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Judaism, Christianity and Islam

by: Clay Wisoky

Judaism, Christianity and Islam 032 001

Marketplace > University of Iowa > Religious Studies > 032 001 > Judaism Christianity and Islam
Clay Wisoky
GPA 3.75

Jay Holstein

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About this Document

Jay Holstein
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clay Wisoky on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 032 001 at University of Iowa taught by Jay Holstein in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/228104/032-001-university-of-iowa in Religious Studies at University of Iowa.


Reviews for Judaism, Christianity and Islam


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Date Created: 10/23/15
Lecture notes 113 10 Muhammad personal histog Jahiliyyah period before muhammad and Islam has to do with ignorance The entire world was ignorant until Muhammad s revelations ie Islam Period of ignoranceworld is not enlightened It is universal entire world not con ned to one region Muhammad born in 570 CE do not need to remember Do not celebrate date of birth celebrate date of death Because people don t know what time he was born In that region of world didn t pay attention to DOB but important people s dates of death were remembered Not much known about rst 40 years of his life First 40 years father died before birth Mother died when he was lOish Orphan uncle took him in and he worked for him as a shepherd and a trader main thing was trader because economy was trade based He was known as the trustworthy one in Mecca in Saudi Arabia towards age 2040 yrs because he was a mediator for clans who traded city where he was born and where he spent first 40 yrs of life Mid to late 20s married Kadijah rich lady widowed 3 times only way women or children could get rich back then inheritance if husband or father died While meditating in a cave Gabriel appeared to him and said for Muhammad to read around age 40 Muhammad was frightened and sought his wife for comfort Important to know he saw being who ends up being Gabriel 10 years of his revelations happened in mecca meccan revelations these emphasized continuation of Judaism and Christianity freeing of slaves and that women were equal and other things as well Had only 300 converts called companions in rst 10 years Fled Mecca with Abu Bakr rst convert also muhammed s fatherinlaw in the middle of the night to go to Madinah because most powerful clan in Mecca was going to kill him because didn t like what he was saying Majority praised multiple idolsArabian gods IMPORTANT July 16 622beginning of Islamic calendar oumey from mecca to madinah 12 years in madinah Madinah mainly jewish society majority madinan revelations adding on more aspectsbeliefs to islam MadinalF bity of the prophet when he got there before Muhammad got there it was known as Yathrib Muhammad created a constitution in Madinah as a way to mediate between Jews Christians and Muslims Key Islamic concepts Islam as a continuation of Judaism and Christianity stressing singularity of God hereafter reward and punishment Hell for Muslims is re and heat what people fear most Prophets clan bookless 125000 sent to and communicate to a clan only a small group of people bookless no written message or no message communicated to them from a higher power 125000 prophets according to Islam in all religions eX all jewish prophets and Christian prophets are prophets in Islam including Jesus Prophets for muslims are men chosen by god to communicate a message to the people a smaller group ofpeople clan Messengers universalbook525 communicate universally there s only about 5 to 25 total messengers between all religions Messengers are sent to all humanity with a teaching is a booldmessage from higher power Messengersprophets prophets do not equal messengers Therefore messengers more elite Basis of knowledge empirical amp revelatory


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