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by: Claire Hilpert


Claire Hilpert
GPA 3.96

Brian Murtha

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About this Document

Brian Murtha
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Claire Hilpert on Friday October 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MKT 410 at University of Kentucky taught by Brian Murtha in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 290 views. For similar materials see /class/228118/mkt-410-university-of-kentucky in Marketing at University of Kentucky.

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Date Created: 10/23/15
Personal Selling Exam 1 Practice Problems 1 Hampstead Fire Safety Equipment employees who sell to its network of distributors are known as A distributor salespeople B trade salespeople C runners D manufacturers39 agents E retail salespeople 2 Missionary salespeople A work for retailers B are an essential part of the consumer products distribution channel C frequently call on people who in uence a buying decision but who do not actually place the order D only call on buyers E are paid a commission for each sale they make 3 Personal selling is a more effective communication method than advertising because A salespeople are so closely supervised B salespeople can become very persuasive since they give an identical sales presentation to so many different people C salespeople rely on puffery D salespeople can change their message if they nd their customers are losing interest E salespeople are accurately described by All of these 4 Which of the following sales job factors requires a lower level of creativity on the part of the salesperson A persuading customers rather than servicing them B selling to new prospects rather than present customers C the customer is buying something very important to himher rather than routinely purchased insi gnif1cant items D the salesperson goes to the customer rather than the customer coming to the salesperson s place of business E selling tangibles rather than intangibles 5 When the department store clerk tells Hilda that the coffee brewed by one particular coffee maker will make her think she s died and gone to Starbucks heaven the clerk was 0 using A puffery B a spiff C reciprocity D sales misrepresentation E collusion Salespeople engage in when they ignore a purchasing agent39s PA policy against contacting other employees without the PAS permission go around the PAS back and contact other people involved in the purchasing decision directly A backdoor selling B expanded prospecting C sales prospecting D hustling E bypass selling 7 When compared to consumer purchase decisions organizational purchase decisions A are much larger B involve fewer people C seldom require negotiations D are less complex E take a shorter period of time 8 Ifthe terms of the contract specify FOB free on board factory A the seller has title until the goods are received at the destination B the seller is responsible for any loss during transportation C the buyer assumes the responsibility and risk for the merchandise as soon it leaves the factory D the seller does not expect payment for the merchandise until it reaches its destination E the goods are being sold on consignment 9 The human resource director at a commercial laundry is having trouble providing the labor needed for the business In a trade journal he read about a VAC Soil Counting System that is a computerized system for sorting and counting incoming soiled textiles The system can reduce labor costs by up to 50 percent He called the tollfree number in the ad and has talked to the salesperson The VAC salesperson had been trying to get an interview with the owner of the laundry for over a year so he was pleased when the HR director showed interest in the product and expressed willingness to take the information to the owner In terms of the buying center the HR director is acting as an A initiator B buyer C user D decider E gatekeeper 10 Alcoa Aluminum is a large manufacturer of quotcan sheetsquot used to manufacturer drink cans Its ability to sell to Pearl Brewing Company is directly related how many people buy Pearl beer This is an example of A derived demand B a competitive advantage for the seller C economies of scale in marketing D justin time JIT inventory control E a newtask buy 11 Kevin works for Irish Pub Company a design and construction outfit that sells completely finished madeinIreland pubscomplete with everything from beer taps to mosaic oors to decorative bricabrac like antique whiskey bottlesto American entrepreneurs Kevin is trying to sell the Irish pub concept to a retired New York City business executive who wants to own his own business Since the executive is not an experienced pub owner and is reluctant to invest 300000 in the project Kevin should consider this to be a buying situation A newtask B straightrebuy C deriveddemand D valueadded E modifiedrebuy According to the communication process when a salesperson develops a sales presentation he or she is actively involved in A encoding B affective stimulation C perceptualizing D decoding E selling As Betty progresses through her sales presentation she notices the customer begins to blink their eyes rapidly almost once per second Betty A becomes excited since that is a sign of interest by the customer B becomes concerned because that is a sign the customer is stressed C becomes excited because it indicates the customer is ready to close the deal D becomes concerned because it indicates the customer is bored E All ofthese Which of the following is a suggestion for active listening A Echo what the prospect has said B Summarize the conversation C Be quiet while the prospect thinks D Concentrate on ideas rather than just words E Do any of these to encourage active listening In the United States which of the following nonverbal communications indicates the listener is bored and disinterested with what is being said A leaning backwards B lack of eye contact C furrowed brow and pursed lips D playing with items on the table or desk E All ofthese quotDo you have trouble keeping your delivery trucks runningquot is an example of what kind of question A situation B problem C implication D necessary E indication questions invite the customer to state Implied needs situation problem implication Needpayoff Trick question they re all equally important 18 A salesperson who asked quotWhat impact does inventory shrinkage have on your ability to make a reasonable profitquot is asking an question as he works his way through the SPIN technique situation problem implication bene t need payoff 19 Which of the following are Advantage statements i 11 iii iV This course can accommodate up to 30 students The UV protection in the glass will extend the life of your instruments more than three years Our system will reduce your current annual operating cost by 12 The repeat deVice will satisfy the backup capabilities you said you need A iampii B iampiii C ism D iiampiii E iiampiv 20 Which of these are problem questions 1 iii iV ii i ii i ii i ii i ii ii i Do you anticipate any difficulties with output next month Are there any spare parts in your store How often do you run short of spare parts How dissatisfied are you with the present process iii iV i iV ii iV Answers for Multiple Choice


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