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Probability & Stat for Engr & Phys Sci

by: Vance Bode Sr.

Probability & Stat for Engr & Phys Sci 22S 039

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Vance Bode Sr.
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vance Bode Sr. on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 22S 039 at University of Iowa taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/228081/22s-039-university-of-iowa in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Iowa.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
58052 MECHANICAL SYSTEMS Spring 2004 Instructor Lecture Office Hours Prerequisites Corequisites Textbooks References TA Course Goals Professor Sharif Rahman 2140 SC 3355679 ralunmengineeringuiowaedu 330 420 pm MWF 3505 SC 1030 1130 am at 2140 SC MWF and by appointments 57019 22S039 57015 and 58032 new curriculum57021 old curriculum 1 J E Shigley C R Mischke and R G Budynas Mechanical Engineering Design 7th Edition McGrawHill Inc 2004 Available at IMU Bookstore 3353179 2 S Rahman Lecture Notes 2004 includes selected pages of H Grandin Jr Fundamentals of the Finite Element Method Macmillan Publishing Company 1991 Available at IMU Bookstore 3353179 1 R C Juvinall and K M Marshek Fundamentals of Machine Component Design 3rd Edition John Wiley amp Sons Inc 2000 Engrg Library Mr Dong Wei 248 ERF 3356394 dweiengineeringuiowaedu Mr Heqin Xu 248 ERF 3356394 hexuengineeringuiowaedu TA Of ce Hours Dong Wei 1030 Heqin Xu 900 1200 noon at 1307 SC Tue Thu 1030 am at 1307 SC Mon Fri This course provides students with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate an understanding of the basic procedures used in the analysis and design of mechanical systems based on both factor of safety and reliability criteria Topics covered include stress de ection and stiffness analyses statistical and reliability considerations material behavior and manufacturing process requirements static and variable loading conditions and nite element analysis using commercially available software and CSS hardware Students are expected to acquire and exhibit the ability to apply this material and methodology in making rational design decisions for elements of typical practical mechanical systems Course Objectives ABET Criteria Students will have an understanding of the concept of stress and will be able to calculate elastic stresses in mechanical systems subject to mechanical thermal and contact stresses Students will have an understanding of elastic de ection and stiffness and will be able to calculate elastic displacements of machine elements by various methods including energy methods and predict loaddisplacement relationship in short and long columns Students will be able to address statistical uncertainties in mechanical systems estimate statistical characteristics of random variables and conduct elementary reliability calculations Students will have an elementary knowledge of material properties and processes in mechanical systems Students will have an understanding of the theory of the nite element method and will be able to analyze skeletal truss beam frame twodimensional plane stress and plane strain and threedimensional elastic problems using commercially available nite element software Students will have the knowledge of material yield criteria and will be able to design and analyze mechanical systems on the basis of yield criteria for static strength Course Outline 44 Meetings 1 Introduction 1 lecture Overall oal Engineering Design design phases design considerations units CAE at Iowa 2 Load and Stress Analvsis 8 lectures Obiective 1 Stress Mohr s circle triaxial stress Strain elastic strain stress strain relations static equilibrium Shear force bending moment singularity functions Normal stress in beams Shear stress in beams beam with rectangular cross section Torsion of circular bars torque power speed relation stress concentrations Stresses in cylinders press and shrink ts temperature effects Contact stresses 3 De ection and Stiffness 16 lectures Objective 2 Spring constant deformation under tension compression exure torsion Beam de ection by singularity functions Strain energy Castigliano s second theorem statically indeterminate systems De ection of curved members compression members Long column intermediate column 4 Statistics and Reliabilitv 3 lectures Obiective 3 Random variable histogram statistics PMF PDF CDF regression Normal distribution lognormal distribution Weibull distribution Uncertainty propagation and error analysis 5 Materials 13 lectures Objective 4 Static strength engineering vs true stress and strain stress strain diagram Plastic deformation strength and cold work Other mechanical properties material processes and others 6 Static Loads and Failure Criteria 6 lectures Obiective 6 Material failure theories maximum normal stress theory maximum shear stress theory Octahedral shear stress theory strain energy theory factor of safety Intemal friction theory Coulomb Mohr theory factor of safety Failure of ductile and brittle materials Failure of ductile and brittle materials examples 7 Finite Element Analysis 14 lectures Objective 5 Introduction to FEM two force member truss 7 uniaxial displacement Two force member truss 7 general plane displacement Beam element Frame element 2D plane stress and plane strain elements Three computer projects 1 class for Midterm Examination 2 classes for Reviews Performance Evaluation Criteria A I39 k and Project 39 39 o The assigned homework problems and computer projects should be worked out and submitted to the instructor in a professional format at the beginning of the lecture period Include your name course title assigned homeworkproject problem numbers in the heading of your paper The m of assignm ents and their due dates are given in the attached assignment sheet Page 5 Your homeworkproj ect solution must be submitted individually No group submission or copies are permitted If a copy is detected a zero score will be assigned to all papers in question You are advised to obtain help om the instructor or the TA 0 You must turn in at least 67 of all homework ml 100 of all project assignments otherwise homeworkproject grade goes to zero B Examination Policy 0 There will be two examinations in this course One is the midterm examination and the other is the nal examination comprehensive Both will be closedbook examinations The tentative schedules for the examinations are Midterm Examination 3304 20 pm March 12 2004 Fri at 3505 SC Final Examination TBA The exact datetimeplace will be con rmed or revised during the semester 0 If any of these examinations is missed the instructor will use his discretion in choosing alternative means to evaluate student39s performance This can be a makeup examination oral examination or both C Grading Policy 0 The letter grade for this course will be based on the student39s overall performance on homework assignments and computer projects midterm and nal examinations The distribution of points is as follows 1 Homework and Project Assignments 30 percent 2 Midterm Examination 30 percent 3 Final Examination 40 percent 0 The final grade will be posted on the web at the end of the semester Assignment Sheet for 58052 Mechanical Systems Spring 2004 Shigley Mischke and Budynas Mechanical Engineering Design 7th Edition McGraw Hill 111c 2004 Wk Mtg Lec Date TopicsReading Homework ProblemsProjects Due Date 1 11 Jan21 Wed 11 115 2 2 Jan 23 Fri 4143 2 3 3 Jan 26 Mon 4447 HW1 41 42c 43a Jan 28 Wed 4 4 Jan 28 Wed 48 49 HW2 46 413 Jan 30 Fri 5 5 Jan 30 Fri 410 412 HW3 49b 411c 412b Feb 02 Mon 3 6 6 Feb 02 Mon 413 414 HW4 423a 425c 426b Feb 04 Wed 7 7 Feb 04 Wed 415417 HW5 43 8b 440 Feb 06 Fri 8 8 Feb 06 Fri 417 418 HW6 453 456 Feb 09 Mon 4 9 9 Feb 09 Mon 420 HW7 463 464 Feb 11 Wed 10 10 Feb 11 Wed 5153 HW8 481 482 Feb 13 Fri 11 11 Feb 13 Fri 55 56 HW9 51a 51b 53 Feb 16 Mon 5 12 12 Feb 16 Mon 57 58 HW10 516 520 537 Feb 18 Wed 13 13 Feb 18 Wed 58 510 HW11 544 Feb 20 Fri 14 14 Feb 20 Fri 510 512 HW12 546 547 Feb 23 Mon 6 15 15 Feb 23 Mon 512 513 HW13 563 564 569 Feb 25 Wed 16 16 Feb 25 Wed 2122 HW14 573 575ac Feb 27 Fri 17 17 Feb 27 Fri 23 HW15 23 24 Mar 01 Mon 7 18 18 Mar 01 Mon 24 HW16 213 248 Mar 03 Wed 19 19 Mar 03 Wed 31 32 HW17 SR1 in Lec No 18 Mar 05 Fri 20 20 Mar 05 Fri 32 33 HW18 39 Mar 08 Mon 8 21 21 Mar 08 Mon 34 320 HW19 310 Mar 10 Wed 22 Mar 10 Wed Review HW20 313 316 Mar 24 Wed 23 Mar 12 Fri Midterm Examination 9 24 22 Mar 22 Mon FEA 7 Truss 25 23 Mar 24 Wed FEA 7 Truss HW21 HG 12 13 14 15 Mar 26 Fri 26 24 Mar 26 Fri FEA 7 Beam HW22 HG 16 18 Mar 29 Mon 10 27 25 Mar 29 Mon FEA 7 Frame HW23 HG 111 Mar 31 Wed 28 26 Mar 31 Wed FEA Lab Computer Project No 1 Apr 07 Wed 29 27 Apr 02 Fri FEA Lab HW24 HG 113a 114 Apr 05 Mon 11 30 28 Apr 05 Mon FEA 7 2D 31 29 Apr 07 Wed FEA Lab Computer Project No 2 Apr 14 Wed 32 30 Apr 09 Fri FEA Lab 12 33 31 Apr 12 Mon FEA Lab 34 3 2 Apr 14 Wed FEA Lab Computer Project No 3 Apr 26 Mon 35 33 Apr 16 Fri FEA Lab 13 36 3 4 Apr 19 Mon FEA Lab 37 3 5 Apr 21 Wed FEA Lab 38 36 Apr 23 Fri 6164 14 39 37 Apr 26 Mon 65 66 HW25 61b 61d Apr 28 Wed 40 3 8 Apr 28 Wed 67 610 HW26 614 Apr 30 Fri 41 39 Apr 30 Fri 61 610 HW27 618 619 May 03 Mon 15 42 40 May 03 Mon 614 HW28 621 May 05 Wed 43 41 May 05 Wed 614 amp Review HW29 627 643 May 07 Fri 44 May 07 Fri Review


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