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Research Methods in Psychology

by: Donny Block

Research Methods in Psychology 031 010

Marketplace > University of Iowa > Psychlogy > 031 010 > Research Methods in Psychology
Donny Block
GPA 3.53

Jonathan Mordkoff

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About this Document

Jonathan Mordkoff
Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Donny Block on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 031 010 at University of Iowa taught by Jonathan Mordkoff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/228096/031-010-university-of-iowa in Psychlogy at University of Iowa.


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Date Created: 10/23/15
2 D J SV QuasiExpts S 0 plain old comparison 5 0 between two types of people VS S R X1 0 X2 0 R X2 0 X1 0 classic counterbalanced S R X1 0 X2 0 withinsubjects PXE design R X2 0 X1 0 NG QuasiExpts G O noone would ever run this G O NG QuasiExpts G X1 0 G X2 0 basic nonequivalent groups designs G X 0 G O G 0 X1 0 G 0 X2 0 nonequivalent groups with covariates G O X 0 a little better but still not great maybe too convenient Other notquiteExpts aging studies when time is of interest for once longitudinal vs crosssectional timeframe vs cohort effects singlegroupwithinsubjects reversal designs confound with time I semipermanent manipulations fixes nonequivalent control groups andor control measures confound with time and external events Correl Studies eg pet ownership 7 X eg outdoors Z quotSpuriousquot Y eg lower depression Phase 1 eliminate one direction between X andY via stability logic or a crosslagged study Phase 2 eliminate possible third Z variables via extreme stability logic or partial correlations Designtype Hierarchy Strict Experiments key issue within vs between SV QuasiExperiments key issue relative stability NonEquivalent Group Designs key issue confounds with group Correlational Studies key issue cause amp effect putting it all together Welldesigned psychological research establishes robust external validity repeatable statistical validity specific discriminant construct validity causal internal validity relationships putting it all together this is where the fun is gt 39 gtDV there should be agreement on this good luck on the final have a nice summer an fl i D J Validity Diamond wsubtopics ExternaIValidity Internal Construct Validity Validity Statistical Conclusion Validity Validity Diamond wsubtopics ExternaIValidity obey the rules Internal equalize QFOUP Sizes Construct validity homogenous samples validity individualsubject val Statistical Conclusion Validity Validity Diamond wsubtopics ExternaIValidity no confounds Internal inCl equalized QFOUPS Construct validity avoid demand chars validity doubleblind expmntrs Statistical Conclusion Validity Validity Diamond wsubtopics ExternaIValidity content exclusive amp exhaustive Internal Construct Validity Pmd39ct39ve Validity convergentamp discriminant Statistical Conclusion Validity Validity Diamond wsubtopics ExternalValidity random samples Internal proportional to pop Construct validity unbiased method validity high realism Statistical Conclusion Validity Validity Diamond wsubtopics ExternaIValidity Internal Construct Validity Validity Statistical Conclusion Validity Experiments alternative route failure of selective influence not a confound howscience Often progresses route of Inte rest manipulation gt IV 4 DV conditions data EV confound failure of selective manipulation gt confounds gt low internal validity SV QuasiExpts S 0 plain old comparison 5 0 between two types of people 1 Stats between vs withinsubjects vs 2 Goal static vs dynamic differences 3 What next more of same vs pathway S R X1 0 X2 0 R X2 0 X1 0 classic counterbalanced S R 1 0 X2 0 withinsubjects PXE design R X2 0 X1 0


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