A and do pairwise comparisons WW FOR MULTIPLE COMPARISONS prochIMIdat323tchjll class power model ratepower lsmeans powerpdiff pdiff gives the unadjusted pvalue for differences of means run The GLM Procedure Class Level Information Class Levels Values power 4 160 180 200 220 The GLM Procedure Dependent Variable rate Sum of Source DF Squares Model 3 6687055000 Error 16 5339 20000 Corrected Total 19 7220975000 The GLM Procedure Least Squares Means LSMEAN power rate LSMEAN Number 160 551200000 1 180 587 400000 2 200 625400000 3 220 707 000000 4 Least Squares Means for effect power Pr gt t for H0 LSMeaniLSMeanj Dependent Variable rate ij 1 2 3 1 00064 lt0001 2 00064 0 0046 3 lt0001 00046 4 lt0001 lt0001 lt0001 Mean Square F Value Pr gt F 2229018333 6680 lt0001 33370000 r g A Ml1113 5 Es T 4 ll lt0001 if 557 5LL lt0001 390 y k lt0001 NOTE To ensure overall protection level only probabilities associated with preplanned comparisons should be used ll I39l fill NOTICE THE WARNING AT THE BOTTOM YOU SHOULD BE DOING AN ADJUSTMENT I 39 NOVA and do pairwise comparisons WOR MULTIPLE COMPARISONS proc glm dataetch class power model ratepower output outdiagnostics ppredicted rresidual SAS IS TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT lsmeans poweradjustBON pdiff This will give the Bonferroni adjusted pvalues run Z far03 Z 37 3 YUM ECLI L quotC MiL 63v4vaJclVL gm r4 Ur Wmcdc Lw z w D vclLLL The GLM Procedure 3 i Class Level Informatlon AH V 7LO g l Lq I C LiXLQI 803 p 0 gt Cyl Class Levels Values power 4 160 180 200 220 L VYMLLQ 1h 4 66 UL Q CLQJJV Lli VVl MAO CCWLL the C C The GLM Procedure Dependent Variable rate Sum of Source DF Squares Mean Square F Value Pr gt F Model 3 6687055000 2229018333 6680 lt0001 39 k Error 16 533920000 33370000 L 9 MzM Ccl 4 3 I I v w v er L Corrected Total 19 7220975000 j C Zf A 71 74 The GLM procedure m g at 2sM jag5147 23407 Maw3quot 1 0 Least Squares Means failKs Adjustment for Multiple Comparison Bonferroni 1 z I M x 3 r 4 7 5 4 pa jST Q L Qtya1 S in S x 0 ext 5 r LSMEAN 4g M117 C pOWer rate LSMEAN Number if I K v 7Z 397 i I CQdZ f39r LIZ L 160 551200000 1 q 0 mg or my Adm 2 W1 if 1 180 587400000 2 Wch A ML L 3 r 200 625400000 3 39 39 39 22o 707000000 4 r I 39n r 4 V ay gt v 1 lads1 74 A M F L 011 s l I r x k u Af 1 Least Squares Means for effect power AILj W Pr gt Itl for H0 LSMeaniLSMeanj st i j 1 2 3 4 239 x 3 71 Dependent variable rate L 677 3M 0 q u LIMA M a f 2 LzJ a w W Qm lt0001 lt0001 7y m f 33333 23333 0 d I k 33 7 u 7 J33 493 39 lt0001 lt0001 lt0001 rDQJMH Nets Faw PV QQvLUL O Ump z 7 f gt01C 7 it v pk 0 d n N quotL 73 quot rb S v39 I q l 9397 413 i ll W CL A Q m log LO L 50 ijglccmll D jigmu 0151 jkmjwl PJVOVLMQZ VW x MW PAMM 0 gt4 05 C N rttw O O F lt m M UK s C Lr 0 we 03 13403 CD If 5 do a St 39w 67 7 5 Q C QM39121 ES aria txm 1ng ad Vwa MAI6 MQ 39r lt Ct 1 3qu a 1 jig fe 71 3th 10 LU W1 L 1 q M 71 Q a 071 79 a 12gt a 411 S d ll o 12M SinaiE 6 0 imlv L OLKA CY Aw i v 7 jg 39 7621344 92 y 6L M 0174 a 1 1b p a 5 Fit a lway ANOVA and do pairwise comparisons V 0 v ADJUSTING FOR MULTIPLE COMPARISONS using TUKEY 71 11 I39ZCJL ZxCJL Mt l 50 Zrdu74 lk 1 6 CL proc glm dataetch class power model rat epower ML K lsmeans poweradjustTUKEY pdiff 163L011 C Z gt 3 m cod 7LCWLMYZU quot 9 7 If CU run 739 I A The GLM Procedure y i a Nk3 E Least Squares Means I J v q j V Adjustment for Multiple Comparisons Tukey LSMEAN 4 1 power rate LSMEAN Number 20ch Wing cum W1 1 2 P41 ow 1 SJ CCM39LPLL39L SWVQJ 160 551200000 1 1 fl FA a g s r 180 587400000 2 1 200 625 400000 8 1 a 1 o 220 707000000 4 a w A w a 110214 J yint CIA L AuxL nk604 4401 61 A CU quot5 J 0 Q Least Squares Means for effect power P 5 pum 1 j wlrtfjgftk MD J yc L CCML Pr gt m for H0 LSMeaniLSMeanj f v 697174391 74 413 Dependent Variable rate 2 a av 1 flit l U W L 13 1 2 3 4 i quot U 7 1 00294 g lt0001 lt0001 r 2 00294 L 00216 lt0001 i I 39 3 lt0001 39 00216 lt0001 a 6 V ML WT 4 lt0001 lt0001 lt0001 quot r1 quot 39 39 39 O r 5 V1 39 quotIL I g TWRV Lm39 9bL q h J Ch F UA 2 6109 it111 WV 1 F 1010 hexwe C WMJOE CR 9 a LL Si z A a 1 f 2 L quot 39 39 7 39 wt 6 gt1 quotkl 939 C 5 girc 5 D QZPgMCJIg 6M 5 p M WZ UL job JarP L L J 4


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